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Forum: Electrical Inspections 2/13/19, 7:22 PM
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2 pole breakers

Educate me-how can one identify a single breaker that allows 2 pole connections correctly? TYIA
Forum: Florida Home Inspectors 9/18/18, 10:06 PM
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Re: 4-point inspections

Just reviewed the new Cit 4-point. quite detailed for a 4-point basic. Downloaded it from the cit site.
Pricing will have to elevate and I plan to stick to the generic old form unless obviously it...
Forum: Florida Home Inspectors 9/18/18, 9:48 PM
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Re: 4-point inspections

Thank you John for that info.
also, good points Mike, I haven't done or used a Citizens 4-point in years.
I will not insert incorrect info on the insurance inspections but I do lean to the favor...
Forum: Florida Home Inspectors 9/18/18, 8:54 PM
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4-point inspections

Understand there is a new 4-pint form and I am curious, please educate me. Is this for citizens only or the total industry? Where would this new form be available again please?
Bill Smith
Forum: Florida Home Inspectors 7/17/18, 4:44 PM
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Forum: Florida Home Inspectors 7/17/18, 10:57 AM
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OIR-B1-1802 (rev. 01/12)

Received an email from a fellow inspector regarding the wind mit form that he thinks it might have a newer revision. Does it have a newer revision date?
Thanks for the replies.
Forum: Miscellaneous Discussion for Inspectors 8/15/17, 7:55 PM
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Forum: Florida Home Inspectors 12/15/16, 3:42 PM
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Radon inspector in 32724

Looking for a Radon inspector for an inspection at a school in zip 32724 or close area.
Please contact me at ras2647@earthlink.net Bill Smith
Thank you all.
Forum: Miscellaneous Discussion for Inspectors 8/15/16, 10:46 AM
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Forum: Student Discussions 7/25/16, 7:23 PM
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Re: Home Inspector Code of Ethics Course

I am a retired GC and the residence inspected last month has remediation required that I am qualified to perform I can do this after a 12 month window has past. Performing work on an inspected...
Forum: Miscellaneous Discussion for Inspectors 8/15/15, 9:34 AM
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Re: Join me in wishing Deland, FL member William Smith happy birthday. Member for 9 y

Thank you all for the birthday wish and good inspecting!
Forum: Florida Home Inspectors 7/5/15, 1:11 PM
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Commercial Inspection

Have a client that needs a commercial inspection by Wednesday of this week.
I am booked and can't do, anyone interested in a restaurant inspection?
Orlando/Dr. Phillips area.
Forum: Florida Home Inspectors 6/30/15, 7:25 PM
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Info Please

Has anyone heard of or had an experience with US Inspect?
Have a individual that was contacted by them and wanted some reliable info please.
Thanks for your help!
Forum: Florida Home Inspectors 5/23/15, 7:56 AM
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Memorial Day

Everyone have a safe Memorial Day and take a moment to remember the reason for this day.
Forum: Florida Home Inspectors 4/19/15, 8:34 PM
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Re: GFCI outlets

See attached
Forum: Florida Home Inspectors 4/14/15, 11:56 AM
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Re: 4 point requirement

Typically around 30 years.
I have had 4 point requests on newer homes though.
I think the ins. industry is building a base line on residences.
Forum: Florida Home Inspectors 3/30/15, 11:28 AM
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Re: Backflows

It is typical that new SFR have backflows set on the water meter (house side). Mandated on commercial for decades. Older residences will not have these until their water meters are changed for some...
Forum: Florida Home Inspectors 2/23/15, 11:36 AM
Replies: 6
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Re: Icynene

Reacts slowly with water to produce carbon dioxide which may rupture
closed containers. This reaction accelerates at higher temperatures.
Inhalation at levels above the occupational exposure...
Forum: Florida Home Inspectors 2/18/15, 10:57 AM
Replies: 14
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Re: Infrared thermography Cost?

Does doing a job in an incompetent manner because the conditions weren't suitable produce less liability than not doing it at all? Instead of explaining why you did not perform a service that the...
Forum: Florida Home Inspectors 2/16/15, 8:37 PM
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Forum: Florida Home Inspectors 2/10/15, 7:18 PM
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Re: Florida Mold

Only for a maximum of 10 s/f of the total building, not room, building total.
Forum: Florida Home Inspectors 2/2/15, 7:00 PM
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Re: mock inspection requirement

First you must be state CERTIFIED and then licensed to do commerce in your geography.
I always recommend that new people perform mock inspections and ride alongs for the experience. Nip ignorance...
Forum: Florida Home Inspectors 1/31/15, 7:29 PM
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Re: Port Charlotte inspection

Have contact, thank you.
Forum: Florida Home Inspectors 1/31/15, 3:01 PM
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Port Charlotte inspection

Anyone interested to do an inspection for a great client of mine as they have a residence in Port charlotte they will need inspected in the next week?
Please sent contact info to...
Forum: Florida Home Inspectors 1/29/15, 7:45 PM
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Re: More roof shape fun.

Roof Geometry: What is the roof shape? (Do not consider roofs of porches or carports that are attached only to the fascia or wall of

the host structure over unenclosed space in the...
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