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1/3/19 until 5/7/19
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Moving the forum to a new platform

I'm excited to announce that we're nearly ready to move this forum to a brand new platform. Our current forum software has served us well for over a decade, but it's time for a serious upgrade. We're working with Discourse, a leading forum developer, to move all 2,000,000+ posts over with as little disruption as possible.

Discourse is amazingly fast, easy to use, and mobile-ready. It's got better search, better ways to organize posts, and is built to encourage civil conversations. I'm confident that it'll serve us well for the next decade and beyond.

This process is happening in three stages.

Stage 1: Re-organize existing forums

We'll do a little bit of "housekeeping" to improve the organization of the forum. This will make certain things easier to move, and easier to maintain in the future. We'll be combining some lesser-used forums, and moving things around. This may be a little disorienting, especially for members who have used the forum for a long time. I apologize in advance for any confusion it may cause. I promise it'll be worth it!

Stage 2: Move existing posts

Once everything is organized our liking, we'll copy over all the existing forums, topics, and posts. We'll double-check that everything went well, and make sure we're ready for the final move.

Stage 3: Lock existing forum and perform the final move

Finally, we'll have to lock the forum for 2-3 days while we perform the final move. This will prevent any posts getting lost during the data transfer. During this time, you'll still be able to browse the forum, but you will not be able to post.

Once all the data is moved over, we'll "flip the switch" and everyone can enjoy a much faster, easier-to-use forum experience!

Update 2/10/2019

The last step before moving posts over is to apply tags to the existing posts. Discourse uses tags to make content easier to find, so we're going to tag existing posts before importing. This should only take about a week.

Update 2/25/2019

We're performing the final test migrations to make sure everything moves over exactly as expected. Once we verify that all threads and posts are successfully moved, we'll move to the final phase (which will include putting the existing forum into "read-only" mode for up to 3 days).

Update 3/11/2019

We've successfully moved all of the existing posts. We're now working with Discourse to lock in a migration date. Once migration starts, we'll put the forum into "read-only" mode, move everything one last time (so that it's 100% up-to-date), and then turn the new forum on. This process may take a couple of days.

Update 3/25/2019

We've discovered a bug in our import that led to some names being displayed incorrectly. We're currently working on a fix. Once that's complete, we should be able to do the final move.

Update 4/2/2019

After fixing the bug and performing additional testing, we're ready to move forward with the final migration. We'll be putting the forum in read-only mode starting at 5pm EST today and will start the migration immediately afterwards. It will take about 36-48 hours just to transfer all the data, and then an additional day to finalize the migration once the data is moved. We'll continue to post updates if anything changes, but we hope to have the new forum live by the end of the day on Friday, 4/5/2019.

Update 4/5/2019

The new forum is set up and we're making the final adjustments before officially launching it.


Since you're here, go ahead an take a sneak peek.

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