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Default Re: "How to Inspect Manufactured and Mobile Homes" online course


Good course so far - lots of good information.

I believe there is a misidentification in the Electrical section, however:

8.12 Polarization

(a) The identified (white) conductor should be employed for grounding circuit conductors only and should be connected to the identified (white) terminal or lead on receptacle outlets and fixtures. It should be the unswitched wire in switched circuits, except that a cable containing an identified conductor (white) should be permitted for single-pole three-way or four-way switch loops where the connections are made so that the unidentified conductor is the return conductor from the switch to the outlet. Painting of the terminal end of the wire is not required.
(b) If the identified (white) conductor of a cable is used for other than grounded conductors or for other than switch loops as explained above (for a 240 volt circuit for example), the conductor should be finished in a color other than white at each outlet where the conductors are visible and accessible.
(c) Green-colored wires or green with yellow stripe should be used for grounding conductors only.

Should identify the white wires "to be employed for grounded circuit conductors only"

There are a lot of other typos that don't mean much, but I think this one is important and needs to be corrected.


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