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  1. Hey. I'm new 'round these parts.
  2. New to NACHI. I'm the new host of NACHI TV.
  3. Party's Over Time for some to go ?
  4. Reputation System (coming soon)
  5. Google predicts "free cell phones and mobi growth"
  6. Commercial Training & Certification
  7. NACHI and U.S. Chamber of Commerce form new partnership.
  8. NACHI members in the news.
  9. Head Start Packet
  10. Chairman of Univ. Physics Dept guest speaker at S. Colorado NACHI on November 14th.
  11. Lending One - Uses NACHI Exclusively
  12. Why is always the home inspectors fault?
  13. Microsoft Web Hosting
  14. Calling Dan Harris
  15. Upper Middle Tennessee NACHI Chapter forms.
  16. Another successful Well Sampler Class...
  17. Yesterday I took control of InterNACHI.
  18. Too Busy for a Friend?
  19. Atlanta two day class
  20. Thank you Nick and Gerry and Porter Valley
  21. Atlanta Education Event-Huge Success
  22. Homeowners are going underwater as loans pass home values
  23. Volunteer home inspectors needed to help elderly/disabled.
  24. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by HomeGauge.
  25. HomeGauge sponsors NACHI's Convention, Toronto, 2007. Be there!
  26. NACHI member/CMI does radio show about home inspections.
  27. Happy Veteran's Day
  28. New home sales rise 5.3% in September.
  29. We have a lot to inspect.
  30. Today's Daily Door Prize
  31. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Dr. Keith Swift.
  32. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Deanna Willis
  33. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Disposable-Garments.com
  34. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Builders Academy.
  35. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Ted Haggard
  36. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by iCourse.
  37. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI
  38. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Hi-Spec
  39. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI
  40. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI
  41. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Nick Gromicko and Jamie McDonnell
  42. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI
  43. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Palm-Tech
  44. Strictly business or allow some leeway?
  45. Buy a house at Lowe's
  46. My Report Writer Offers Exclusive NACHI Discount - Try it for Free
  47. Foreclosures up 17 percent nationwide
  48. Adding e-mail to InspectorPages.com
  49. Guilty
  50. NACHI Care Package
  51. Foundation Movement
  52. Politicians Sweep Mid-Term Elections
  53. Biggest Winners in the Mid-Term Elections
  54. Water Level
  55. NACHI NEWS, Volume 1.
  56. Illinois approves another NACHI course for state CE. Thank you Gerry B & Russ M.
  57. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by BestInspectors.net. Everyone wins!
  58. US 'suburbs more violent than Iraq'
  59. NACHI photo ID update.
  60. Alexa.com now permits you to compare traffic at 5 sites at once.
  61. Hot PIC of NACHI booth at Darke County Fair, Ohio.
  62. Attention Chapter Heads. Take advantage of this, no charge.
  63. Communist Party Support Dems
  64. Serenity in Africa
  65. A quiet break...
  66. Notch?
  67. Histioplasmosis: looking for information
  68. Coming soon. A give away for all our REALTOR Expos our members do.
  69. Pro Lab Instructor
  70. Inspectors Caught on Camera in Houston, Texas!
  71. Another update to chapter management system
  72. A useful reminder
  73. It's Time!!!!!
  74. Many thanks to Dennis Robitaille of IHINA.
  75. Santa Clause III - The Escape Clause
  76. Inspector Selection, A Real Estate Agent's Duty. by Nick Gromicko
  77. ALL NACHI UltraStingers & NACHI Shirts on sale today!
  78. This is a problem
  79. NACHImarket.com
  80. Housing Inspection Foundation and NACHI agree to jointly market each other's events.
  81. Draw Inspections
  82. How would you report this?
  83. Any railbirds and punters on this board?
  84. Terrorists to USA: VOTE DEMOCRATIC!
  85. President & Mrs. Bush - get your ***** together
  86. I'm not braggin', but...
  87. NACHI.TV hired a professional host today.
  88. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Keith Swift & NACHI.
