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  1. JonBinnet Ramsey
  2. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Palm-Tech.
  3. I'm thinking of doing a class like this one. Is infrared the future for inspectors?
  4. Funny email from ASHI big wig.
  5. Email Fraud Disguised as PayPal
  6. New Report Upload Technology
  7. FREE Mold Remediation Class Winner!
  8. !!!! Li & Nyc Metro Inspectors !!!!
  9. I just spent 10 minutes being.....
  10. Look at how together Chicago NACHI is.
  11. 1-day mold certification in Richmond, Virginia on August 28, 2006.
  12. Mold courses at Chicago NACHI Chapter on September 22&23, 2006.
  13. InspectorSEEK.com updated.
  14. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Deanna Willis.
  15. Mold Course in Erie, PA Postponed
  16. Dear Fellow Nachi Members:
  17. Children and inspections...what to do
  18. Additional great speakers joining me at Marketing seminar in Charlotte on Friday.
  19. NACHI invites Illinois REALTORs to breakfast.
  20. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.
  21. NACHI booth at REALTOR Trade Show in Birmingham, Alabama on September 14, 2006.
  22. Looking for
  23. Well I PASSED THE TEST !
  24. Sell your Home for More Ebook Stats
  25. My son was elected to the Order of the Arrow.
  26. Free For NC Inspectors
  27. Michael Rowan and I shooting for end of month in Atlanta for business develop seminar
  28. NACHI member Kenny Hart holding 1-day training, Alpha College, Virginia Beach, Aug 26
  29. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Palm-Tech.
  30. Lake Norfolk, Arkansas trip
  31. PICs from last night's Utah meeting, Coldwell Banker presentation & mold training.
  32. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.
  33. zip code locating programs
  34. NACHI in the News
  35. manufactured/mobil home inspection?
  36. 3 1/2 days to NHIE test for licence
  37. Meet me in Utah Friday night.
  38. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Palm-Tech.
  39. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.
  40. It's an ill wind
  41. !!!! L I Inspectors meeting UPDATE !!!!
  42. Ferry Across The Atlantic
  43. West Virginia licence.....same day reports?
  44. London bomb plot WOW!!
  45. website look alikes
  46. 40,000 Choose NACHI catalogues being sent to inspection industry.
  47. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Certified NACHI Store.
  48. Latest Real Estate Newsletter
  49. Door Prize?
  50. I grew up in a different world ...
  51. Has any one heard from Jeff Judy?
  52. Member sends out great letter about New Construction inspections.
  53. New Chapter in the Huntington ,Charleston,WV area
  54. Contractor/Home Inspector?
  55. How to do more, make more, keep more.
  56. Get FEMA certified, 2 classes, September 14 & 15, 2006.
  57. NACHI Atlanta Chapter meeting in Tucker, GA on August 15, 2006.
  58. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.
  59. Check out the links to NACHI members on this huge Real Estate site.
  60. Free reporting forms from ITA for fulfilling NACHI's mock inspection requirements.
  61. Altruistic Inspector
  62. I'm Expired...
  63. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.
  64. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Certified NACHI Store.
  65. Inspectors offering Energy Management Surveys.
  66. Our latest e-newsletter test run to REALTORs just got our first zero opt-out rate!
  67. We finally did it! NACHI.org breaks 200,000+ visits/month mark in July. A record!
  68. NACHI opening additional satellite office in Los Angeles, California.
  69. I'm setting up an Inspector Hall of Fame. Anyone want to help?
  70. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.
  71. I don't participate in recessions or market slowdowns. Neither should you.
  72. Thanks NACHI!
  73. Free stereo systems for NACHI members.
  74. NH meeting
  75. Folks, this is such a deal. $1 each. Full color. Really dresses up your reports.
  76. NACHI had a record breaking day on August 2.
  77. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.
  78. Pillar to Post member Frank Ross puts out nice press release.
  79. NYNACHI August 29, 2006 Chapter Meeting
  80. NFPA 1: Fire Prevention Code 200
  81. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Nick Gromicko.
  82. NACHI in RE/MAX golf tournament in Colorado. Nice ad!
  83. Bridge Work?
  84. Collecting donations to help this family. Who will donate $10?
  85. NACHI & RE/MAX Alliance launch new TV show. NACHI's Deanna was today's guest on TV.
  86. Atlanta Announces a Special Speaker for October 17th Meeting
  87. Question for Windows mobile Geeks
  88. Marketing for Inspectors seminar in Charlotte, North Carolina on August 18, 2006.
  89. Partnerships
  90. Awesome Photos
  91. House Explodes, killing 2
  92. Mandatory Home Inspection?
  93. PIC: Risky business. Another reason to raise fees.
  94. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by HIT Interactive Media.
