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  1. InterNACHI Update
  2. Foreclosure rates up big in December
  3. Certified Master Inspectors now in 44 States/Provinces.
  4. NACHI membership in Florida topped 1,450 today.
  5. 2-day inspector training Great Lakes E. Chapter of NACHI in Davison, MI,on Feb 9-10.
  6. Meet me at the University of Portland for a night of Marketing for Inspectors, Feb 8.
  7. Thank you Mike Holt! Mike is donating a bunch of new Daily Door Prizes.
  8. 1 (888) NACHICE, (888-622-4423)... NACHI Certified Education launches new TOLL FREE #
  9. Free Inspect & Protect books for Chapter heads to give away as door prizes.
  10. PRO-LAB's James McDonnell and I are setting up a finance company for NACHI members.
  11. Ask FREA's Ben Garrison.
  12. Help
  13. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI & Keith Swift.
  14. Bank of America will be offering you all a $25,000 unsecured line of credit by mail.
  15. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.
  16. NACHI booth at Home and Builder's Show in Plattesville, Wisconsin on February 2-3.
  17. Functions of the Message Board
  18. Raising Fees
  19. Fun pictures with Nick and Krystal
  20. I need your help
  21. Possibly the greatest sports headline of all time
  22. PRO-LAB becomes the Gold Sponsor for NACHI Certified Education.
  23. Homeinspectorleads.com
  24. Today's Daily Door Prize dontaed by Home Inspector Essentials.
  25. For Those On a Tight Budget
  26. First to answer this question substantially correct wins a NACHI Beam. $109 value.
  27. NYNACHI New Dual Chapter Meeting Jan. 30 2007
  28. New List of Field Service Firms
  29. NACHI on TV. Tonight!!!
  30. NACHI booth at Long and Foster Fair in Frederick, Maryland on January 25, 2007.
  31. That bites
  32. Patriots by 7
  33. Indy or Baltimore ?
  34. Gas Leak Detectors
  35. Another association (NCLHIA) offered us a booth at their convention. We accepted.
  36. Arizonia Well Sampler Course date & price change!
  37. Florida Governor Christ and the Special Session on Tuesday
  38. Free NACHI web sites get two upgrades
  39. First to answer this question substantially correct wins a NACHI Beam. $109 value.
  40. NACHI's Pocket Guide went to the printer today.
  41. Ebay is ALL messed up!
  42. This message board just broke an all-time record for most users on at one time.
  43. Nick, Lorne, and PRO-LAB at Inspection Marketing meeting in Buffalo on January 25.
  44. Nynachi Esa New York Upcoming Classes
  45. NACHI membership in N. America tops 9,600 today!
  46. Joe Farsetta is now a Massachusetts approved educator.
  47. What a find !
  48. Hot PIC of NACHI's Roy Cooke doing his radio show.
  49. NNC - Is it for you??
  50. Joe Farsetta... in the house! Certified Well Sampler course, Boulder, CO, Feb 17.
  51. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by HomeInspectorBrochure.com
  52. Hot PIC of NACHI booth in Maui.
  53. Link Exchange with Canada?
  54. On-Line Chapter Meeting To Be Scheduled
  55. Romex touch gas line?
  56. New home builders in Dallas area
  57. Thank-you NACHI membership
  58. NACHI featured again in today's USA TODAY (circulation: 2.5 million).
  59. About 200 door prizes given away on this message board so far.
  60. West Texas Chapter of NACHI meeting in Abilene, TX on January 18, 2007.
  61. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by REWCI.
  62. Proposed Illinois Radon legislation
  63. Which two means of advertising can you not do without?
  64. Public Apology to Roy Cooke
  65. From the folks that brought you mold E&O... auto, life, and home insurance discounts.
  66. Join me (Nick) in New Hampshire for a night of Licensing and Marketing on January 24
  67. Executive Director of CMI not even CMI
  68. Per capita market strength of NACHI by State/Province.
  69. Time Mag Gasping, Cell Phone Computers Coming
  70. Marketing with Nick at the Oregon NACHI Chapter at the University of Portland Feb 8th
  71. What should be our new membership requirement?
  72. What Does the New Democratic Congress Mean for Real Estate?
  73. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by UNYK Enterprises.
