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Old 9/16/17, 1:23 PM
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Default Re: ISN

Originally Posted by kbrittain View Post
Works well for tracking, scheduling and payment. Get on board with their credit card provider Guardian it make the payment process so much smoother. Since there are not may competitors its pretty much the best choice. Home Gauge has a system that's cheaper (fixed yearly price) but very limited and they are very slowly piecing the system together.

What I don't like

No option for requesting estimates only on line option is for scheduling and appointment. As a result I get a lot of incomplete on line requests or phone calls saying they did not want to schedule an inspection. Since I don't have an office staff the more that can be done on line the better. Follow up call can them be made when I am not in the middle of an inspection

No tick boxes for doing multiple updates, currently must click one item at a time wait for refresh then move on to the next one

Unable to trigger an email when a check box is selected on the menu. For example I don't do termite inspections and sub it out to an independent contractor. Requires me to manually send email even though additional service box is checked.

Does not fully support HTML report format from Home Gauge (this may be a HG issue as they have their own order/report manager and they may not want to share)

Moving an incomplete inspection scheduled requires to many clicks, Click to edit, Click to save, Click to schedule. Needs an option in the action box
Hi Ken,
Just a quick feedback. Like you I work with various subs for portions of some inspections. The easy way to automate this is to create an inspection type, (example home inspection with XXX termite) use your same email events for all your normal contacts then create an email template with the information you send to your termite company. Create an email event that uses your new inspection type and setup accordingly. Remember to go into your existing events and include the new inspection type. It will then automatically send the notice to your termite company when needed with no extra work on your part. I use this for termite as well as a roofing company where they want a roofer inspection and watertight warranty.

Hope this helps. PM me if you need more help.



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