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Exterior Inspections Contains discussions about the exterior portion of a home inspection. This includes roofs, gutters, downspouts, decks, patios, windows, etc.

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Old 1/13/15, 8:45 AM
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Default Re: Patio door installation question

Originally Posted by rbrady View Post
I notice some sliding glass patio doors that have the sliding door on the outside, which means the track is exposed to the weather and debris buildup. The door could also possibly be lifted up and removed from outside. Are some door designed this way, or is the configuration optional when installing the door? It seems like an improper installation to me.

I think the sliding glass patio doors installed outside doesn't mean exposing to the weather . It's not an improper installation though it has many positive points like it will take less space of your inside . and there are many ways to protect glass doors from exposed weather like coating.
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Default Re: Patio door installation question

I mention this as a "note" in my reports for three reasons:

First, when a door mounted on the outside track is opened, the handle comes in contact with the fixed panel. My thumbnail is just now growing back from throwing open one of these doors and smashing my thumb between the handle and the fixed panel! Yeouch!

Secondly, most people like to cut a dowel or PVC pipe to fit in the slider track for cheap security, this is not possible when the slider is on the outside.

Thirdly, this is anecdotal, but I have noticed that the track does accumulate more dirt and debris on the outside and the sliders stick and catch more often, again, just an observation.

I don't expect that anyone will demand a new door replacement from my mentioning it, but perhaps will use my damaged thumb as a cautionary tale to be more careful when opening the door!
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Old 2/13/19, 2:31 AM
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Post Re: Patio door installation question

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Old 2/13/19, 3:33 PM
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Default Re: Patio door installation question

That's just great. .........................................

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