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  1. New NACHI Office Numbers
  2. Top of Utah NACHI Chapter meeting in Ogden on August 11, 2006. I'll be there.
  3. Inspector from the country of Netherlands Antilles earns his CMI.
  4. NACHI launches an online, auto-updated EKG monitor for the association.
  5. Another industry leader joins NACHI.
  6. REALTORs announce another online, education-based professional designation.
  7. I hate getting emails like this
  8. Two national inspection associations (ASHI & NACHI) to meet in New Hampshire.
  9. Noted inspector passes away.
  10. Hot PICs of today's South Carolina NACHI Chapter meeting.
  11. There is hope for the consumer
  12. Hot PICs of CMI and NACHI logo in use on inspection van.
  13. Home Inspector's Essentials
  14. NACHI education approval seal now available in hi-res TIFF file.
  15. What Were They Thinking????
  16. NACHI semi permanent truck/window decals
  17. A new CMI formula. I've jumped to the other side of the fence.
  18. NY NACHI Hudson Valley Chapter Meeting
  19. Another industry leader coming to NACHI meeting in South Carolina on Saturday.
  20. CMI 1000 Point System
  21. Hot PICs of last night's N. Texas NACHI Chapter meeting at ITA/Kaplan Campus.
  22. FEMA Certification course in Jacksonville, Florida on July 17-19.
  23. Why it's a good thing I'm not POTUS
  24. NACHI members needed for insurance inspections.
  25. certifiedNACHIstore.com now NACHIstuff.com
  26. NACHI SOP now built into XL PRO home & commercial inspection software. Sign up here.
  27. TX Mold Inspectors NEEDED!
  28. Best E&O Deal in Town!
  29. 2-day mold certification at Hudson Valley NACHI Chapter, Suffern, NY, July 7-8, 2006
