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Structural Inspections Contains discussions about the structural portion of a home inspection. This includes foundations, framing, etc.

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Old 7/12/18, 7:02 PM
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Default home inspector writes, POOR GRADING is cause of leaky crawlspace, really man?

Caption, click "show more".....water, efflorescence.... he says, 'The reason water was getting in the crawlspace was....poor grading'
He is WRONG! Believe what ya like, say again, he's wrong.

Similar problems in basement, can post many, here's one... mold, efflorescence, leaks.... homeowner already painted inside walls sheesh. There were EXTERIOR cracks, cracked parging etc that allowed water in, caused efflorescence, mold etc

Ya better get a GOOD home inspector folks, many here Nachi.... they'll save you $$$$$$$$, yep.
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