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Forum: Miscellaneous Discussion for Inspectors 3/23/19, 9:43 AM
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Re: moisture meter

Depends on what you need the tool for.
I have both, and I use both.

What do you think?;-)
Tools from Big Lots serve a purpose in some people's arsenal, but not mine.

Forum: Miscellaneous Discussion for Inspectors 3/20/19, 5:14 PM
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Re: Insurance

You can substitute "homeowners insurance" for "E&O insurance" in that sentence, and get the same result.

No one "needs insurance" until you do.
Forum: Special Deals for InterNACHI Inspectors 3/15/19, 5:31 PM
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Re: Supplemental health, dental, vision, critical illness insurance through InterNACH

That absurd "rule" trickles down from the leader, and it puts all members at risk of scams or malfeasance.
It's just someone being too lazy to vet these vendors (or their claims) before releasing...
Forum: Ancillary Inspection Services 3/13/19, 8:22 PM
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Re: Bugs

Looks like rodent nesting activity.
Forum: HomeGauge 3/13/19, 12:17 PM
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Re: homegauge homehubzone

I do read your HG news alerts.

I just asked the folks manning your booth a this past weekend's FABI conference for an "update" about any updates. No updates available, to their knowledge. So, I...
Forum: HomeGauge 3/13/19, 8:19 AM
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Re: homegauge homehubzone

Yes, their plan is to simply ignore us. No updates or news, and very little communication.

Forum: Miscellaneous Discussion for Inspectors 3/8/19, 5:53 PM
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Re: 3rd re-inspection at flip rant

Stop going back until you see copies of paid invoices from Licensed vendors, not "Uncle Bob" and his handyman crew....
Forum: Florida Home Inspectors 3/6/19, 3:01 PM
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Re: Simple insurance insp software

I'm pretty sure they had computers in whatever Country he hails from originally. And if they didn't, well it's your time that's burning, not mine.
Forum: Florida Home Inspectors 3/6/19, 2:34 PM
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Re: Simple insurance insp software

Agreed, and resizing photos (or filling out a PDF) is pretty basic. This isn't 1985.
Forum: Miscellaneous Discussion for Inspectors 2/27/19, 5:20 PM
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Re: New built Home Inspection

If you're inspecting new construction, you had better be equipped to "know what you're inspecting" and that means knowledge of whatever code your local area has adopted.
Forum: Miscellaneous Discussion for Inspectors 2/25/19, 5:39 PM
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Re: I hate telemarketer phone calls

That doesn't work anymore, at least not around here. They cycle through hundreds of numbers daily, often with "real sounding " names and numbers from just about everywhere.
It has reached an...
Forum: Inspection Hardware, Software & Publications 2/18/19, 3:51 PM
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Re: simple solutions call center?

I think you answered your own question.
Forum: Electrical Inspections 2/16/19, 8:57 AM
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Re: Alumiconn

Did you confirm this on the label, or how did you reach that conclusion?
If you're correct, then they have to finish the upgrade.
If you're incorrect, then the underwriter will demand proof from...
Forum: Miscellaneous Discussion for Inspectors 2/13/19, 6:04 PM
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Re: US Inspect issue

Sorry to hear the bad news.
Don't waste your time with "class action" anything. Read whatever contract you had with the former entity, and take them to court for your unpaid monies. I doubt you'd...
Forum: Spectora 1/28/19, 5:12 PM
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I don't use Spectora, but I have been modifying my templates regularly for nearly 20 years...you'll never be done. And most programs come with comments and narratives that won't suit your needs, it's...
Forum: Miscellaneous Discussion for Inspectors 1/24/19, 8:08 AM
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Re: Translate to spanish

Then you have several problems, not just the PIA issue.

Are they working with an agent? I find many clients that aren't English speaking have an agent or other representative present to...
Forum: Thermal Imaging, Infrared Cameras & Energy Audits 1/19/19, 10:48 PM
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Re: Tell Me What You See!

Looks like an E8.
Forum: HomeGauge 1/16/19, 8:18 AM
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Re: Attention NC HG Users

Sorry to highjack the thread, but I agree. Ask why the program has stagnated so long, did they fire all their programmers? No updates to bugs in years.

Forum: Miscellaneous Discussion for Inspectors 1/13/19, 8:39 AM
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Re: Tearing Apart a Gas Furnace in 360 VR

You should view (or at least ask someone else) any video you post, to validate the content or at least the editing.

Rename the clip " 8 Minutes of not-to-much-to-look-at". Should be a 60 second...
Forum: General Inspection Discussion 1/8/19, 1:12 PM
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Re: Have fun with this!

Well at least he used primer...:shock:
Forum: Miscellaneous Discussion for Inspectors 1/4/19, 8:12 AM
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Re: 220 Outlet in kitchen?

Except that the OP posted a photo of a 14-30R receptacle, not a Canadian device.

Maybe they had a clothes dryer in the kitchen? A ceramic kiln? Arc welder?
Forum: Florida Home Inspectors 1/3/19, 7:50 AM
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Re: Question

And to clarify, you can't perform ANY type of WDO report without proper credentials.
Forum: Electrical Inspections 1/2/19, 3:23 PM
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Re: Plastic subpanel

If's a Listed & Labeled enclosure, installed as required and specified, then the installation is fine.
Looks like a GE panelboard, see them all the time.

Forum: General Inspection Discussion 12/30/18, 8:20 AM
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Re: HVAC & WH Manufacturing Information PDF

What exactly do you want to give your clients? A list of all HVAC units or water heaters, and their specs?

You can list the actual appliance info that you inspected, based on the data plate. I...
Forum: General Inspection Discussion 12/21/18, 8:52 AM
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Re: Is water line connecting the meter to the house subject to a standard Home Inspec

Same here, and the new ones are all solar, so the display goes blank inside the pit until you shine a flashlight on it..
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