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jtalanian 1/7/19 10:24 AM

Double Wall Construction Inspection & Possible Issues
Hi All,
I'll be inspecting a double wall construction home soon. The client did some reading on the internet about some potential issues with condensation forming on the outer sheathing (due to improper air sealing). He's very concerned that the home was built properly.

Home was built in 2013, 2"spray foam on outer wall with blown in cellulose adding the additional wall R value.

I explained to the client that a home inspection is a visual inspection only and we won't necessarily be able to see inside the walls for proper construction or damages. While I am not currently trained in or using a FLIR camera I did explain that having a trained professional use one on the home may allow you to see signs of improper air sealing and potential heat signature variances that might point to an issue with sheathing.

My question to you all is, what additional things can I look for while inspecting this home given that some double wall has had condensation/water issues on the exterior sheathing? Seems to me that I'd be looking for all the same outward defects I might see on a single wall construction but with a double wall. Any additional advice for me on this inspection?

Many thanks for any input you may have!

jtalanian 1/8/19 7:25 AM

Re: Double Wall Construction Inspection & Possible Issues
Great insights, thank you!

jzehnder 1/17/19 9:09 PM

Re: Double Wall Construction Inspection & Possible Issues
I build a few back in the 1970s and 1980s, the key we learned was humidity controls inside the home & double wall since in the methods we used it acted as a plenum.

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