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Old 6/21/10, 4:05 PM
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Default Age of Johnson Corp / Air-Ease Furnace anyone?


I have an Air-Ease furnace I'm trying to determine the age of.

Description: Air Ease 80K BTU, Johnson Corp.
The model number is: HAS80AD
The serial number is: 024921

My chart doesn't list this furnace, and it doesn't have anything identifying its age.

Anyone have a chart that lists this furnace?


Craig Barger
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Default Re: Age of Johnson Corp / Air-Ease Furnace anyone?

serial # should b 10 digit. 3rd and 4th digit is yr 5th is month
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Old 6/21/10, 6:48 PM
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Default Re: Age of Johnson Corp / Air-Ease Furnace anyone?

Originally Posted by cjustason View Post
serial # should b 10 digit. 3rd and 4th digit is yr 5th is month






215 Metropolitan Drive

West Columbia, SC 29170


How to determine the age or manufacture date of AIREASE

The date of manufacture or age of the unit can be determined from the serial number.

Serial Number format: 1602J39640

(This serial number was transcribed from an actual unit during a home inspection)
Using the third, fourth and fifth digits of the serial number 1602J39640 you will find the year and month of manufacture. The third and fourth digits are the year and the fifth digit (always a letter) is the month of manufacture. This unit was manufactured in September, 2002.

Year of manufacture: 1602J39640

Month of manufacture: 1602J39640

Use the following chart to determine month:

A = January

B = February

C = March

D = April

E = May

F = June

G = July

H = August

I = “Was not used”

J = September

K = October

L = November

M = December

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Old 3/2/14, 2:57 PM
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Default Re: Age of Johnson Corp / Air-Ease Furnace anyone?

Serial number is what it is...6 digits. This is how these ran.

I have one and the inspection log shows dates in the 1980's. I would estimate late-70s or early 80s. 1979? However, my serial number is pretty early -
SN: 009176.

Image of my furnace plate

Durable beast. We added central air to it 10 years ago.
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Old 3/10/15, 5:29 PM
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Default Re: Age of Johnson Corp / Air-Ease Furnace anyone?

Air Ease/Johnson Corp. Furnaces that have a 6 digit serial # are going to be manufactured before the 1980. The #s in the serial refer to the BTU output in thousands.

EX. All serials that start with HAS160 (without Dash)- were Manufactured during 1970-1974.
All serials that start with HAS105 (without Dash) - were manufactured during 1970-1974
Most serial that start with BTS-# - were manufactured during 1967-1974
All serials that start with NAS-# - were manufactured during 1967-1973
If applies - Check ANSI date to veryify date code.

If the Serial # has a Dash (-) between the three letters and the number that usually means that the furnace can be manufactured between 1967-1974.

If there is not a Dash between the letters or number those tend tobbe manufactured during the 70s, 1970-1977.

I do not express any warranties of this information. Please check with the original manufacture or source to verify this information.
Sources: The Blue Book of residential Furnaces 1994 edition.
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