  95. West Central Florida NACHI Chapter brochure.
  96. Insurance
  97. Join me at Central Savannah River Area NACHI Chapter meeting in Augusta, GA, Oct 5.
  98. Best Search Engine On Web
  99. tinted windows and cracks
  100. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Porter Valley Software.
  101. Phoenix AZ NACHI meeting Aug 1
  102. Hydrogen Bomb DISHWASHERS
  103. Would L I Inspectors Like A Sept Meeting
  104. Illinois State approved continuing education for NACHI members September 6-7, 2006.
  105. 1-day monster meeting at Kansas City NACHI Chapter in Lenexa, KS on August 19, 2006.
  106. NW Washington NACHI Chapter meeting in Bellingham, WA on August 21, 2006.
  107. How many forum members to change a light bulb?
  108. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Palm-Tech.
  109. NACHI performs major upgrade of InspectorPages.com's server.
  110. Hot PICs: Bellingham Technical College goes 100% NACHI.
  111. Camera?
  112. Join me at S. New Jersey NACHI Chapter meeting in Medford, NJ on October 10, 2006.
  113. Castro Reliquishes Power in Cuba
  114. Kansas City Chapter Mtg. August 19, 2006
  115. Great Prices on Electronics and other great stuff!
  116. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI Certified Training.
  117. Lakeland Florida consumer needs inspector who knows about tie downs.
  118. Hot PIC of Russell Spriggs and booth.
  119. List Your Business For Free
  120. I need some more Website of the Week submissions. So many great winners!
  121. Driving Across The U.S.
  122. Northern New Jersey NACHI Chapter meeting on September 28, 2006.
  123. Southern New Jersey NACHI Chapter meeting in Medford, NJ on September 12, 2006.
  124. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Nick Gromicko.
  125. ICC Boot Camp taught by NACHI members Greg Bell & Joe Burkeson, Orlando, Aug 26.
  126. PA Compliant
  127. South Carolina Upstate NACHI Chapter meeting August 14, 2006.
  128. Thank you ITA!
  129. New Jersey NACHI launches their revamped monster site. Awesome!
  130. 1-day New Construction inspection course at NJ NACHI on October 21, 2006.
  131. 2-day commercial mold assessment training in Cherry Hill, NJ on Aug 11-12, 2006.
  132. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by HIT Interactive Media.
  133. A very big thanks to outgoing NJ NACHI President Phil Hinman.
  134. 1-day training at South Carolina Upstate NACHI Chapter on August 19, 2006.
  135. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.
  136. What that smell
  137. Un-handy man III
  138. Four Point Insurance Inspections & the Certified ICC Inspector
  139. Not the best news...
  140. A great package deal to join NACHI through Certified NACHI Store.
  141. NACHI to build Insurance Verification site for Pennsylvania (open to all inspectors)
  142. Financing available for anyone willing to start a company to compete with Mr. Fix It.
  143. This kid was in my house tonite
  144. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by PRO-LAB.
  145. FREE Seminar in Idaho
  146. 1-day training at Chesapeake & Mid MD NACHI Chapters in Linthicum, Aug 18, 2006.
  147. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Palm-Tech Inspection Software.