  89. www.a2zfieldservices.com
  90. House with no gutters...
  91. Shame on him
  92. NACHI ID Cards
  93. Awesome Nachi Tool
  94. Home Warranty
  95. Well, a new one...
  96. Update to NACHI search engines
  97. California ruling says a Trade Association's rules can function as legal standard.
  98. Grow your inspection business seminar. Mike Rowan & Nick Gromicko
  99. Hot PIC of Certified Master Inspector's pickup truck.
  100. Chapter System Update
  101. holiday season photos
  102. >Septic System<
  103. NACHI booth at Parkersburg/Wood County Board of REALTORs Expo in WV on April 17, 2007
  104. Government of China coming to visit NACHI to learn from us.
  105. Great Lakes East NACHI Chapter meeting in Davison, Michigan on December 8, 2006.
  106. Mold - Help!
  107. 50,000 retail outlets to recommend NACHI members exclusively.
  108. Good advise on why NOT to discount.
  109. Any referrals for Collection Companies?
  110. NACHI.org serving more than the U.S. Library of Congress. 100 million KBytes/month!
  111. This message board broke another record today at 4:30 pm.
  112. Remember The Old Days?
  113. Check out the video on Aaron's website.
  114. Sacramento Valley Chapter in Roseville, California on November 15, 2006.
  115. Nick, Is it cold enough yet?
  116. 8 Steps to Getting Top Search Engine Rankings for Home Inspectors.
  117. Update to chapter management system
  118. Wendy
  119. The Home Inspection Business. A White Paper for Change. By Lorne Steiner.
  120. Equipment Life Expectancy Chart
  121. Discounted Second Inspection?
  122. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.
  123. Together, we can change these stats!
  124. Going to see the President of U.S. today
  125. Home Foreclosures On The Rise
  126. Action and Reaction
  127. NACHI releases the Manual for a Happy Home. Order now!
  128. Cargo pants: Gotta love 'em!
  129. NAR follows NACHI's lead in making online courses part of membership requirements.
  130. Great education opportunity
  131. Don't forget to set your clocks back...
  132. Thanks Steve
  133. Bored Clients & Realtors
  134. Anything else wendy wants to comment on are we all done yet?
  135. A Closer Look at New Home Sales
  136. Does anyone remember when this board was about home inspection?
  137. Something secret I just found out about Tom Rausch of NACHI Certified Training.
  138. Condo for sale
  139. HVAC at West Central Florida NACHI Chapter meeting on December 9, 2006.
  140. An Officer and a Gentleman
  141. How to avoid so many spammers
  142. Just have to tell this story
  143. The worst may be over for home sales.
  144. PICs of Nick's place. I woke up to 16" of snow.
  145. Coastal Training Consultants October, 2006 class picture.
  146. U.S. Chamber of Comm.?
  147. This board broke another record today with over 115 members and 418 users online.
  148. Sneak Peek at the IAC2 Certified website.
  149. Certified Inspector Home Protection Program (CIHPP)
  150. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by HomeGauge. Everyone wins.
  151. Picture posting
  152. FREA's Nigel Bonnie to be NACHI.TV's first guest.
  153. NACHI National Chapter Add Another Course
  154. Thief posing as a home inspector steals $40,000 worth of jewelry.
  155. Trying to get an idea of the industry.
  156. Calling Inspectors in Dallas TX
  157. Warning! Do Not Click This Link If You Have Disdain For Innovative Industry Vendors!
  158. Hot PIC of NACHI booth in Ohio.
  159. MDA - Muscular Dystropy Association
  160. Marietta Ohio Realtors Education 2006 Pictures
  161. Inspect in Louisiana
  162. Crab and other seafood..
  163. SC Upstate NACHI Chapter meeting in Mauldin, SC on November 13, 2006.
  164. NACHI to launch NACHI News e-newsletter in November.
  165. A Realtor Speaks on "Realtors"
  166. National Institute for Workplace Safety teams up with NACHI.
  167. Today NACHI added Thermal Imaging to InspectorLocator.com
  168. NACHI opens up General Inspection Discussion forum to non-members.
  169. Signs of the Times...
  170. NW Florida Home Inspectors Association/NACHI combined meeting in Pensacola on Oct 26.
  171. IL State or other FHA qualified inspectors
  172. Log-out Time
  173. Picture of where I live
  174. Pictures From Chicago/Illinois NACHI class
  175. An Outstanding Learning Opportunity
  176. Rubber Sidewalks
  177. dryer and bathroom vents
  178. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.