  30. Berks County NACHI Chapter meeting in Reading, PA moved to July 29.
  31. North Texas Chapter Meeting
  32. Those darn Adjustable Rate Mortgages
  33. Project Deadwood continues
  34. Air Chek ups the FREE radon testing ante!
  35. Another really cool mousepad design.
  36. NACHI's SOP approved for CMI along with ASHI, CAHPI, CREIA, FABI, ISHI, & TREC.
  37. State of Illinois issues another CE license to NACHI (Structure).
  38. Am I the only one having trouble loading this tutorial.
  39. How to post images, PDFs, and more...
  40. NACHI mentioned in home inspection insurance article.
  41. Inspector Under Fire by Dr. Keith Swift
  42. Emergency Room
  43. Order your free Micro5 air sampler with analysis... thanks PRO-LAB!
  44. Inspector under fire
  45. Message Board Demo
  46. Credit Card Experiences
  47. SERVARE-What Our Customers Are Saying!!
  48. NACHI working with DeckLok on a resource center. Preview...
  49. PRO-LAB adds NACHI Glossary to its homepage.
  50. NACHI, ASHI, NAHI, CREIA, FABI site comparison by Google.
  51. Traffic rankings of most popular inspection websites as of today.
  52. Report Software Question?
  53. septic tanks
  54. Foundation says Thank You Russell Buchanan
  55. Stuck on Stupid!
  56. Local NACHI Chapter- Stratford, Connecticut Area
  57. Message Board Tutorial
  58. NACHI member puts more mousepads on the desks of REALTORs in Orlando.
  59. Fire extinguisher
  60. Eye of the storm passed right through me today.
  61. Add Ancillary Services to Your Site
  62. 194,914 separate visits to NACHI.org in May: All-time record
  63. PIC of recent MI Great Lakes (East) NACHI Chapter meeting/mold seminar. 50 attend.
  64. FEMA Certification Class in Central Florida
  65. SERVARE Online Back UP-Preferred NACHI Pricing
  66. PICs of NACHI booth at Falcon Prof. Bus. League Fair in Colorado.
  67. Real Estate Newsletter
  68. Question for Joe Burkeson... we're stumped over at MICB. Help.
  69. Anyone want to inspect in Saudi Arabia? Two inspectors wanted.
  70. The Wendy Wanabee Thred
  71. Valuable information
  72. Thanks for the quick response
  73. Coming soon: New LED-style microwave oven leak detectors.
  74. NACHI member doing Saturday morning radio show in Chicago.
  75. Meet Lorne and I at the Butte County Chapter of NACHI meeting in Chico, Calif, Aug 1.
  76. A Tale from the Trenches by Dr. Keith Swift.
  77. Traffic to CMI site now surpasses TOTAL traffic to NAHI's entire site!
  78. SE Florida NACHI Chapter meeting in Ft. Lauderdale on June 23, 2006.
  79. HOT PIC of NACHI sign on NACHI headquarters in Denver, Colorado.
  80. Greatest Play in Baseball History
  81. Expert witness home inspectors needed.
  82. Unbelievable
  83. Operation Deadwood drops NACHI membership 300 in 3 days.
  84. What we can't proctor.
  85. Attn: Chapter Presidents
  86. HOT PIC of Graduates of NACHI PR's 90-Hour course.
  87. This is the kind of thing that could ruin ...
  88. Consumer seeking thremal imaging inspection in Pennsylvania. Help.
  89. NACHI's PR Chapter translated all NACHI's exams, quizzes and courses into Spanish.
  90. Nick built the NACHI house....at the ITA Marketing Meeting!
  91. Legal Defense Fund discussion. Should we try again?
  92. Board Certified?
  93. Be Prepared - Housing expected to be way down in South and West
  94. Denver NACHI Chapter meeting on June 28, 2006.
  95. 2-day mold training at Silicon Valley NACHI Chapter, Fremont, California, June 16-17.
  96. Thanks ITA. PICs from last night's meeting.
  97. What to charge...
  98. Forum for member vendors
  99. HUD Inspections
  100. Accepting bids on AT&
  101. Another inspection industry giant, Dan Bowers, becomes a CMI.
  102. Houma & Thibodaux LA
  103. We got a nice room rate for the NACHI 2007 Toronto Convention.
  104. Meet me at N. TX NACHI held at Kaplan Prof. School, Carrollton, Texas, June 20, 2006.
  105. Denver Chapter of NACHI OFFICER ELECTIONS on Aug 23, 2006.
  106. Colorado NACHI Chapter OFFICER ELECTIONS on July 19, 2006.
  107. Michael Rowan and I hosting 1-day home inspection business development day Aug 26.
  108. Industry leader B.V. Alvarez, Founder and C.E.O. of Air Chek, joined NACHI today.
  109. Long time NACHI Chapter President, Harvey Gordon, is getting married.
  110. Another SC Chapter formed: SC Upstate Chapter of NACHI meeting in Mauldin on June 12.
  111. Roofing seminar at Inland Northwest Chapter of NACHI in Coeur d' Alene, Id on June 30
  112. Report Writing: Room by Room or System by System by Dr. Keith Swift
  113. NACHI members to pre-inspect every home. Listen for the giant sucking sound.
  114. 2 day radon in kansas
  115. Industry icon to help teach CMI courses. Formerly with New York Giants.
  116. Avoiding Litigation: To Be or Not to Be by Dr. Keith Swift.
  117. Meth Testing Kits
  118. 250,000 copies of Welcome Home promoting NACHI members at the printer.
  119. Stop sending checks! Our FEMA class is FULL.
  120. Master Inspector Certification Board filed "Board Certified" Trademark in 6 countries
  121. 3-day advanced CMI course offered by MICB approved school, Bohemia, NY, July 10-11-12
