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  1. MONTANA Legislation Update
  2. 2007 - Kansas Home Inspector Bills
  3. Indiana approves my home inspection course for real estate agent continuing education
  4. Tennessee approves our Certified Well Sampler course for home inspector CE.
  5. FL NACHI at 1,450 members now larger than all other FL trade associations combined.
  6. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.
  7. Washington Inspectors and those who work in Washington
  8. NH Licensing
  9. Withdrawl From Coalition Agenda
  10. Tennessee home inspectors! Inspection agreement requirements.
  11. State of Massachusetts Board approves Certified Well Sampler Course for HI CE.
  12. NYS Direct Links to NYS, DOS
  13. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by John Bowman.
  14. Propesed change in Illinois Law
  15. 1-day Illinois State approved Electrical for Inspectors course in Chicago on March 3.
  16. Join me (Nick) for a night of Licensing and Marketing in New Hampshire on January 24
  17. New York State licensing?
  18. Washington Home Inspectors Poll
  19. Washington Home Inspectors Poll
  20. Washington State latest
  21. ASHI member needed. All expenses paid trip with me to Coldwell Banker headquarters.
  22. Florida mold bill SB440 filed
  23. Myths of Home Inspector Licensing
  24. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Michael Rowan.
  25. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.
  26. Today's Daily Door Prized donated by NACHI.
  27. New Illinois Carbon Monoxide Detector Law Takes Effect January 1
  28. Florida MOLD bill
  29. My prediction for 2007 Florida home inspection licensing:NACHI membership will double
  30. Is Regulation coming to California????
  31. Florida Licensing and the Old End-Around Play
  32. Matt Dempsey Florida Legislation Proposal
  33. Nick Gromicko & Four State Reps. to Meet In New Hampshire
  34. Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) approves NACHI course for home inspection CE.
  35. Association's Direct Involvment with Lobbying
  36. New York State grandfathering provision ending soon.
  37. Nick Gromicko is meeting with Senator Greenleaf
  38. General licensing poll (part deux)
  39. General licensing poll
  40. Massachusetts Public Hearing 12/13/06 for Home Inspector Amendments
  41. Home inspector licensing dinner meeting in Alberta, Canada with Nick.
  42. ASHI's President doesn't get it. Mandating education does not equate to higher fees.
  43. Arizona: Square footage must be verified by buyer during inspection period.
  44. New Jersey approved CE: NJNACHI WDO course.
  45. legislation pros and cons
  46. Florida special legislative session Jan 2006
  47. Need Advice
  48. NH coalition
  49. CMI's may soon be exempt from taking state approved continuing education.
  50. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.
  51. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.
  52. Senator Greenleaf is meeting with me in Horsham on Jan 11th. Help.
  53. Ohio Study on Licensing In All States - Interesting Report Card on Licensing
  54. 3 hours of IL state approved continuing education, nearly free, Addison, IL, Dec 20.
  55. Florida licensing a closer look
  56. WA State SPI Link and Letter to Realtors
  57. State of Illinois issues NACHI another license.
  58. Washington State licensing??
  59. Kansas Draft by Karei, finally got it done
  60. New Hampshire Coalition Formed.. Meeting scheduled for 26 NOV.
  61. NYS Lead Paint Inspections, Risk Assessors
  62. Here the Kansas Draft, does it look familiar?
  63. Florida Legislative Meeting
  64. Kansas Licensure Realtors Agenda
  65. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Palm-Tech.
  66. Attention Montana Inspectors
  67. Florida Inspectors - What Law Would You Choose?
  68. Russell Ray, Jeff Pope, Keith Swift & California Inspectors
  69. For Sale Sidekick 3 For A Cheap Price Of ...$180usd
  70. Hooray!!! Pennsylvania... another state passing legislation to outlaw scumbag NAHI.
  71. PA Senate Bill 1364
  72. Heads Up Missouri
  73. Maryland Licensing
  74. Expectations Vs. Reality
  75. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by member Steven Showalter's ShowMeHowVideos.com
  76. Indiana home inspector licensing courses taught by NACHI member/Purdue University.
  77. New Illinois CO detector law
  78. Better Standards for Texas.
  79. Illinois Inspectors - Please Read - Very Important!!!
  80. HI Licensing coming to Washington State
  81. Will California ever be regulated???
  82. NNC Adds Licensing Links
  83. New York - SOP & COE
  84. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.
  85. Three State Representatives Come To our NACHI Legislative Meeting.
  86. Licensing Helps HIs/Yes or No?
  87. MT Meeting
  88. Home Inspector Test Or Das Fazaland Home security test???
  89. I received actual state license for Gerry's Manufactured/Mobile home course today.
  90. AZ: HB 2779 Arizona Disclosure report
  91. ASHI Sponsor Loses in the Primaries
  92. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.
  93. NACHI joins Missouri Housing Alliance.
  94. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Palm-Tech.
