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Default Re: Hub Internation review

Originally Posted by dasselin View Post
Option 1 $500,000/$1,000,000. $1,000 $0
Option 2 $750,000./$1,500,000. $1,000 $0

Seem to be getting more than before with lower deductible.
I concur. I had a lower deductable and paid 1,000 more for much more coverage.
Thinking of going back to the old polcey from Kim.

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Default Re: Hub Internation review

Originally Posted by eschmidt View Post
HUB has an office in Edmonton as well. HUB is a broker, the policy they sell is from Totten who are part of the Lloyds group.
So if your current provider is selling you a Totten policy, you will be getting the same policy from HUB. As far as I know Totten is the only provider of E&O for HI. I would be interested in learning about others if there are any legit ones out there for Canada.
Watch out for upselling.
Hub is no longer underwritten by Totten. They are now underwritten by Axis. FYI.

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