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jstaring 4/5/13 8:52 AM

Boiler Question
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This is a Sears boiler (not that it matters with this question). The boiler has a manufacturers line labeled "water line" and the water level is below that. So this may be a stupid question but does that "water line" mean thats where the water line should be? Because obviously its not.

rcooke 4/5/13 9:01 AM

Re: Boiler Question
go here for much information ... Roy

wwilson3 4/5/13 9:20 AM

Re: Boiler Question
It is a working range. did it have a low water cut off?

jstaring 4/5/13 9:21 AM

Re: Boiler Question
Nice and thank you. The system was running during the inspection so it looks like that may be the reason for the drop.

jstaring 4/6/13 5:51 AM

Re: Boiler Question
did it have a low water cut off?

When I return for the radon test I will be looking. I did note there was a programmable water feeder.

dgoudreau 4/6/13 8:12 PM

Re: Boiler Question
right that is the level it should be at, also by the looks of the water in the sight tube no one is flushing once a week

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