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Default Re: How to get rich in the inspection business.

Originally Posted by gfarnsworth View Post
Think of the old 80/20 rule. Everything is 80/20.

80% of the low cost inspectors get 80% of the business. The other 20% who charge higher prices get 20% of the business. Us higher priced inspectors are CMI's. We do take care and cater to the top 20% of agents. The other 80% of agents only want non-CMI's, cheap, low cost non-alarmist inspectors because they are hungry for the commissions. Most CMI's here in KC stay away from this 80% of agents who want free stuff from any vendor, are not totally honest, and look for any inspector who charges $199.

I have marketed CMI for several years. The "CMI" label to 80% of agents here in KC means that you charge high fees, write detailed reports, and inform the home buyer of home defects to the highest quality. This has a better chance of the buyer walking, and having the REA work hard again to find another home for the buyer.

Until the mindset of the 80% of REA's change, through office brokers and the NAR, no marketing program of being a CMI will make you rich. IMHO.
Sounds to me like Gary needs a nice, long vacation away from all the Real Estate Agents. I can only imagine that the vibe he gives off while feeling so 'beat down' is not doing anything positive for his client relationships ... specifically when they ask about price.

Don't let them get you down Gary ....

Todd Carl
Some New Guy Out of Nevada
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