  179. I am pleased to announce that this board just broke an all-time record.
  180. NACHI had training in 7 different cities/states and 2 countries today.
  181. I just took this picture of NACHI trainer/member Kenny Hart here in South Carolina.
  182. Space Coast Chapter Meeting
  183. 9 NACHI members team up to man booth. 3,000 REALTORs visit NACHI booth. Hot PICs.
  184. Finally
  185. Things We Take For Granted
  186. November Issue of InspectoGRAM Released Today
  187. New Construction RADON Control Methods Course
  188. Cloaking Device a Reality...Star Trek fans ;)
  189. Missouri Housing Industry Alliance adds NACHI to their brochures.
  190. Nachi Perks
  191. FALL Specials $$$ on www.choosenachi.com
  192. North New Jersey NACHI Chapter meeting in Bloomfield, NJ on October 26, 2006.
  193. Hot PIC of NACHI booth at Coastal Carolina Association of REALTORs Banquet.
  194. North Georgia Chapter of NACHI meeting in Dawsonville, GA on November 14, 2006.
  195. How to get bonded?/Wash agreement?
  196. Report Upload, Customer Service Feedback Technology
  197. FBI Wants Your ISP Records
  198. NACHI's Deanna and Tom Raush were on TV, 9-News with RE/MAX this morning.
  199. Another good marketing idea that really works to generate seller inspections.
  200. Honoring NY State license
  201. Can't see thumbnails
  202. Important Question To All
  203. How do you setup a website to upload your reports?
  204. California NACHI member Benny Kleven dies in plane crash.
  205. NACHI releases Hi-Res TIFF of its Superior Product and Service seals.
  206. Visit Nick and NACHI trainer Kenny Hart this Saturday in Greenville, SC.
  207. Visit Dee at the Construction Inspectors Conference in Las Vegas this Sunday-Tuesday.
  208. NACHI booth at Home Show at Lehigh University in PA March 30-April 1, 2007.
  209. NACHI has 4 booths at upcoming Home Show in SC. Distribute your inspection brochures
  210. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Hi-Port.
  211. Brand New Tif8800 For sale
  212. NACHI launching NACHI.TV, watch anything, from anywhere, anytime.
  213. NYNACHI/ESA NY New Dual Chapter Meeting
  214. The Foundation for Safer Housing says Thank You!!!
  215. U.S. Pop. Reaches 300M In A Few Min
  216. NACHI membership in North America tops 9,200 today.
  217. Purdue University puts big fat NACHI logo in their Fall 2006 program.
  218. Yahoo Slurp Spider?
  219. Anybody seen this type of silicate insulation in the attic.
  220. Certified Well Sampler course in Portland, Maine on November 18, 2006.
  221. Holy Crap!! Public Information Web Site
  222. NACHI Beam flashlights are in! Ordering instructions coming soon. Hot PICs!
  223. Texas inspection report NCR checklist
  224. Effective immediately. New educational event financial loss gaurantee policy.
  225. Home Inspectors as Deal Killers
  226. Full membership status
  227. Free Hummer H3!
  228. FREE Home Inspection
  229. Trends In Local Search Patterns
  230. Friday the 13th threatens GLE NACHI Chapter event.
  231. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by PRO-LAB.
  232. Attention report form vendors! I have a publisher who wants to include in a new book
  233. wearing multiple hats
  234. RadioPet Professional Dealers Wanted
  235. Who's going to the convention?
  236. Illinois Inspectors - Please Read - Very Important!!!
  237. This board hit 100,000 posts already in just 2006!
  238. NJ NACHI Chapter meeting in Medford, New Jersey on November 14, 2006.
  239. A downer, son's friend died last night
  240. HomeInspectorBrochure.com gave us 1,000 business cards/week for a Daily Door Prize!
  241. Greg Bell's ICC Boot Camp in Atlanta-Huge Success
  242. Can We Say Ouch?
  243. CertifiedNACHIstore.com donates suits and boots to the Daily Door Prize. Hot PICs!
  244. Hot PIC of NACHI member George Wells' CMI shirt.
  245. Nearly 200 CE's Listed
  246. Mold Class-- Boston Ma. Nov. 17th & 18th
  247. New York FingerLakes NACHI Chapter meeting in Elmira on October 18, 2006.
  248. Home Inspectors vs Home Inspectors
  249. Texas TRCC weak says Dallas Morning News
  250. NACHI releases CANACHI logo.