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jerry miller
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Default detached decks

On a deck that is constructed and not attached to the home, is that within the scope of inspection. I have only found attached decks to the dwelling to be inspected in my studies.
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Default Re: detached decks

The scope of any inspections you offer is determined by the SOP of your state(if licensed) and NACHI and you contract with the client.

As a Professional Home Inspector, I support the privacy of my clients.

You own your private information. I won't sell or give away yours, others do

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Default Re: detached decks

Be more specific with your description of "not attached to the home". A "Free-standing" deck could be "Not attached to the home" and be only an inch away from the structure, and be included in most SOP's. Complete and exact details are crucial to getting a correct answer to your, or any, question.

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