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Old 1/24/17, 10:41 AM
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Default Flir One Pro Datasheet


Will this IR attachment fulfill the standard of infraspection regarding equipment?
MRTD is 150mk
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Default Re: Flir One Pro Datasheet

No. Thermal sensitivity must be 100mK or better (lower # is better)

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Default Re: Flir One Pro Datasheet

The specs do not reveal if it enhanced resolution or native resolution... or what quality the lens is.... or the quality of the detectors... or (as Chuck pointed out) why they are selling an IR camera that exceeds the 100mK factor by 50% (that is huge amount of fuzziness that has to be processed out of the image).

The FLIR e6 is listed as the same resolution, but cost $2K more. If they are apples to apples why the price difference? Could it be that you get what you pay for? NOTE: The e6 is listed as 40% below the minimum standard (low number is better and greater sensitivity) and the FLIR ONE PRO is 50% over the minimum standard (more fuzziness).

Native vs Enhanced

If the resolution of the FLIR ONE PRO is listed as the result of enhanced processing, then it is not really what is says (marketing ploy). High definition thermal imaging requires native high definition capability not only in the detectors, but also the optics and a higher speed processor with broader bandwidth to preserve the output data. If any of these steps are done at a lower standard, then the output data is less than native resolution. All this cost money and produces finer details instead of processed blobs of information. Then you throw in a poor mK rating and you get poor images all the way around. This is why the FLIR e6 cost $2K more, yet they show it has the same resolution. Let the buyer beware.

Get training before you buy an IR camera. Please.

Don't go back to InterNACHI complaining that if they sell an IR camera they must all be at the same level of quality. They also sell flashlights and they don't all perform at the same level.

Thermal Imaging Video For Inspectors

John McKenna, CMI,
Building Science & Certified Level II Thermographer
InterNACHI's Thermal Imaging Instructor
Master Inspector Certification Board

Infrared Class - For Home Inspector

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Old 1/24/17, 8:34 PM
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Default Re: Flir One Pro Datasheet

Just as the use of MSX also makes things look better than they really are.
You all just look a pretty pictures and try to compare.

You also only get enhanced resolution when you take the scan, not when your looking around. If you can't see it, you won't be taking the scan.

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