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Forum: Plumbing Inspections 11/2/18, 8:59 AM
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Re: Laundry tub waste line: Standard #14

Agreed. The stand pipe is for the washer. The drain for a laundry tub has the same standards as any other sink in the home.
Forum: Florida Home Inspectors 10/30/18, 7:34 PM
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Re: Wind mit on 2 homes on one property

One wind report for each building. You do not combine two buildings on one wind mitigation report. Check with the insurance agent on the guest house, as they usually don't get a wind mitigation on...
Forum: Inspecting HVAC Systems 10/27/18, 8:27 PM
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Re: Help in Identifing unit

:mrgreen: I see a lot of these in a 70 - 80's condo. Hard to see the entire unit sometimes.
Forum: InterNACHI Foundation/Cozy Coats for Kids 10/25/18, 12:17 AM
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Forum: Electrical Inspections 10/24/18, 11:49 AM
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Re: GFCI breaker

The black jumper wire is factory. No issue
Forum: Inspection Hardware, Software & Publications 10/24/18, 8:44 AM
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Re: Drone advice/recommendations?

What makes you think this exempts a drone pilot from obtaining a 107 license? It has nothing to do with licensing.
Forum: Plumbing Inspections 10/21/18, 10:26 AM
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Re: PB or not?

I agree, not much of an issue with these, except age, and insurance companies are mandating replacement in FL. They were taken off shelves and no longer manufactured many years ago. The lighter grey...
Forum: Electrical Inspections 10/15/18, 2:11 PM
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Re: Do I have a 60 AMP service ?

What the hell did the fuses say on them (out of photo), or the actual size of the SE conductors?
Forum: Electrical Inspections 10/14/18, 6:10 PM
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Re: Spliced neutrals in panel

I think it's safe to say that when you see two neutrals tied together and pigtailed out to the neutral bar, it should be called out for further review. It may be ok if on the same circuit, but it may...
Forum: Florida Home Inspectors 10/9/18, 6:42 PM
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Re: Townhome Wind Mitigation

If you already know what each unit has, then go with the weakest connection. There really is not much credit difference between clip and single wrap anyway.
Forum: Miscellaneous Discussion for Inspectors 9/21/18, 4:41 PM
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Re: Hip or gable?

That may work with the agent (to a point), however, the underwriter has the right to delay the credits and override it with a reinspection. So, a retail report is not gospel.
Forum: Florida Home Inspectors 9/20/18, 6:49 PM
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Re: `

Why don't you guys go back to the dungeon where you belong. This is a public forum.
Forum: Florida Home Inspectors 9/18/18, 6:45 PM
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Re: Initial Phone questions to ask wind mit clients

What a ridiculous request to your clients. Tough it out big boy...
Forum: Florida Home Inspectors 9/17/18, 11:36 PM
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Forum: Inspection Education & Training 9/10/18, 12:45 PM
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Re: Question about Roof Truss

If the student has trouble with that one, it's time to hit the books again.
Forum: AskNACHI.org Inspection Questions Forum 9/4/18, 6:06 PM
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Re: Advice on patches

And they do stay about the same size unless I click on them, then they get bigger.
Forum: Roofing Inspections 8/30/18, 6:14 PM
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Re: 30-lb Felt Underlayment UV Exposure?

If it gets wet, just wait a few hours in the sun. It will shrink right back to flat. Personally, I would have it covered within a few days, but I think it will be ok for up to a month or so if it...
Forum: Structural Inspections 8/29/18, 2:24 PM
Replies: 5
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Re: Deck and roof support

It's difficult to get a builder to do anything unless he is confronted with a code violation or an engineer's letter stating that is deficient. I would have flagged that too. That cardboard form is...
Forum: Roofing Inspections 8/22/18, 1:48 PM
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Re: Little Giant is damn noisy in transit....

Turn the radio up. Mine rattles too, but I got used to it.
Forum: Electrical Inspections 8/21/18, 8:48 PM
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Re: Electrical contractor could not understand why tandems were not allowed

Well, that's two that don't know how to read a panel diagram.
Forum: Inspection Hardware, Software & Publications 8/17/18, 9:01 PM
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Re: Drone advice/recommendations?

Mavic Pro is what I use. There are better ones, and there are worse ones. Mavic seems to be just right for roof inspections.
Forum: Roofing Inspections 8/16/18, 9:17 AM
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Re: RC Roof inspection robot.

RC robots wouldn't work too good on roofs. That would take forever to crawl the whole roof. And, what about Spanish tile roofs? Use a quality drone, or cam pole for roofs you can't walk...and get the...
Forum: Miscellaneous Discussion for Inspectors 8/13/18, 5:06 PM
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Re: Ultimate magnesium concrete screed.

That is a long one, but I would have figured you with one of these...
Forum: General Inspection Discussion 8/9/18, 1:01 PM
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Re: Wind Mitigation. Roof covering credit

Yes, the roof covering is also FBC. Use the application date of the original build and include that permit summary in the report. The 2004 reference allows you to submit without the permit info.
Forum: Florida Home Inspectors 8/8/18, 8:38 AM
Replies: 7
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Re: Re-roof Question

The code allows adding the plywood over the battens. Removing the battens would require engineering, and possible adding support rafters due to span.
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