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  1. Haunted House
  2. NACHI was ranked in top 20,000 sites in terms of traffic this week.
  3. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Grassfrog Technologies. Everyone wins today!
  4. 1-day Electrical for HOme Inspectors course in Cleveland, Ohio on December 16, 2006.
  5. 1-day HVAC/Plumbing Inspection course in Toronto, Canada on December 9, 2006.
  6. 1-day HVAC/Plumbing Inspection course in Boston, Massachusetts on December 8, 2006.
  7. 1-day Electrical for Home Inspectors course in Philadelphia, PA on December 2, 2006.
  8. 1-day Electrical for Home Inspectors in Raleigh, North Carolina on December 1, 2006.
  9. Commitment + dedication + education = Success!
  10. 1-day mold certification course in Nashville, Tennessee on November 20, 2006.
  11. Another plus for Ita schools
  12. New NACHI mold E&O brochure.
  13. Foreclosures rise as ARMs reset
  14. What would you say?
  15. Something to keep in mind in how we treat each other...
  16. Deceptive business practice
  17. NACHI E-Mail Policy
  18. NOTICE: We had to tonight's meeting across the street due to size of crowd.
  19. More online courses and more in Spanish from National Institute for Workplace Safety.
  20. Housing Authority goes 100% NACHI.
  21. NACHI bastardizes the profession??
  22. Did anyone here try out for the new Home Inspector show
  23. Hotels around Ft. Lee VA
  24. Merry Christmas
  25. Just sharing
  26. Massive amounts of NACHI vendor spam
  27. Hackers 50 Times A Day
  28. Maintenance Inspections
  29. Nachi Tv
  30. 1-day HVAC/Plumbing Inspection course in Jacksonville, Florida on November 21, 2006.
  31. 1-day Electrical for Home Inspectors course in Schaumburg, Illinois on November 18.
  32. 1-day Electrical for Home Inspectors course in Kansas City, Misssouri on November 17.
  33. 1-day Electrical for Home Inspectors course in Atlanta, Georgia on Novemnber 16, 2006
  34. 1-day HVAC/Plumbing Inspection training in Albuquerque, New Mexico on November 11th.
  35. Lower gas prices ahead?
  36. Your Tax Dollars...at work.
  37. An Outstanding Seminar!
  38. WDO at W. Central Florida NACHI chapter meeting in Riverview, FL on October 14, 2006.
  39. Internet Explorer
  40. Formula 1
  41. Joe Farsetta blew the room away today.
  42. 1-day HVAC/Plumbing Inspection course in Dallas, Texas on November 10, 2006.
  43. Good Idea
  44. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Assurance Check.
  45. Hot PICs of NACHI booth at recent REALTORs Without Borders Expo in Hamilton, Ontario.
  46. A NACHI Chapter Head Alert from PRO-LAB: Don't be fooled!
  47. Patrick Carter - Give him our strength
  48. First Inspection on a New House.......
  49. House Explosion
  50. Motion Computing Tablet PC Users - link for free software
  51. I want you to be my partner.
  52. Hot PICs of NACHI booth at recent Michigan HUD Home Buyers Expo.
  53. Hot PICs of NACHI booth in Fairfield, Ohio Expo.
  54. Visit the NACHI/Pillar to Post booth at the Erie REALTOR Opportunity Day on Oct 12.
  55. reverse phone directory
  56. Should NACHI Put a Cap on Membership?
  57. Such A Nice Inspection
  58. Okay, Nick you don't support advertising NACHI at Realtor.com how about FSBO.COM???
  59. Chicago NACHI, first chapter to spin off into its own corporation.
  60. NACHI Chicago Chapter October Meeting.
  61. Grow your inspection business FREE seminar, 76 RSVPs and climbing.
  62. What the HELL happened??????????
  63. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Palm-Tech.
  64. Software recommendations
  65. New Mold brochure for home inspectors.
  66. NACHI needs to get on or get a Banner on Realtor.com
  67. certificate of completion
  68. Revision to NACHI COE - Item 6
  69. !!!Nick's Credit Card Secrets Revealed!!!
  70. Please join me in welcoming Erol Kartal back to NACHI for the 6th time.
  71. You all gotta check out this new, cool inspection franchise site.
  72. "Maine" free seminar
  73. Credit scor raising, by Nick
  74. Credit score HeLp!
  75. NNC Adds State Licensing Links
  76. NACHI Platinum Plus MasterCard offer being sent to members.
  77. The Struggle
  78. www.InspectorMALL.com doubled in size this year.
  79. 30 more inspectors joined NACHI in the past 2 days. Where will it end?
  80. www.EveryInspector.com now over 77,000 inspectors big.