  148. NACHI launches the Daily Door Prize. $400,000.00 being given away right here!
  149. PA compliance - got you down
  150. NACHI booth skirts & supplies
  151. EMF qualified inspector needed in Brooklyn, NY
  152. REALTORs come up with yet another professional designation.
  153. Electrical inspection training at Long Island NACHI Chapter October 21, 2006.
  154. Greg Bell or someone in Titusville/Palm Bay Florida area needed to do inspections
  155. NACHI releases another FREE book for NACHI members.
  156. NACHI Atlanta Members Thanks
  157. Mold training opportunity for NJ, PA, DE Inspectors!
  158. Need more inspection work? Send this book with sample cover letters.
  159. Forget Disney World, I'm going to Phoenix
  160. NACHI booth at Kinights of Columbus State Golf Tournament... update.
  161. NACHI Certified Training seminars and news.
  162. BITS and PIECES...
  163. Warm
  164. Manufactured Homes - Permanent Foundations?
  165. A-frame lake house
  166. NACHI Certified Training offering carbon monoxide detector calibration.
  167. 2-day training at Maine NACHI Chapter in Portland on August 4-5, 2006
  168. Hot PICs of CO NACHI election night.
  169. Western British Columbia NACHI Chapter meeting in Langley on August 16, 2006.
  170. What To Say On A Report
  171. Krystal and I will be at the Colorado Chapter Election tonight.
  172. Free Home Head Start guides in production. Great addition to your reports.
  173. Thank you Pro- Lab
  174. NACHI has another way for members to make money while asleep.
  175. Gotta love the links Bill Merrell puts on his websites. Thanks Bill!
  176. Tennessee Mold Event and Chapter Info
  177. NACHI National Chapter releases new logo.
  178. Mouse Pads?
  179. Freddie Mac various system age expectancy
  180. Pictures from SkyeTec training sessions
  181. $90.00 off Xtend & Climb
  182. NACHI National Chapter - Inspecto-Gram
  183. NJ NACHI Advanced Mold Seminar Opportunity
  184. New Jersey NACHI Announcements
  185. Marketing: Booths at "small town" festivals
  186. NACHI's entrance exam taken over 5,000 times in past 6 weeks. 80,000 times total.
  187. Florida Gold Coast NACHI Chapter meeting in West Palm Beach, August 3, 2006.
  188. NY Capitol Region Chapter of NACHI meeting in Latham, New York on August 9, 2006.
  189. Joe Ferry to speak at AZ NACHI meeting Aug 1
  190. For all the radial arm saw users out there.
  191. SERVARE Introduces MyDataBus.Com a Free 2GB File Storage & Sharing Service
  192. Atlanta Chapter meeting 7/18/06
  193. PRO-LAB holds Mold Certification Course in Erie, PA on August 18, 2006.
  194. Top of Utah NACHI & PRO-LAB sponsors Mold Certification Course in Ogden, UT on Augus
  195. Mold Certification Course in Atlanta, GA on August 5, 2006.
  196. Mold Certification Course in Tampa, FL on July 28, 2006.
  197. PRO-LAB, NACHI's Inspection Event of the Millenium's main sponsor.
  198. 1-day home inspector cram course in West Palm Beach, Florida.
  199. Homeowners Against Deficient Dwellings advises all to visit this message board.
  200. Sacramento Valley NACHI Chapter meeting in Roseville, California on Sept 20, 2006,
  201. Thank you Allen Blaker of Arizon SunTech.
  202. Can't quite break that 200,000 visits/month mark.
  203. Show Me How home inspection videos. Watch it, learn it, do it.
  204. Illinois State approved continuing education at Chicago NACHI in Aurora, August 19.
  205. Hot PIC of last night's Myrtle Beach NACHI Chapter meeting.
  206. Automatically Protect Your Vital Computer Data
  207. Home inspection business in Pennsylvania for sale.
  208. NACHI's Nick Gromicko quoted in this weekend's USA Today.
  209. Septic Inspection Tool
  210. Heard of MySpace.com? Check out CMIspace.com
  211. Will Decker and Nick Gromicko quoted in Chicago Tribune.
  212. Nick Gromicko Opens new CMI HQ
  213. NACHI National Chapter
  214. Become a Certified Well Sampler, only $100 for NACHI members, CD course.
  215. John Bowman at NY Capitol Region NACHI Chapter meeting on July 12, 2006.
  216. Member asks to post this warning about MetroLab, Inc.
  217. I hired two temps to do an industry survey of education and experience of inspectors.
  218. Today MICB adopts new 1,000 point system for Certified Master Inspector CMI.
  219. Insurance inspections expanding to Georgia & the Carolinas
  220. How Smart are You
  221. Western Colorado Meeting
  222. NHIE bashed by former ASHI President
  223. REALmatcher update. NAR to speed up break with REALTOR.com. Owner convicted. Jail?
  224. New Midwest Inspectors Institute-3D-NACHI-Spanish report w/NACHI's SOP.
  225. Surgery Update MROE
  226. Renewal update question
  227. Chesapeake Chapter of NACHI meeting in Linthicum, Maryland on July 18, 2006.
  228. Back in Space
  229. Chesapeake, MD Chapter Meeting
  230. Commercial software
  231. South Carolina Upstate Chapter meeting in Mauldin, SC on July 17, 2006.
  232. I broke down and bought one of these Verizon wirelss cards to get online anywhere.
  233. FIREFOX versus Explorer
  234. And yet another new CMI formula proposal (July, 2006). This one should satisfy all.
  235. Happy 4th of July 2006
  236. Aug 19 - Electrical 101 - Greenville, SC
  237. ABC4 pulls story about 12 year old boy and removes it from their website.
  238. FL NACHI training in Orlando August 11-12, 2006.
  239. LI Nachi & Ed Chapter Electrical Seminar
  240. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) says "Contact NACHI" on TV (ABC News)!
  241. Brink's Home Security offering our clients a free warranty on our inspections.
  242. How to avoid paying another traffic tax
  243. Hot PICs of recent Puerto Rico NACHI Chapter meeting with Russell Spriggs.
  244. Great Lakes-East Chapter of NACHI in Davison, MI on August 11, 2006.
  245. free swap mold testing
  246. World Cup
  247. AZ Chapter Holds Hold Certification Class
  248. South Carolina Chapter Holds Mold Certification Class July 18
  249. Alamode Websites
  250. Hot PICs of Russell Spriggs on the NACHI Tractor.