  74. NACHI's Manual for a Happy Home on another site...
  75. NACHI booth at Warren, OH Area Board of REALTORs Trade Show on February 20, 2007.
  76. Warning, imposter attacks NACHI Inspectors! (Previously Fun and Games in NH)
  77. Why NOT to drink on Friday Nights...
  78. Airfares Starting at a Nickel (Today Only)
  79. NACHI 2007 Power Point Presentation by Dr. Bill Merrell.
  80. NACHI Superior Product seal on popular REALTOR vendor site.
  81. Another smaller association to merge with NACHI.
  82. Our Foundation for Safer Housing in the news again.
  83. Nynachi Esa New York Upcoming Classes
  84. Working for NACHI again
  85. Oh heck... NACHI just got swamped with bins full of mail.
  86. Everyone vote for website of the year please.
  87. Please submit your website for Website of the Week.
  88. NACHI NEWS, Volume 3.
  89. NACHI member builds page around NeighborhoodEnvironmental.com
  90. Economic Forecast - OK
  91. No: Beware of shock waves
  92. New Website- In Progress
  93. Upstate NACHI Chapter meeting in Mauldin, SC on January 8, 2007.
  94. Cmi...?
  95. NACHI.org... off the freakin' chart! We broke nearly every record in Dec.
  96. My brother just did an inspection for the son of the owner of NACHI Beam manufacturer
  97. Interesting facts about home sellers, moving and seller inspections.
  98. GPS To Help Illegals
  99. Happy new years to all
  100. Driving Down I-95
  101. 137,000 new posts added to this message board in 2006 (375/day).
  102. Suing A Home Inspector
  103. Thank You..................
  104. help this little girl, and get ack at me at the same time!
  105. Maison Marcoux Homes (Modular)
  106. NACHI booth at Minnesota REALTOR's Trade and Technology Fair on February 8, 2007.
  107. I wish Nick
  108. 2006
  109. New Years Resolutions - What Are Yours?
  110. Free Business Manuals- Happy New Year
  111. Free Office Software Eqiv. For Download
  112. Gifted Artist....simply amazing
  113. Be an inspection industry hero!
  114. We ordered more tablecloths and brochures for those of you doing REALTOR Expos.
  115. NACHI booth at REALTOR Association of South Central Wisconsin Blitz 2007 on March 8.
  116. FL home inspection business for sale.
  117. NACHI Chapter VP teaching "How to be an Expert Witness" course, Livermore, CA, Jan 27
  118. Oil tanks Q&A at New Jersey NACHI Chapter meeting in Bloomfield, NJ on January 18.
  119. Saddam To Be Hanged - Within Hours
  120. Favorite Place to Live
  121. Florida's Condo Market Starts to Fizzle
  122. NACHI Code of Ethics Violation
  123. Hot PICS from recent 2-day NACHI/CATS training in Missouri.
  124. Inspector scam warning.
  125. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Porter Valley Software.
  126. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Michael Rowan.
  127. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by ADRS.
  128. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.
  129. 4 Point inspection certification????
  130. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by HomeGauge.
  131. CMI Xmas Update
  132. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.
  133. Some Good News To Start The New Year!
  134. Asmbi...?
  135. Seinfeld: The lost episode
  136. The death of President Ford
  137. Thanks to Paul Abernathy NACHI Staff is hammered
  138. Sales of New Homes Increase
  139. Roof Ventilation??
  140. NACHI membership in N. America tops 9,500 today.
  141. Electrician's Criticism Comes Back To Zap
  142. Illinois State Chapter of NACHI (Southern Region) Event
  143. 1-day electrical training at Great Lakes-E. Chapter in Davison, Michigan on Feb 10.
  144. Great Lakes-East Chapter of NACHI meeting in Davison, Michigan on February 9, 2007.
  145. Four more pitfalls for the buyer
  146. Free Online Calculators - Enjoy !
  147. PRO-LAB/NACHI 2007 Calendar.
  148. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by PRO-LAB.
