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  1. News story about North Carolina inspector/consumer complaint.
  2. Kansas Board meeting time and place set
  3. 2nd Kansas Licensing Board meeting set
  4. Nick / Kansas Education
  5. Texas Inspectors - The approved SOP and form is now posted
  6. Oklahoma HI's just got shafted
  7. Bad Home Inspector In The News - Springfield, MO
  8. InterNACHI partners with National Institute of Fire and Safey Training.
  9. Yippee!!! Kansas AG says association membership requirment unconstitutional!
  10. Real estate industry magazine touts InterNACHI's COE. Members quoted.
  11. Tax and accounting discount for InterNACHI members
  12. In Illinois and need CE credits?
  13. Oklahoma Committee of Inspector Examiners approved more free online InteNACHI courses
  14. Professional estate planning for Colorado InterNACHI members.
  15. INACHI CEU's automatically recorded with Texas Real Estate Commission
  16. TREC Notes from 10/27/08
  17. Insider info: TREC approves SOP and new report form...
  18. Ohio residentail code roof ?
  19. GAO calls for collaboration on indoor mold guidance.
  20. 1st Kansas Home Inspector Board Meeting
  21. Connecticut Inspector Licensing Board approved InterNACHI's free online courses today
  22. Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) approved 3 more of our free, online courses today
  23. InterNACHI closer to putting inspectors behind bars. InterNACHI wins in court!
  24. Expert property lawyers in Italy
  25. State Licensing
  26. 25 Standards Every Inspector Should Know course.
  27. New Jersey Attorney General Office approves 3 more, free, online InterNACHI courses.
  28. Oct 10th TREC Inspectors Committee meeting
  29. Kansas Realtor Pleads Guilty
  30. Error & Omission Insurance Requirements - PLEASE COMMENT
  31. Missouri Realtor & Son Indicted in Scam
  32. Kansas Home Inspector Board Announced
  33. Missouri Realtor Accused of Sexual Assault
  34. Many thanks to Jay Schwartz for Florida licensing update last night.
  35. AIG does NACHI.TV: How to protect your income if you get hurt on an inspection.
  36. Jeff Barnes says "InterNACHI will be recognized in Kansas or no association will be."
  37. pa laws
  38. How a bill becomes law
  39. Kansas City radio station doing 26 week show with InterNACHI on licensing.
  40. Illinois CE approvals slightly different than InterNACHI's and so listed at bottom of
  41. Florida Home Inspection Licensing... Fat Chance!
  42. Inspector Advocate coming to Chicago Sept 30.
  43. TREC approves InterNACHI's free online plumbing inspection course for 8 hrs CE today.
  44. We got the filter project done. Is it ethical? Legal? Residual income for members.
  45. Nevada Real Estate Division meeting on changing home inspector CE requirements.
  46. Nevada Real Estate Division approves InterNACHI's free online Inspector Safety course
  47. Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) approved our free online Roofing course today.
  48. Florida Licensing
  49. 1st Kansas Home Inspector Licensing Board meeting scheduled...
  50. Less than $35,000? No permit needed (Oregon)
  51. AIG announcement for those inspectors with E&O insurance.
  52. Texas Calls For Inspectors In Hurricane Areas
  53. Will AIG Bankruptcy Cancel E&O Policies?
  54. South Dakota Real Estate Commission approved 4 more online courses today.
  55. Need to pass a WDO exam in your state? Take our free, comprehensive, online course.
  56. MD Licensing Commission Board member gives update Sept 16 at InterNACHI's Chesapeake
  57. Question for NHIE Advocates...
  58. state of Illinois CE ??
