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Old 6/19/18, 10:23 AM
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Default Re: X Ray Vision

Looked up the Walabot, watched the video, looks kinda neat. Looks like it works good. Doesn't look like it would hold up to heavy use unless you took really good care of it, so probably only you would use it. I didn't see any info on how quick it drains your phone battery, just that your phone powers it.

IIRC, there's a self contained unit out there that does what this does and doesn't cost too much more. I can't recall the company that made it though. I thought I saw it on the DIY channel on that show Cool Tools, but can't find anything yet.

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Default Re: X Ray Vision

Originally Posted by jdeoliveira2 View Post
Not really, but close! Looks legit

See through walls with android smartphone attachment | NextBigFuture.com
See through walls with android smartphone attachment

brian wang | December 22, 2017

There is an $85 android smartphone add-on device that lets you clearly image through up to 4 inches of concrete wall.
Walabot is a 3D RF imaging sensor. The 3D imaging is created using radio frequency technology, the same technique we use for Wi-Fi, mobile networks, and radar systems. Antennas in the Walabot firing out signals and sensors to pick up the reflections.
That's a very interesting new way to go at a wall. Although, I definitely think you would have to explain the limitations of the x ray.
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