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Lets us be clear and without bias gentlemen.

Linas and Chuck, I knowledge both of you as proficient HI's.
So which one of you have taken Johns course.
Tell me what it offers Veo as someone that has intellect please.
It was beneficial to me.

Lets be perfectly clear on the meaning beneficial genital men.
The whole realm of being a business man, what you can afford, what is need at the present.

Vio, as in all facets of education and business , the ability to market yourself is a starting point. The tools needed are weighted by many factors.
One would be, Your intended market and the basics.

One step at a time or the bottom rung and work your way up to a level of competency as you see fit.

In the short period of time I have been here I have seen to many members spending finances and educational efforts for NOUT! $20,000 and more on education AND instrumentation they will not use. Savvy!
120x120 is certifiably by all thermographic educators RIGHT. Johns course is fine for the beginner.

So yes VIO, without bias NOR confusion, the course is worth the effort.
As you grow is dependent on many factors mind you. Start off slow and see if it fits your needs. Then you can take the next step in you business plans and education.

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