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Old 4/11/09, 10:12 AM
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Default Radon Exhaust Noise Neighbor

I had a reputable company install a basic radon mitigation system at my home. My radon count is about 6 to 6.5. They recommened I go with an upgraded fan with more power due to my sand base, which is understandable. They also recommended where to put it which I didn't think much of at the time. After they installed it, I would say the exhaust pipe is 15 feet from the neighbor's hours, the pipe goes up to my roofline but then instead of vertical, have a bend on the end so that the exhaust comes out horizontally...and since my neighbor's house is higher than mine, it blows at his window. Not quite directly, but perhaps a foot or 2 to the left. In any case, the exhaust coming out of the pipe is so loud that it disturbs them and can be heard anywhere on my lot. I have asked them to put in their basic fan instead, and am waiting for a muffler to arrive so that I can test how the exhaust sounds with that on the end of the pipe. Should the installer known not to point it at their house and not recommened such a powerful noisy fan in a quite area? They said the install is EPA standard and installed be a licensed pro so I didn't know what else to say. I think my only choices now are a smaller fan and exhaust muffler,and to have them point it vertical.

Also, they installed it 2.97 feet from the propertly line according to the inspector that came over, and it is suppose to be 3 feet from what I found out about later. However no permit is needed in my area but it sounds like the inspector and neighbor get to decide if the whole thing needs to be redone.
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Old 4/12/09, 9:52 PM
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Default Re: Radon Exhaust Noise Neighbor

You should not be able to hear the fan. Something is wrong. 1/3 of an inch?? Who paid for the $500 survey to determine the property line that precisely? Demand that someone perform a survey. A tape measure to the fence line does not cut it when you are talking 1/3 of an inch.
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