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Old 3/30/13, 11:29 PM
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Default Re: Is this breaker an AFCI?

Originally Posted by Jim Port View Post
Larry, IIRC the blues were the first edition AFCI, then the green. The white is the combination type AFCI that is now required. The blue and green were not combination AFCIs.

Thanks, Jim.

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Old 3/31/13, 8:15 PM
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Default Re: Is this breaker an AFCI?

The AFCI's with the blue buttons were the first ones. Many of them failed and are under recall.
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Old 4/1/13, 7:17 AM
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Default Is this breaker an AFCI?

Look...due to marking requirements if it was an AFCI it would say so. Tell the home owner to stick to their primary profession and leave the inspection to the experts.

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Old 9/13/18, 2:49 PM
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Default Re: Is this breaker an AFCI?

As an update to the earlier question, as of 09/2018 this is available on the Square D (Schneider Electric) web site. Purple is now the combination GFCI/AFCI breaker test button. White is AFCI only. I think that current GFCI only breaker has a yellow test button (such as would be found in a garage) Several homes I have inspected lately have all purple combo AFCI/GFCI buttons even for places that only require GFCI - probably just easier to purchase and install all of the same model.

What color are the test buttons on the QO and HOM AFI, CAFI, GFI, DF and EPD breakers?

What color are the test buttons on the QO and HOM AFI, CAFI, GFI, DF and EPD breakers?

What are the colors of the push-to-test buttons of QO-AFI, QO-CAFI, QO-DF, and QO-EPD?

Product Line:
Miniature Circuit Breakers

QO and HOM AFI, GFI, CAFI, EPD and DF breakers

Test button color:
QO-AFI and HOM-AFI is green or blue
QO-CAFI and HOM-CAFI is white
QO-GFI and HOM-GFI is yellow
QO-EPD, QO-EPE and HOM-EPD is black
QO-DF and HOM-DF is purple

Another web site offers pics on several different brands of AFCI manufacturers, but not sure how current this is:
Breaker Type | AFCI Safety

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Old 9/13/18, 3:44 PM
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Default Re: Is this breaker an AFCI?

Don't confuse combination AFCI with dual purpose GFCI/AFCI

Square D Dual Function Circuit Breakers | Schneider Electric

Last edited by dhawley; 9/13/18 at 3:49 PM.. Reason: forgot to add link to Sq D
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