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Old 11/13/17, 7:36 PM
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Default Re: GFCI receptacle tester trip AFCI

Had the same problem a couple years ago. Now I carry four different ones.

Circuit Tester Tripping An AFCI

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Default Re: GFCI receptacle tester trip AFCI

Amazon.com: Customer reviews: Sperry Instruments HGT6120 Stop Shock GFCI Circuit-Ground Analyzer, DIY Testing - 120V AC, 3 Color LED Indicator, Comfort Grip, Patented

ByClete Pfeifferon August 19, 2014

This plug tester trips AFCI breakers the moment you plug it into any outlet on that circuit, which renders this unit virtually unusable for use in home inspections.
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Old 5/18/18, 12:18 PM
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Default Re: GFCI receptacle tester trip AFCI

Originally Posted by mauger View Post
I'm curious to see what an electrician says on this, but you may have found a reverse polarity bootleg ground.

My theory: Please wait for a sparky to confirm or deny.

In an older home wired for 2 conductor (no ground) sometimes people will attempt to obtain a ground by wiring the ground to neutral, if an outlet is reverse wired on the same circuit this condition can occur. Many times items plugged in will work fine too, but your tester may, while testing ground and reverse polarity, trip the AFCI.

In any case, if your operational tester tripped the breaker, write it up an needing service by an electrician.
Reverse polarity on one receptacle does not make a bootleg ground receptacle become a reverse polarity bootleg ground.

Reverse polarity bootleg ground is caused when someone attempts to create a bootleg ground and manages to reverse the polarity in the same receptacle, thus connecting the hot leg to the ground.

The cover plate screws (and receptacle box) on this type of connection are energised.

It can, depending upon the RH% in the home, be detected by an electric current running over the condensation on a drywall ( or plaster ) surface, but it's more frequently detected by someone getting dead from electrocution.

Here's the proper way to test an AFCI as part of a Home Inspection.

GFCI receptacle tester trip AFCI-afci-test-png

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