  149. PIC of PRO-LAB/NACHI's Miss January.
  150. Christmas in Florida
  151. Free Cat or Husband
  152. Merry Christmas All
  153. Too Many Inspectors - Hard To Get Started
  154. Choosing the RIGHT home inspector.
  155. Oh No....
  156. A Holiday message from Paul Abernathy .... LOL....LOL...te he
  157. Family
  158. Why I Don't Do Like Agents...lol
  159. NACHI's Manual for a Happy Home on eBay.
  160. For The Little Ones on Christmas Eve
  161. CMI .... The Rowan Influence
  162. A Christmas Story...In 30 sec. (You'll shoot your eye out)
  163. Merry Christmas From Gerry - Enjoy !
  164. The Saint NICK - With A Christmas Message
  165. La vigilia di natale
  166. Reconnecting
  167. Christmas Carol
  168. Public Service Announcement- For NACHI
  169. Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays
  170. NORAD Tracking Santa
  171. HIF Housing Inspection Foundation
  172. Happy Holidays
  173. How large is NACHI?
  174. Marketing
  175. Il State/NACHI radon course goes well. 93 CE hours awarded!
  176. Coming soon... Oregon NACHI.
  177. I just purchased 50 Inspect and Protect books for chapter heads.
  178. The Reputation System.
  179. Meet me and 4 State Representatives at NACHI New Hampshire meeting on Jan 24, 2007.
  180. Brett Favre, another 4th quarter comeback.
  181. Let's give away a bunch of these knives. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.
  182. Code Check Books
  183. Image Resizing Question
  184. HVAC at Butte County NACHI Chapter meeting in Chico, California on January 25, 2007.
  185. CMI Outline Proposal - Just Do It!
  186. CMI Outline Proposal - Just Do It!
  187. Michael Rowan and I are done begging. We gave the other associations a chance.
  188. Happy Christmas From Justin Timberlake
  189. NACHI booth at the Chamber of Commerce Expo in Waterville, Maine on March 21, 2007
  190. NACHI booth at the Maine Indoor Air Quality Council in Augusta on March 23, 2007.
  191. What is wrong?
  192. A Funny Free Web Site for everyone!
  193. Home Inspection Dictionary
  194. Great Inspection Today
  195. 2-day, IAC2 approved, advanced mold courses coming in 2007.
  196. Proposed Resolution to the Rowan/CMI Debacle
  197. Help. My START menu is on the right of my screen.
  198. CMI/NACHI member authors article for NAR chapter magazine.
  199. Last call for 2006 pricing for Inspection Management Systems from TheScheduleCenter
  200. NACHI state chapter president/CMI becomes Chamber of Commerce President.
  201. Not good for California
  202. NHIE Turn Down CMI Examinations!!!!
  203. Master Inspector Network - booklet
  204. Where Does CMI Start
  205. CMI - The Almost Final Definition
  206. Peer Review Job Description For CMI
  207. Folks - As Long As I Keep Getting These
  208. CMI Tampa Here We Come
  209. CMI Web Introduction
  210. TurboTax
  211. E-a-g-l-e-s Eagles!!!!
  212. You Drink & Drive. You Lose!
  213. Tax Write-offs NOT to Forget with Tax Season Approaching...
  214. One by One - CMI
  215. Why I can't vote for Dems
  216. POLL- Paul Stay In The Electrical Forum
  217. Inspect and Protect... don't do another inspection without reading this book!
  218. This email is for everyone who made and continues to make NACHI a great association.
  219. Great Lakes-East Chapter ID/Name Badges
  220. Latest paypay scam
  221. Check out this Master inspection checklist.
  222. Hot Yellow Pages ad includes NACHI, CMI, and IAC2 logos!
  223. Square D Electrocution Hazard Safety Switch Recall
  224. Inspection Universe vendor booth layout.
  225. Free Publicity: Reporter wants to talk to NACHI member in SC, GA, AZ, NM or OR.
  226. Member gets positive response with NACHI's hold harmless agreement.
  227. Sacramento Valley NACHI meeting with Lorne Steiner in Roseville, California on Dec 20
  228. Dumb**** Michael Rowan already lost the book I gave him.
  229. Great Lakes Chapter Pres., Jason Sieg has made chapter member picture I.D.s.
  230. Finger Lakes NACHI Chapter meeting in Elmira, New York on January 9, 2007.
  231. CMI - The Return
  232. Website audience
  233. New York general liability premium
  234. E-Mail I Got - Quite Nice....
  235. Arkansas licensing board mandate
  236. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  237. Missouri Housing Industry Alliance meeting in Jefferson City on January 3, 2007
  238. Stop Light - Hooker Cop
  239. American Home Warranty Upgrade
  240. Internet Explorer 7 (Now released)
  241. I need website help
  242. Nachi store christmas email
  243. Can you guess what I got in the mail from a Certified Master Inspector (CMI) today?
  244. NACHI members of the year should get free NACHI membership for life.
  245. Great Lakes-East Chapter Dec. 2006 Success!
  246. Be Safe!! PSA
  247. Very, very sad. I can walk to this school.
  248. NACHI.TV - Web Topics for Home Inspectors
  249. International Directory of Professional Associations updates NACHI listing...
  250. NYS Licensing Course on Long Island