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I don't do IR yet but let me tell you what I have learned about IR from my activity on these boards.

1. I don't know crap about IR. I see IR guys say things that don't make any sense to me.
2. Chuck Evans and a few others have established themselves, IMO, as experts in IR.
3. There have been questions about the qualifications to the author of the InterNACHI class. I don't know his history or qualifications but he has clearly established himself on the boards as NOT an IR expert.
4. Why would you pay $500 to someone who has questionable qualifications to perform IR when you can pay 1700 (1200 if you are a vet) to an organization well established in the industry.
5. My goal is to get into IR next year. I will take the FREE NACHI class just to give me a foundation for the $1700 class.

There is no way on God's green earth I am going to use a piece of equipment that costs a few to several thousand dollars with only FREE training from someone who has questionable qualifications.

I hope this helps.

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