  59. Jeff Barnes publicly responds to Jim Bushart, Dan Bowers and others regarding Kansas.
  60. South Dakota Real Estate Commission approves InterNACHI's online inspection courses.
  61. Law and Disorder seminar approved by TN and coming to Nashville.
  62. Law and Disorder seminar, approved by state of New Jersey, September 23, 2008.
  63. Approved 1-day Termite Inspection Workshops in NY, NJ, PA, and CT.
  64. Arbitration confusion hampers suit over building code violations.
  65. Florida home inspector licensing meeting.
  66. Texas Inspectors
  67. I spoke at length with Mike Pritchett about the new Kansas Law.
  68. I've been speaking with ASHI's Jeff Barnes about Kansas Home Inspector Law.
  69. Do Kansas and Missouri Inspectors Want Licensing?
  70. New Kansas Home Inspectors Board
  71. Should classrooms for home inspectors be outlawed in favor of online education?
  72. NY Contractor Found To Be Inspecting Without A License
  73. After 3.5 years, we finally got REALMATCHER Trademarked on the Principal Register.
  74. Trident Technical College offering SC approved InterNACHI pre-licensing course.
  75. All of our courses were submitted to SD today for CE approval.
  76. Illinois issued us 3 more licenses today & approved online video courses.
  77. Limitation of Liability is Legally Acceptable....(except in Kansas)
  78. 10 Years Later.....let's blame the inspector.
  79. InterNACHI taking over insurance inspection industry.
  80. Some reminders for Tennessee inspectors....
  81. Another Wow! Mississippi approves 9 InterNACHI online courses.
  82. Federal Law Funding Bldg Codes
  83. WOW! Arkansas Inspector Registration Board approved 7 more InterNACHI online courses!
  84. State of Alaska approves InterNACHI's online roofing course for CE purposes today.
  85. 2-day TREC approved commercial inspection and water quality course coming to Houston.
  86. Alaska Home Inspector Program approved 5 more online/video courses today.
  87. Pasco County Homebuyer Assistance Program approves InterNACHI members!
  88. InterNACHI University now lists the # of CE hours each course is approved for.
  89. InterNACHI releases new Inspector Library of documents, forms, clauses and agreements
  90. Tennessee Real Estate Commission approved InterNACHI course for real estate agent CE.
  91. Nevada Real Estate Division approves another InterNACHI online video course for CE.
  92. IAC2 releases new Mold Inspection Standards of Practice.
  93. InterNACHI's online courses submitted to Kentucky for CE approval.
  94. MSNBC: Regulations Affecting Appraisers Largely Useless.
  95. Just a matter of time
  96. Lawyers and granite countertops
  97. Can buyers claim damages from lead paint if none exists?
  98. HouseMaster franchise has been SOLD!
  99. NEW Txas roof standard
  100. Mo Real Estate Commission --- RE Licensing Criteria Too Low
  101. Buyers cry foul when homeís features donít match ads .
  102. NACHI Needs to take a Position
  103. New law in Texas will give inspectors more work.
  104. Texas Real Estate Commission approved 5 more InterNACHI online/online video courses.
  105. NYS rejects ASTM Property Inspection class
  106. No More Home Inspections in Kansas
  107. Coming soon.... Legal documents library for inspectors and their attorneys.
  108. InterNACHI opens new online Inspector University listing state accreditations.
  109. 40-60% Ignore PA HI Law, per BBB
  110. 6 online courses submitted to Mississippi for CE approval today.