  122. ITA just called me. 89 RSVP's for my upcoming talk Tues. Everyone welcome.
  123. Hot PIC. I got my free radon kit today!
  124. NACHI Chesapeake Chapter meeting in Linthicum, Maryland on June 20, 2006.
  125. What happoned to the Power Of Wow??
  126. U.S. Chapter heads should add state site link to their chapter sites.
  127. New Construction reporting Software Released for Beta Testing! Sign up Today!
  128. See the future of home inspections.
  129. Industry vendors installing NACHI's online glossary on their websites.
  130. NACHI's entrance exam now toughest in industry.
  131. Another education-based Certification. This one from the Nat. Assoc. of REALTORs.
  132. NY Capitol Region Chapter of NACHI meeting in Latham, New York on June 14, 2006.
  133. Free online quizzes from National Association of REALTORs.
  134. My New DDN Rates
  135. Bay Area NACHI Chapter meeting in Livermore, California on June 7, 2006.
  136. ESA gets all NACHI'd up.
  137. Breaking NEWS
  138. A secret MAB forum members can't see. Is this rumor true?
  139. SERVARE offers online-offsite backup services to NACHI members.
  140. PRO-LAB ships thousands of radon kits promoting NACHI.
  141. Certified Master Inspector already being used in Yellow Page ads.
  142. E&O vs. Performance Bond in PA
  143. NACHI booth at REALTOR Trade Show in Winter Haven, Florida on June 28, 2006.
  144. Group and/or Family Insurance
  145. I deleted over 100 members today.
  146. "wanted" Nyc & Li Home Inspectors
  147. NW Washington NACHI Chapter meeting in Bellingham, Washington on June 12, 2006.
  148. Can Anyone HELP with computer problems?
  149. South Carolina NACHI Chapter sends out 1,500 postcards announcing upcoming event.
  150. Last Minute Colorado Meeting
  151. Memorial Day Honor
  152. Hot PICs of John Bowman and Nick at recent ABITCO-NACHI meeting.
  153. Entrance requirements increased again. Exam passing cut-off score raised to 80.
  154. Inspection Depot publishes 20,000 ChooseNACHI.com catalogues. Download here.
  155. PIC of Nick with oldest NACHI-ASHI inspector still practicing.
  156. Photo Defect Recognition
  157. NASE & MEGA- Any opinions... stories?
  158. Who would you rather hear an Ethics Complaint
  159. Who would you rather hear an Ethics Complaint
  160. Prospecting for Future InterNACHI Members
  161. Please meet me tomorrow. Free 6 hour marketing seminar in NY. All welcome.
  162. FEMA Certification course in Jacksonville, Florida on June 28-29-30.
  163. Inspection Depot offers facilities, classroom, and hands-on lab to NACHI.
  164. House of Horrors gets 2-page spread in upcoming Magazine.
  165. NACHI runs full page ad in FREA's Communicator (140,000 copies shipping this week).
  166. MAB - Ethics Committee Draft Proposals
  167. Home inspector risk management speaker available to NACHI Chapters.
  168. I've buried the ASHI hatchet as of Midnight tonight.
  169. Guess who's Birthday it is?
  170. MAB Ethics Complaint Processing Procedure draft
  171. Guidelines for MAB ESOPC draft.
  172. Another 500 NACHI mousepads hit REALTORs desktops.
  173. $h!# about to hit the inspection industry fan.
  174. NACHI Chicago announces results of recent election.
  175. Well they said Misc. Discussions...:)
  176. 1-day mold certification at NE Wisconsin NACHI in Brookfield on June 30, 2006.
  177. image tinkering
  178. PRO-LAB built us a nice portal so you all can get free radon test kit.
  179. HOT PIC of NACHI tablecloth in use. Every member should do this.
  180. Check this out. New MALL entrance being built.
  181. NACHI members volunteer with Foundation for Safer Housing and Habitat for Humanity.
  182. Certified Master Inspectors (CMIs) in a dozen states & provinces, many NACHI members.
  183. Thank you Gerry Beaumont.
  184. NACHI membership in Georgia topped 400 today!
  185. Southern Colorado NACHI Chapter meeting in Colorado Springs on June 13, 2006.
  186. 1-day mold certification at Southern Minnesota Chapter meeting in Minneapolis, June 2
  187. PennJersey NACHI Chapter meeting in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on May 25, 2006.
  188. NACHI member needs reports reviewed by Connecticut licensed inspector. Please help.
  189. NACHI Booth at Fairfield Realtors Trade Show Pictures
  190. Consumer wants to hire NACHI inspector for old fam house in Ohio. Please help.
  191. Long Island Mold Class
  192. Is this true?
  193. Do you have any Gray Poupon?
  194. PICs of NACHI booth at Miami ITA Convention.
  195. 1,001 Reasons to join NACHI.
