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Old 1/24/07, 8:18 PM
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Default smoke detectors in bedrooms

When were detectors first required in all bedrooms?

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Old 1/24/07, 8:24 PM
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Default Re: smoke detectors in bedrooms


May vary when your jurisdiction followed it.


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Old 1/27/07, 7:42 AM
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Default Re: smoke detectors in bedrooms

Just so you know. Smokes are not covered in the electrical code (NEC - NFPA70).
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Old 1/27/07, 1:19 PM
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Default Re: smoke detectors in bedrooms

Here is a interesting SNIGLET from a IAEI article...hope they dont SUE me...

Here is the full post:

Provisions for Smoke Alarms
The Building Codes generally require rules for fire protection systems and smoke detectors. Building codes will reference NFPA 72 in addition to the specific requirements of the applicable building code. The IRC is no exception. Although smoke alarms and detectors are not a requirement in the electrical provisions of the IRC, the requirements for smoke detectors can be found in Section R317 of the IRC. This section includes the rules for placement, listing requirements, alterations and repairs, and the required power source. Basically this section requires the equipment to be listed and installed in accordance with R317 and the household fire warning equipment provisions of NFPA 72.
Smoke detectors are required in each sleeping room, outside of each sleeping room, and in each additional story including basements and cellars but not crawl spaces. Where more than one smoke detector is installed to meet these requirements, all smoke detectors within the dwelling unit require an interlock or interconnection in a suitable manner that upon activation of one, all alarms will be activated.
The wiring for these smoke detectors/alarms must follow the applicable provisions of Part VIII (Electrical) of the IRC. Smoke alarm equipment installed in new construction requires a primary source of power supplied by the building wiring and must include a battery backup. Smoke alarms that operate on batteries only are permitted under regulation R317.1.1 for remodels or for buildings that do not have commercial power supplied to them. It is important to consult the local authorities relative to any smoke alarm requirements that may also apply.

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