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Inspection Hardware, Software & Publications What hardware, software, books, videos, etc have you found useful? What would you like to see more of? This topic is to discuss various inspection-related products and publications.

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Default Re: On site reports

Originally Posted by sfetty View Post
That is a good strategy, it sucks to get back to the office and realize you forgot something. We use Home Inspector Pro with the mobile app and do just that, I would rather under promise and over deliver than vice versa. I like to leave room for the occasional item that needs to be researched.
Same, I like to have time to check things real quick.
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Default Re: On site reports

Originally Posted by bfeltner View Post
Quick reporting is good but on site is rather useless to the client.
This is true in most cases, but I have had a few occasions where the client needed it immediately due to lack of planning and forethought. They were extremely pleased to have it in their email before I left the property.

When I do post from the field, I either include a disclaimer stating that the report may be subject to amendment, or I make 100% sure it is good to go by sitting down and reviewing the report and tweaking it until it is ready to go.

Sometimes I will post from the field for my convenience. If I have a few hours between inspections but not enough time to go back to the office, and if the inspection was not complicated, I get some lunch, tweak the report and post it. It's nice to get home and have only one (or no) report to put to bed.

William Bruce Ogletree
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