  196. Mid-Maryland NACHI Chapter releases its own logo.
  197. Reelfoot lake
  198. Order this defect recognition CD first.
  199. NACHI membership in California tops 525 today!
  200. Help Wanted: NY Community College seeking NACHI member to teach inspection course.
  201. Odd sized NACHI Shirts
  202. Russell Spriggs driving NACHI mower at event in Spirit Lake, Idaho on June 18, 2006.
  203. microsoft word help please
  204. Berks County NACHI Chapter meeting in Reading, PA on June 25, 2006.
  205. NACHI's message board breaks more all-time records in May.
  206. NACHI membership in Texas topped 325 today!
  207. Consumer needs a log home inspection done in Maryland. Someone contact her please.
  208. Coming soon: Porter Valley Software releasing a NACHI version of InspectVue.
  209. Hospital, Dental, and Life insurance now available to most NACHI members.
  210. NACHI gets approval to be issued REALTOR Supra Lockbox Keys (help came from NPI).
  211. Macomb Community College teaching NACHI approved courses in Michigan.
  212. Nachi Table Skirts
  213. SE Florida NACHI Chapter educational meeting in Ft. Lauderdale, May 18, 2006.
  214. N MN chapter meet and Mold Certification
  215. How would you like this guy working on your house?
  216. Get off my property!
  217. NACHI membership in Ohio topped the 375 mark today.
  218. NACHI booth at Century 21 Expo in Asheville, NC.
  219. Broker/Owner tells his agents NOT to use inspectors on his own Preferred Vendor list.
  220. Water...And plenty of it.
  221. Hot pics of Gary Johnson at last night's Maryland NACHI meeting.
  222. Dryer lint filter
  223. NACHI membership in Virginia topped the 200 mark today!
  224. Avoiding Litigation: About Mold, by Dr. Keith Swift.
  225. What Would You Do?
  226. Home Inspection Related Articles
  227. NACHI building pull-down back drops for members to borrow at no charge.
  228. No wonder he hasn't sold a home yet
  229. REMINDER!!!! Mold Class 5/19/06
  230. NACHI membership in Pennsylvania topped 675 today!
  231. Please take this survey. It is fun and interesting.
  232. Construction management and law courses May 30-31, June 1-2, Phoenix, Arizona.
  233. Methamphetamine Contamination
  234. Sacramento Valley Chapter meeting (Electric Panel Inspections), Roseville, CA, May 17
  235. 4-day (2 weekends) advanced log home inspection course at NACHI DuKa, Ontario May 27.
  236. How to Cope With High Energy Prices
  237. Certified Master Inspector professional designation updates:
  238. Events, events, events... nearly 1 a day somewhere!
  239. 1-day mold certification at Myrtle Beach NACHI in South Carolina on June 6, 2006.
  240. ScumbagNAHI at it again.
  241. 2-day mold certification at Silicon Valley NACHI in Freemont, California, June 16-17.
  242. 31 NEW NACHI Chapter sites launch this past month.
  243. 1-day mold certification course at Hudson Valley, NY Chapter in Suffern on May 20.
  244. Un dia educacion continua, NACHI de Puerto Rico, 24 de Junio, 2006.
  245. NACHI On-line Electrical Coarse
  246. Cool new use for a spray can
  247. Drive -By Inspections
  248. 2-day education, Mid-Maryland NACHI (mold, marketing, elec.) Frederick, June 23-24.
  249. Total Insanity! NACHI.org breaks 4 all-time records for April!
  250. You can now download Certificates for courses you took in the past.