  111. South Dakota Real Estate Commission approves InterNACHI infrared course & instructor.
  112. Offer meth and other drug testing without a laboratory. Watch the episode now.
  113. Texas Requires Rural Home Inspections
  114. InterNACHI sues home inspector coalition and its secretary today (Aug 1, 2008).
  115. Illinois issued InterNACHI 4 more licenses today. 2 free online, 2 advanced video.
  116. Oklahoma approves 2 InterNACHI/NACHI.TV's online video courses for CE purposes.
  117. New Jersey approves 2 more FREE, online InterNACHI courses for inspector CE purposes.
  118. Doing re-inspections after repairs are made? New re-inspection agreement coming soon.
  119. NAHI - Change in leadership?
  120. RE Brokers and Builders Teaming Up Against Consumers
  121. ASHI Inspectors in MA Working to Pass Law In RI
  122. InterNACHI logo page updated from TM to R.
  123. Washington SPI's
  124. Florida
  125. InterNACHI's online Commercial Inspection course submitted for CE approval to all...
  126. Wisconsin considering new law...
  127. For Jim Bushart. We re-edited IQ to include GA Governor's veto.
  128. At the behest of the state of South Dakota, all passing cut-off scores will be raised
  129. Arizona BTR considering lowering home inspector licensing fees at tomorrows meeting.
  130. WA. Home Inspection Advisory Board Appointed.
  131. Townhouse full of water and mold.
  132. State of Tennessee approved 3 more, free, online InterNACHI courses today.
  133. Can sellers lie about a broken sewer line?
  134. Michigan home inspector licensing meeting on July 23, 2008.
  135. FHA licensing?
  136. Disregard
  137. InterNACHI Indiana receives CE approval from Home Inspection Licensing Board.
  138. Inspection report says major cracking "appears serviceable."
  139. OHIO House Bill
  140. Florida wind inspection program draws to a close.
  141. Send this article from our attorney to all Kansas REALTORS and your clients.
  142. New Kansas agreement now an option in the online inspection agreement system.
  143. NH update
  144. Tennessee just approved NACHI.TV's Infrared Thermography online VIDEO course for 5 CE
  145. Alaska approves 2 more NACHI.TV video courses.
  146. Arkansas Home Inspector Registration Board approves 3 online/video courses.
  147. U.S. Supreme Court gets it right on thwarting tyranny and gun control.
  148. Get into Wind Mitigation inspections, Pensacola, Florida on July 24, 2008.
  149. Normally anti-licensing Gromicko comes out personally in favor of new Kansas law.
  150. InterNACHI Home Inspection Agreement (Kansas version).
  151. Home Inspection now mandated by law
  152. State of New Jersey approves 4 InterNACHI/NACHI.TV online video courses.
  153. State of Alaska approved 3 of InterNACHI's online courses today.
  154. State of Illinois issued InterNACHI 7 more licenses today.
  155. Law and Disorder seminar coming to Schaumburg, Illinois on August 7, 2008.
  156. Law and Disorder seminar coming to Cranbury, New Jersey on August 5, 2008.
  157. Law and Disorder seminar coming to Saddle Brook, New Jersey on July 29, 2008.
  158. Law and Disorder seminar coming to Newton, Mass on July 25, 2008.
  159. Law and Disorder seminar coming to Plano, Texas on July 10, 2008.
  160. Illinos Home Inspection Association
  161. Kansas law
  162. Another state approves another InterNACHI course for real estate CE purposes.
  163. State of Alaska just approved a bunch of our online courses.
  164. Buyers tangle with sellers after inspectorsí advice goes unheeded.
  165. New York to change license law to accept simulated inspections for Module 5.
  166. InterNACHI's online advanced video courses submitted for approval in Arkansas.
  167. Michigan Licensing
  168. Hey Kansas inspectors... don't sweat it... Mountain Warranty to the rescue.
  169. Texas Standards
  170. Unethical Kansas Realtor
  171. Legal: Buyer points blame at sellers when basement repeatedly floods.
  172. New York State license renewal?
  173. Kansas HB 2315 Update
  174. TREC approved InterNACHI as a core provider today.
  175. InterNACHI's advanced, video courses submitted to Mississippi for approval today.
  176. Septic inspection mandatory with home sell in some counties in Ohio.
  177. No idling or face fines
  178. Home Inspection Requirements in Florida
  179. West Virginia approved all of InterNACHI's online & video courses for CE purposes.
  180. U.S. Patent and Trademark office awards "Inspecting the World" mark.
  181. U.S. Patent and Trademark office awards InterNACHI mark on prinicapal register.
  182. Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing approves our courses for CE purposes
  183. Today's Daily Door Prize. First 10 members to reply to this post win.
  184. I am looking for PA Licensing Phone #
  185. 2 more InterNACHI/NACHI.TV's advanced, online, video courses awarded state approval.