  81. PRO-LAB gives NACHI over $1 million dollars in free advertising. Thank you PRO-LAB.
  82. Today's Daily Door Prize. EVERYONE who wants one wins!
  83. SERVARE Reintroduces MyDataBus.Com a Free(NOW-5GB) File Storage & Sharing Service
  84. Ownes Corning MiraVista Proposed Settlement
  85. More free benefits for NACHI members from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
  86. NACHI reveals its secret method for making decisions when consensus can't be reached.
  87. Setting up the long row of NACHI booths at ITA Expo. Hot PIC.
  88. Inspectors Quarterly
  89. !!!!!!!!!! THANK's JOE FERRY !!!!!!!!!!
  90. Certified Master Inspector
  91. Holy mother of... 14.3 million hits in September. All records shattered!
  92. NACHI in the news, again.
  93. 1-day Certified Well Sampler course in Wisconsin on November 11, 2006.
  94. Internet Marketing
  95. Help! Pr*blem with keyb*ard.
  96. NACHI needs to get on or get a Banner on Realtor.com
  97. Wisconsin Chapter of NACHI getting a new site.
  98. NACHI partners with real estate referral network OneStopWizard.com
  99. Preaching to the Choir. 70% of ITA Expo attendees were existing NACHI members.
  100. NACHI booth at Realty Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 21, 2006.
  101. Gerry Beaumont is the BEST!
  102. Oct 21st seminar UPDATE L I Nachi
  103. Rain Gear
  104. New Laptop
  105. Great Lakes-East Chapter of NACHI meeting in Davison, Michigan on October 13, 2006.
  106. IAQU and NACHI Partner To Bring New H.I.Training to Washington State
  107. Michael Rowan puts NACHI logos everywhere.
  108. NACHI booth at the B2B Consumer Expo in Morristown, TN on November 16.
  109. 1-day Electrical for Home Inspectors course in San Diego, California on Nov 4, 2006.
  110. 1-day Electrical for Home Inspectors course in Phoenix, Arizona on November 3, 2006.
  111. NACHI membership in Illinois topped 300 today.
  112. Increase your website Presence.....
  113. NNC INSPECTOgram
  114. New ideas to grow your home inspection business.
  115. What NACHI benefits are most important to you?
  116. Question on Orlando Area Housing
  117. FREA's Communicator doing an interview with me for upcoming issue.
  118. Attention chapter heads: Free DeckLok displays, yours to keep.
  119. NACHI & PRO-LAB steal the show at ITA Expo.
  120. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by PRO-LAB.
  121. Illinois State Chapter forms.
  122. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Hi-Port. EVERYONE WINS AGAIN TODAY!
  123. Biggest PDF Report You've Seen
  124. Manufactured Housing Inspection course at Southwestern Illinois College on Nov. 18.
  125. Magnetic locator
  126. .mobi for cell phones on sale
  127. NACHI National "On-Line" Chapter News
  128. Bowman and Spriggs Tour
  129. NACHI Library - New Book available
  130. Foundation for Safer Housing Scholarship
  131. NACHI Continuing Education Increased
  132. Send Me a Form, I Will Complete it with Xpaper and Return
  133. My son needs your Vote, Please.
  134. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Hi-Port. EVERYONE WINS TODAY!!!!
  135. Inspector needed Phoenix
  136. http://texas-inspection.com
  137. Inspection Universe is coming to Orlando, Florida.
  138. ITA in Vegas- Stop by!
  139. NYNACHI Chapter Meeting
  140. 1-Day Mobile Home Inspection Class/Commercial Property Inspections
  141. 1-day Illinois state-approved inspection course in Chicago on October 21, 2006.
  142. Wanna Link Exchange with me?
  143. It is snowing at my house tonight.
  144. USPTO issues Notice of Allowance for our paper targeted at REALTORs.
  145. Clambake?
  146. NACHI membership in Texas topped 350 today!
  147. New Entrance Exam
  148. NACHI should top 1,000 events per year in 2007.
  149. 1-day inspector training in Denver, Colorado on October 28, 2006.
  150. Look out! We're averaging 467,544 hits/day this month. Record breaker.
  151. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Nick Gromicko
  152. My Wife Needs Your Help - Please Read!
  153. NACHI Certified Training adding 160 more events across N. America.
  154. Forclosed homes
  155. 1-day Electrical for Home Inspectors course in Sacramento, California on October 26.
  156. 1-day Electrical for Home Inspectors course in Federal Way, WA on October 25, 2006.
  157. Nachi To Build Its Own Hdtv Station!
  158. Bid Price?
  159. Hey check out my good news!!!! :)
  160. Xpaper Digital Writing System
  161. Exclusive mold E&O insurance discounts for NACHI members.
  162. 2-day inspection training with the NACHI Caravan in St. Peters, Missouri on Dec 9-10.
