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If I was aware of your home buyer's guarantee in August 2018, I would have taken it. The member of your organization will most likely be sued unless his insurance company settles outside of court. I would say this member either concluded with the seller, the agents, both, or totally incompetent. I put a consumer complaint against him where he dismissed signs of water intrusion and plumbing leaks; overlooked organic growth, thought caulking on window panes was normal, and determined wood rot on windows was not a sign of water intrusion. He admitted to noticing stains on the vapor barrier with the presence of organic growth. He declared the organic growth was remedied with a dehumidifier and the vapor barrier, while he seen it present during his inspection. He stated he didn't notice home-made repairs to windows which included cardboard jammed in the outside framing of the window. This inspector didn't notice calcification build-up on a water heater pipe and stated in a rebuttal there were no signs of leaking. We now face over $110k in repairs and growing. He overlooked how some of the support columns in the crawl space were destroyed to fit duct work into the house. He stated he ran all faucets in the house while one drained directly onto the floor. He omitted a hole in the back of the garage wall and verbally reported to me he believed there was a pipe in it without letting me know how he knew that. I say your membership means nothing.
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