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  1. Secretary of Defense to do a show on NACHI.TV in December.
  2. Watch the new show on the EPA's green building. Episode 12.
  3. New language?
  4. Nahi Pay Attention!! Nachi Rocks And...
  5. Banned from TIJ
  6. One Liner!
  7. Inch And A Half Drop In Closet Upstairs
  8. Found Nick Quoted In This Article
  9. NFL Superstar to do upcoming NACHI.TV episode.
  10. Lost Address Book!
  11. trailers gone wild
  12. Holiday gift suggestion
  13. Posted with permission: Chicago Chapter the best!
  14. NACHI Laptop Skin
  15. InterNACHI booth at West Virginia Home Show in Bridgeport, WV on January 26, 2008.
  16. InterNACHI in New Zealand
  17. Help Wanted: Salaried inspector position open in Colorado for certified member.
  18. time limit on editing posts?
  19. test
  20. "IRS" Scam Warning
  21. 1 Year anniversary !!!
  22. Chesapeake Chapter of NACHI meeting in Linthicum, Maryland on November 20, 2007.
  23. Some upgrades to NACHI.TV...
  24. How to be a successful home inspector. Episode 11, NACHI.TV. Watch it now!
  25. How old are you?
  26. James Cooper advertises NACHI
  27. I was quoted in this Chicago newspaper article about inspectors.
  28. New site traffic rankings. The most popular inspection-related sites.
  29. InerNACHI to release all exams and courses in Spanish.
  30. How do you rank?
  31. MoveInCertified/InterNACHI booths at Mahoning Valley Home Show, Niles, OH, Feb 15-17.
  32. When Home Builders Hit the Skids
  33. Home Builders Opt for Mothballing
  34. DOOM Postponed (for now)
  35. Hot PICs of today's NACHI.TV shoot. EPA assisting in developing upcoming episodes.
  36. Poll - How Many Photos?
  37. InterNACHI building mirror sites in 9 different languages.
  38. Certa-a-roof
  39. Have you used SKYPE
  40. Home Savvy Holiday Discounts
  41. Safeguard Properties
  42. Toxic Gas in Mobile Homes
  43. I am very pleased to announce the opening of CalNACHI.
  44. Call and get in on this Cert-A-Roof deal.
  45. Florida State Chapter meeting in Jacksonville, FL on November 30, 2007.
  46. new site
  47. CMI Classes Open To All
  48. Happy Veterans Day...
  49. Stress Relief formula comes in two's
  50. Fetch Report problem
  51. Brain fart reporting
  52. I guess I'm going high tech in my old age
  53. IAC2's Mold Inspection SOP mentioned in this home inspection article.
  54. Happy 232nd Birthday to all you Devil Dogs
  55. Nominations for The Year 2007
  56. It pays to drive Green
  57. The learning process IR
  58. Hijacked Again
  59. National accessibility expert slated to do a NACHI.TV educational show in December.
  60. Commercial ride along
  61. Good roofing literature to give to consumers.
  62. BEWARE of calls from 702-368-7616
  63. Check out these online commercials for individual members.
  64. Advanced Thermal Imaging offers infrared business opportunity for $6,500.
  65. Basement Systems USA willing to speak at your next chapter meeting.
  66. Free CMI Banner and Brochures
  67. NACHI.TV model Paige Peters does an InspectorBOOST.com Promo. Watch it now.
  68. InterNACHI teams up with Allied to form new inspection artilce library.
  69. Help Bring FlIR Meeting To Texas
  70. Free 4 Gig Email Account
  71. Hot PIC of NACHI Booth... Do I see a little MoveInCertified logo on the table?
  72. Having trouble With NACHI BB
  73. Today's Daily Door Prize by NACHI.TV: 9 LED Aluminum Flashlight plus LED Key Chain.
  74. New York Mold & Rodent Problem
  75. Holiday cookie recipes - Enjoy!
  76. Thank You!...to Gary Porter from Orlando...
  77. Architect Sued?
  78. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.TV. Stanley Hands-Free Tripod flashlight.
  79. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.TV. Stanley Hands-Free Tripod flashlight.
  80. Need Qucik advise To release or not to release?
  81. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.TV. Stanley Hands-Free Tripod flashlight.