  163. Need more work? Lending network looking to hire NACHI inspectors.
  164. A weird combo, but we're gonna try it. HVAC & Marketing for Inspectors.
  165. Still Looking to exchange Links!
  166. Coming soon, the ultimate, ultimate, ultimate inspector flashlight... the NACHI Beam!
  167. Attention industry vendors: Updated everyinspector database available.
  168. Guess the answer to this inspection question DVD makes its debut at ITA Expo.
  169. NACHI booth at REALTOR Triple Play in Atlantic City on December 5-7, 2006.
  170. My Try at a slide show
  171. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.
  172. NACHI - 9,000th Member
  173. Happy Birthday Joe Ferry
  174. Phoenix advertising
  175. Desperate ASHI inspectors, now offering to inspect for free.
  176. Age of Water Heater - Helpful Link
  177. hiring another inspector for my company
  178. The Mystical Guide to Home Inspection
  179. High Radon Test Results
  180. 1-day mold certification course in Indianapolis, Indiana on October 20, 2006.
  181. 1-day mold certification course in Memphis, Tennessee on October 16, 2006.
  182. 1-day mold certification in Des Moines, Iowa on October 13, 2006.
  183. 1-day mold certification course in Oklahoma City on October 9, 2006.
  184. New NACHI Logo
  185. NACHI Link Exchange
  186. California Association of Realtors Convention
  187. Hot PICs of my underground office.
  188. Another cool alternate logo released. Thanks Tom Rausch!
  189. NACHI N.W. Washington Chapter meeting in Bellingham, WA on October 9, 2006.
  190. Toronto Film Festival
  191. Golden Opportunity in Florida
  192. FREE MONEY. . . To a deserivng student
  193. Yellow Pages vs Internet vs Realtor
  194. City government in Ohio seeking NACHI members to enforce code program.
  195. Missouri Housing Alliance has a new member: NACHI
  196. Coming soon... NACHI's press release distribution system.
  197. 2-day course taught by Auburn University for SC Upstate NACHI on October 11-13, 2006.
  198. FWIW - Housing not facing bust, just normalcy: experts
  199. Dee sent out a bazillion NACHI brochures through the RE/MAX system today.
  200. Straw Bale Home Basics by NACHI member Kenton Shepard.
  201. Don't eat here
  202. Announcing - A FREE 2 day Education Event- Don't Miss This One
  203. Need a Calculator?
  204. Huge Termite Tunnel
  205. Good way to make a little extra cash
  206. Thank you Russ Myers and Gerry Beaumont. Another State Approved course released.
  207. Chesapeake Chapter of NACHI meeting in Linthicum, MD on September 19, 2006.
  208. Shooting in Montreal
  209. Thanks findaninspector.us
  210. Great real estate presentations. More coming in the next few days. Enjoy.
  211. Can you guess what NACHI member is here with Jay Leno?
  212. Mold inspection reporting software. Download the free sample report here.
  213. REALORs using book that recommends NACHI members exclusively... even in New Zealand.
  214. Help Wanted: Electrician (Full Time/Illinois)
  215. Uninsurable homes
  216. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Palm-Tech.
  217. NACHI booth at Coastal Carolina Association of REALTORs meeting on October 18, 2006.
  218. James McDonnell CEO of PRO-LAB, Russell Buchanan, Pres of HomeGauge, next Wednesday..
  219. A major reporter is asking to interview a NACHI member or a members' client. HELP!
  220. Realtor.com
  221. NACHI... now the largest inspection event host in the world... 500 events/year.
  222. 1-day Well Sampling Certification in St. Peters, Missouri on October 21, 2006.
  223. "One Year Warranty Inspection"
  224. Wanted: Someone who can teach inspecting of manufactured/mobile homes.
  225. NACHI launches www.CorrectInspect.com targeted directly toward consumers.
  226. 5 Years ago
  227. NACHI booth at Marietta, Ohio Board of REALTORs Education Fair on October 24, 2006.
  228. New Real Estate book lists NACHI exclusively. Email from author:
  229. Tomorrow
  230. HOT PIC of NACHI booth at recent event.
  231. Fla. National Convention?
  232. Manning versus Manning
  233. Comments about Radalink
  234. Nachi Beach Club
  235. Readers Digest Home Fix it Books
  236. OSHA and NACHI training.
  237. www.nachifreeoffer.com
  238. Nachi Training South Carolina
  239. NACHI booth at Home Buyers Fair in Michigan on September 23, 2006.
  240. Classes/ Education for Mold
  241. I Need Tablecloths!!!
  242. Move over, Jae... I'm the next millionaire
  243. Adopting Jim Bushart's idea for hiding the Daily Door Prize.
  244. Hudson Valley NACHI Chapter meeting in Newburgh, New York on September 26, 2006.
  245. Inspector needed for new TV show.
  246. Nynachi Chapter Meeting
  247. !!! LI NACHI Sept 28th meeting update !!!
  248. Personalized plates
  249. Slouching toward geezerhood
  250. Well sampling course coming to a NACHI Chapter near you.