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Default Improperly Installed Ceiling Fan

I am writing to inquire if anyone has any written or online materials regarding proper installation of ceiling fans, mostly as it pertains to the proper mounting of the electrical box and the requirements needed in order for a ceiling fan to be properly affixed to the ceiling.

I live in an older building and my landlord had improperly installed a ceiling fan on an electrical box meant for a small light fixture that was secured merely by 2 screws through a thin sheet of metal. It was NOT mounted to the building structure in ANY WAY.

It, for very obvious reasons, fell out of the ceiling and I am looking for information regarding the correct procedures and circumstances for mounting a ceiling fan so that I may provide it to her/her maintenance worker.
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Default Re: Improperly Installed Ceiling Fan

Electrical boxes for ceiling fans are "fan rated" and must be installed using the directions supplied.

Several types are available.

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Default Re: Improperly Installed Ceiling Fan

And every fan manufacturer has requirements for proper supports noted in the installation instructions.

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