  82. Home inspection needed in Maryland.
  83. Pretty entertaining website
  84. Media Gloom While Economy Roars
  85. Hot PIC of NACHI booth at recent Pomona, CA Home Show.
  86. In the works for FetchReport.com
  87. Speaking of surprizes
  88. Avoiding Home Disasters
  89. Mailing a report
  90. NACHI Inspectors do it again.
  91. Problem with Online agreement and memebers only
  92. You know your getting old when....
  93. Fax Online or Email
  94. Inspector postion open in NJ, Attached is the job posting. $24.46/hour + benefits
  95. Convention?
  96. We did it! We got mold inspection insurance.
  97. Yet more technology (this is cool)
  98. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.TV. Stanley Hands-Free Tripod flashlight.
  99. Hot PIC of NACHI booth at this weekend's WAHI Convention.
  100. 4 Point Inspections at W. Central FL Chapter in New Port Richie, Florida on Nov. 8th.
  101. Google does it again
  102. When Will Housing Hit Bottom?
  103. Commercial Inspection Course Dates & Locations Website
  104. PR 4 Link Exchange for Free
  105. "Exclusive Limited Inspection Guarantee"?
  106. Tribute to NACHI and our founder....Mr. Nick Gromicko
  107. The Hammer King
  108. Watch another little online video commercial NACHI.TV produced for a member.
  109. Hot Breaker & Moisture Seen With IR
  110. NACHI Booth at North Mississippi Association of Realtors
  111. Article: Don't Inspect Another Deck Until You Read This!
  112. BCAM Sale
  113. www.HomeInspectorExpert.com domain for sale.
  114. Education 4 Military site recommends NACHI for civilian transition career.
  115. Breakfast With a Missouri Legislator
  116. More Fortune 500 companies marketing NACHI members. Just picked up Carpet One.
  117. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by iNACHIReporter.com
  118. Many thanks to Bob Pearson of Allen Insurance for mold inspection agreement template.
  119. Southeast Florida Regional Chapter meeting in Pembroke Pines, FL on November 15, 2007
  120. FLIR IR Camera Deal
  121. Turning work down is a...
  122. For a wounded Soldier
  123. ASHI Homeowner Insurance Survey ???
  124. Problem With Fetchreport
  125. Dang Good 22" LCD Monitor Deal
  126. FREA and Guardian our newest NACHI.TV sponsors. THANKS!
  127. Weather-Proofing + Cats
  128. Cesspool/Septic inspector needed in El Paso, Texas area.
  129. SCAM ALERT - Merchant Express & Concord EFS
  130. I Love getting E-mails like this
  131. NACHI News, Volume 15.
  132. Better have Move In Certified signs on hand!
  133. NACHI booth at Mortgage Professionals Expo in Utah on November 8, 2007.
  134. TAREI Members Petition
  135. NACHI Helping NACHI
  136. New Hampshire Commercial Course - Dec 8th
  137. Veteran's Day Coming Soon!!!
  138. Decker's picture in PA.
  139. Clients check bounced
  140. Fetchreport.com Email Problem
  141. Illinois state Workshop event 3 Ill. CEU for home inspector
  142. Lead Paint Regs?
  143. Offer Accessibility Inspection Services for existing commercial buildings.
  144. Move In Certified Question
  145. Tonight's Daily Door Prize donated by InspectorBOOST.com. Read game rules first.
  146. Defects as described by Lawyers
  147. REALTOR needs articles on home inspections. Please help her.
  148. South Carolina Upstate NACHI Chapter in Mauldin, SC on November 12, 2007.
  149. Illinois State Chapter Roffing Course
  150. FEMA under fire for 'faking' news conference
  151. The Pursuit Of Real Estate Truth
  152. Does anyone have copy of ASTM, CREIA or any other Commercial Inspection Standard?
  153. And The Answer Is ......
  154. Grab Your Checkbooks - For sale: 2 million empty homes
  155. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.TV.
  156. Sacramento Valley NACHI Chapter meeting in California on November 14, 2007.
  157. This Saturday's Daily Door Prize. Read game rules first. Every member can play.
  158. Today's daily door prize donated by iNACHIReporter.com
  159. IR: Giving it away for free... DUMB
  160. The re-birth of Florida NACHI
  161. Lending Tree, NOT
  162. Tonight's Daily Door Prize donated by InspectorBOOST.com. Read game rules first.
  163. E&O Posted Policy
  164. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.
  165. Commercial Class Coming To Dallas
  166. Google Fears Chuck Norris
  167. Atlanta drought woes
  168. Help! I'm being forced to watch baseball here in CO. What's with all the spitting?
  169. Where is RRay?
  170. Insurance Thieves...
  171. Pets becoming mortgage foreclosure victims
  172. Watch this week's NACHI.TV show and learn how to inspect solar electric systems.
  173. 1-day Commercial Inspection course in Manchester, New Hampshire on December 8, 2007.
