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Default Re: Service drop clearance for swimming pools?

This is from a previous thread. I had to paste it together since the Table could not be copied as it appears in the NEC. For more complete information check out Table 680.8:

680.8 Overhead Conductor Clearances.
Overhead conductors shall meet the clearance requirements in this section. Where a minimum clearance from the water level is given, the measurement shall be taken from the maximum water level of the specified body of water.
(A) Power. With respect to service drop conductors and open overhead wiring, swimming pool and similar installations shall comply with the minimum clearances given in Table 680.8 and illustrated in Figure 680.8.
FPN: Open overhead wiring as used in this article typically refers to conductor(s) not in an enclosed raceway.

Table 680.8 Overhead Conductor Clearances

Insulated Cables, 0750 Volts to Ground, Supported on and Cabled Together with a Solidly Grounded Bare Messenger or Solidly Grounded Neutral Conductor:

Clearance Parameters:

A. Clearance in any direction to the water level, [6.9m or 22.5 feet]
edge of water surface, base of diving platform, or
permanently anchored raft
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