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Old 10/11/18, 6:08 PM
Adam Dunin Adam Dunin is online now
Student Inspector
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Default Passed my Exam!

I passed my exam today and the figurative weight on my shoulder was lifted. It was in the tons.

I'm trying to schedule my fingerprinting but seems as though TREC made an oopsie and put in my birthday incorrectly. Trying to get a hold of them now.

So just need to do fingerprinting, then E&O (any recommendations?) and its off to the races.

So starting out what is a more viable approach? Should I work with an established company first for maybe 6months to a year to get a better know-how of the business or try starting my own. Whats worked for you guys, thanks.

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Old 10/15/18, 12:36 PM
Bryan Gifford Bryan Gifford is online now
Certified Professional Inspector (CPI) ®
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Default Re: Passed my Exam!

Hey Adam,

Congrats on passing the test!I actually passed mine recently too, it certainly wasn't an easy test. I'm in the same boat as you in regards to starting up my own company or working for someone else. I decided to do some shopping and see what the various companies are willing to pay me and comparing it to the pros/cons of starting up for myself. Reach out to me if you'd like to talk some more! I'll be following this thread to listen to the more experienced inspectors.
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