  174. Does a college degree help
  175. Boom! Central California Housing the SHTF
  176. Move-In Certified
  177. What Every Agent Needs to Know about Inspections course in Ft. Collins, CO on Dec 12.
  178. 1-day Inspector Conference in Boulder, Colorado on December 13, 2007.
  179. Chicago Area Homebuilder Files for Bankruptcy
  180. Commercial Real Estate Doing Better than Housing
  181. Gloom & Doom Economist Says Worst Is Yet to Come
  182. U.S. Housing Decline Threatens to Last Into 2009
  183. California wildfire! Wow
  184. Flir Canada, BCAM SD
  185. Keep it a secret!!
  186. The New Commercial Inspection Course Delivers!
  187. Missoula Inspectors' Conference a success.
  188. 1-day Inspector Conference in Boulder, Colorado on December 13, 2007.
  189. The Red Sox Are Soon To Beat The Colorado Team!
  190. More Fires in SoCal
  191. Man falls from roof and dies
  192. A BIG Thank You To Will Decker
  193. Free Seminar for New Hampshire Real Estate Agents & NACHI Inspectors
  194. NACHI booth at Home Show in Islip, New York on November 13, 2007.
  195. Another Unabashed Joe Farsetta Plug
  196. Joe Farsetta....My Hero
  197. The "Duke" Called Today
  198. We launched another episode of NACHI.TV today. Watch it.
  199. NJ NACHI North meeting in Bloomfield, New Jersey on October 25, 2007.
  200. Save $150 off InspectVue Software - $845 out the Door
  201. What Every Agent Needs to Know about Inspections course in New Hampshire on Dec 6.
  202. Good article on condo inspections in Florida.
  203. NACHI and Will Decker featured in Chicago Sun Times article on infrared inspections.
  204. WiNACHI post card promoting commercial inspection course being mailed out.
  205. Can everyone please pray with me.
  206. What Real Estate Agents are looking for in a HI?
  207. Online Continuing Education
  208. REALTOR speaking at NACHI Pocono Chapter in Metamoras, PA on Nov. 14, 2007.
  209. Washington, D.C. area consumer needs inspector to oversee construction project.
  210. 1-day WiNACHI Commercial Inspection course in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Dec. 1, 2007.
  211. Mushroom insulation? Come on
  212. CPOL Certified Pre Owned Listing
  213. Texas E&O, 250K for $850
  214. Fun Pics of Dallas Meeting
  215. Problem with MIC
  216. Watch next episode of NACHI.TV: President of a competing association was our guest.
  217. Inspection Agreement language for MIC
  218. How To Video's
  219. Interesting Article on Inspection Review
  220. Thank you, Nick!
  221. Chesapeake Chapter of NACHI meeting in Linthicum, Maryland on October 16, 2007.
  222. MoveInCertified.com and IAC2 collaborating on pre-listing mold and radon testing.
  223. New InterNACHI Superior Product & Service seals released.
  224. NACHI.TV model Paige Peters interviews Jay Keany: Episode 6.
  225. Last fishing trip on soft water
  226. Infrared WORD template for InspectorBOOST.com
  227. My Safe Florida Home Program Questioned
  228. Anyone try the new fusion type infrared cameras?
  229. John McKenna, Valerie Green, Nick Gromicko, Ben Garrison... Dallas, Tues.
  230. Social status is...
  231. Speed Test
  232. WiNACHI booth at WAHI Conference in LaCrosse, WI on November 2-3, 2007.
  233. OH Radon class on Oct. 26th & 27th change locations!
  234. Health Update..
  235. President of a competing association did NACHI.TV show with me today.
  236. NACHI member/HGTV Host Steve Ramos teaching thermal imaging at AII Conv. Nov 10-11.
  237. Data Base for local realtors
  238. WiNACHI Chapter meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on October 23, 2007.
  239. NACHI booth at Chamber of Commerce meeting in Florida on November 6, 2007.
  240. Hows Buisiness?
  241. Anyone Talk to PBInspections Lately?
  242. Certified NACHI Store now sells new InterNACHI 3-Mistakes brochures by the bundle.
  243. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by ShowMeHowVideos.com
  244. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by ShowMeHowVideos.com
  245. Thermal imaging inspector needed in Washington State.
  246. Heavy duty camera
  247. Here is a new video commercial we just made. Watch it.
  248. New InterNACHI "Click to Verify" webseal.
  249. New Move In Certified HI-RES logo now available.
  250. Please contribute to NACHI member's run for public office.