  186. NACHI.TV episode with President of Homeowners Against Deficient Dwellings (HADD)
  187. NACHI.TV wants to cover any upcoming Legislative Meetings
  188. FREE InterNACHI on-line education in your state
  189. Tennessee approves another InterNACHI course... Law and Disorder.
  190. Advanced, online, video course data now captured for certain states that require it.
  191. KCRAR article
  192. FBI investigating North Carolina Home Inspector Licensing Board?
  193. Enter your state home inspection license here, and we'll auto submit your CEs.
  194. InterNACHI protecting member's interests in Kansas...
  195. Geoga HI license goes down
  196. Texas Mold Law
  197. InterNACHI Trademarks "House of Horrors"
  198. InterNACHI now automatically sends Tennessee course completion data, but....
  199. 4-hours of Massachusetts CE.
  200. 2-day state approved radon course at Illinois State University on June 5-6, 2008.
  201. InterNACHI's House of Horrors training will be submitted for state CE approval too.
  202. Interesting article on GA Bill
  203. Kansas ASHI members quitting over new law and coming to work for me?
  204. Indiana approved all our advanced, online video courses for inspector CE.
  205. Ethical Challenge Brought on by Law for Kansas Inspectors
  206. Duplicate thread.....never mind
  207. State of Illinois issues InterNACHI 3 more licenses for inspector CE.
  208. 2 TREC approved courses in Houston, Texas on June 21-22, 2008.
  209. State Sanctioned Racketeering - MSFH
  210. State of Kansas Home Inspection Bill Signed
  211. Georgia vetos House Bill 1217
  212. 2 new, advanced, online, video courses submitted for State CE approval.
  213. 16 hours of TREC approved Infrared Training CE in Houston, TX on July 19-20, 2008.
  214. InterNACHI on OH Licensing Board by law.
  215. NACHI.TV convinces 2 states to accept online video courses for approved continuing ed
  216. NH licensing
  217. Michigan Bill 6088
  218. They Need Our Help In Kansas
  219. Ohio License Bill
  220. Is NACHI online courses good for indiana CE
  221. Is NACHI online courses good for indiana CE
  222. TREC (Texas) arc fault
  223. TREC insulated windows
  224. TREC windows
  225. Has Kansas HB-2315 Passed
  226. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by BootieShoeCover.com
  227. Washington Licensing board members?
  228. All of our free, online courses are now awaiting approval by the State of Alaska.
  229. Tennessee approves InterNACHI's free, online Plumbing Inspection Course for 8 CEs.
  230. Canadian government awards Registration of CMI today.
  231. Trademark Office rules in our favor against ASHI's infringement on our mark.
  232. NEC common violations recognition course coming soon.
  233. State of Tennessee just approved our free, online Plumbing Inspection course for 8hrs
  234. New Final Exam added to Online Safety Course. Cert includes TN CE approval #.
  235. Walking the roof
  236. President Bush harms home inspectors on Monday.
  237. School is open for Florida HI License
  238. John McKenna and Nick Gromicko debate licensing and have a fist fight caught on tape!
  239. Joe Farsetta and Nick Gromicko discuss licensing and CMI.
  240. TREC approves another course.
  241. If the government wants to raid any more communities with underage pregnant girls...
  242. I just got a verbal that Joe Farsetta's well course will be approved by TREC...
  243. US Patent and Trademark Office Awards InterNACHI a new Federal Certification Mark!
  244. Interesting Article in Atlanta's AJC
  245. InterNACHI files for "Certified Commercial Inspector" Federal Certification Mark.
  246. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by InterNACHI.
  247. Online approved courses now have Tennessee CE approval #'s printed on them.
  248. Wa. State Dept. of Licensing: "Home Inspector" page created
  249. State Licensure Grandfathering
  250. State of Oregon approves ALL InterNACHI FREE, online courses for licensing.