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mglowczynski 9/16/18 6:58 PM

What is it.
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I thought this would be an old school rate of rise heat detector. I am lost on this gizmo. This is as close a photo I can get. One was on lower floor, another was on 2nd floor hall. Unique feature of house is boiler and whole house fan. Any direction would be apreciated.

labstein 9/16/18 7:12 PM

Re: What is it.
yep heat detector


mlarson 9/16/18 7:43 PM

Re: What is it.
Heat detector.

sfetty 9/17/18 10:27 AM

Re: What is it.

mglowczynski 9/17/18 2:32 PM

Re: What is it.
Thanks all!!!

sstanczyk 9/17/18 2:36 PM

Re: What is it.
No batteries. Those are spring wound and loud as hell. Sat through a sales presentation in 1980.

plesieur 9/18/18 6:31 AM

Re: What is it.
Breast and nipple from Shebott the 1st girl robot.

What did I win?

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