  95. Save My License. First time I've ever seen of anything like it.
  96. NAHI inspector says I'm full of crap.
  97. Attn: Non-members in states that require E&O... it must suck to be you.
  98. Virginia licensing meeting.
  99. KY and TN approved online Manufactured/Mobile Home Inspection course for only $99.
  100. New Illinois Home Inspector's Association's first meeting.
  101. ASHI Press Release
  102. 1st Public Hearing for New Hamsphsire
  103. State Control of HI Industry - Good or Bad?
  104. ICC, ASHI and NACHI mentioned in new NACHI H.I. Bill for NH.
  105. Surprise for Inspectors in NY
  106. Charlotte County, Florida Requirements?
  107. Florida - Three Busted in License Scams
  108. NACHI Involvement in State Legislative Efforts
  109. Do you think ICC should be req for HI's??
  110. NY Licensing - 1st meeting of Advisory Council
  111. NY Licensing - 1st meeting of Advisory Council
  112. Delaware radon law.
  113. New York Home Inspection Council
  114. Illinois State approved continuing education for NACHI members.
  115. WV HIs
  116. North Carolina Home Inspection licensing.
  117. NCT Radon Measurement course with free NEHA Exam.
  118. Home Builders Assn & Licensure
  119. NY State Dept. of Licensing speaking at NY Capitol Region NACHI Meeting, August 9.
  120. FL HI's who offer but don't perform radon testing should list cert #'s on website.
  121. Become a licensed home inspector in NY State. Supervised training.
  122. Mainly for Texas Inspectors
  123. John Bowman meets with legislators in NH. Licensing update.
  124. Important Notice to Kentucky Home Inspectors!!!
  125. Kansas Association of Realtors (KAR) Stirring The Pot
  126. State of Illinois issues another CE license to NACHI (Structure, 6 hours).
  127. Tennessee required insurance. CHI can help.
  128. NY State Dept of State
  129. pat gool - pa home inspector
  130. West Virginia is stepping up to the plate.
  131. AZ Home inspector rules and standards committee
  132. NY Inspectors... BEWARE !!!
  133. NACHI supported home inspection legislation in PR passes.
  134. West Virginia requires NHIE.
  135. New Interpretation of Wa Law
  136. New RA Realtors Agreement of Sale
  137. NACHI member discount on NYS licensing modules 1 through 4.
  138. 83% of all licensed inspectors in NY are members of NACHI.
  139. NACHI has hired a lobbyist to go to New Hampshire today (Wed).
  140. PIC of Nick Gromicko with Governor signing NACHI Home Inspection Law, May 1, 2006.
  141. Presentation to 8th Graders for Career Day
  142. Tennessee, Increased operating expense
  143. I Finally Got It!!
  144. California duct sealing requirements.
  145. Read this law carefully. NACHI doing this in every state that has a licensing board.
  146. So you want a NY HI License? Bill Merrell makes it simple with a ppt presentation.
  147. FL inspection and mold licensing update at NACHI meeting April 20. Jay Schwartz.
  148. NACHI represented at recent Florida Licensing Roundtable.
  149. New Mexico now requires registration of radon service providers.
  150. HVAC Salt Test
  151. Washington State House Bill 1848
  152. Illinois / Wisconsin Border hopping??
  153. HJR 33 CS - Homestead Property Assessments
  154. NYS Continuing Ed Updat
  155. Pending WDO Inspector Florida Legislation
  156. Michigan Licensing
  157. Good news regarding NACHI group rate health insurance.
  158. Big News For Nachi Ny Inspectors - Nachi Gl Insurance
  159. NACHI helping with new Standards in Texas.
  160. What is going on in Ohio?
  161. Please attend Tennessee Rulemaking Hearing Thursday.
  162. New York License?
  163. NH update!!
  164. Up pops a bill in Florida
  165. Minnesota licensing
  166. NYS Mentoring
  167. Charlotte County Florida HI License
  168. WV Legislation
  169. Senator informs NACHI that stupid ASHI legislation in WA state died.
  170. Stupid ASHI legislatin in Washington DEAD.
  171. CONNECTICUT and NY reciprocity
  172. Kentucky SB 66 - Update
  173. Proposed Changes in Massachusets HI Rules
  174. ASHI Legislation in Wa. State
  175. Washington State Structural Pest Inspections
  176. ILLINOIS Section 1410.200 Standards of Practice
  177. ILLINOIS Section 1410.200 Standards of Practice
  178. Official Report on Florida Licensing
  179. Ohio April 21st
  180. Virginia General liability insurance
  181. Virginia HB1498
  182. General Liability Insurance?
  183. Massachusetts Board of Registration of Home Inspectors
  184. Massachusetts Home Inspector, Changes in SOP
  185. New Hampshire Real Estate Agents Are Upset!
  186. Ashi = State Legislation-kentucky
  187. Ashi Legislative Alerts & Updates
  188. No Ashi / Nachi Conflict!!
  189. Kansas Licensing Bill
  190. Florida Mold Licensing!
  191. Indiana licesing
  192. connecticut reciprocity with N.Y.
  193. TX SOP changes
  194. New Hampshire Hb642 Update
  195. Georgia Legislation
  196. Missouri Home Inspector Bill-1589
  197. KY Proposes Major Change Involving NACHI
  198. California home inspector licensing
  199. NYS 140 hour licensing course comes to Hudson Valley, NY.
  200. FL Licensing Again!
  201. NY State WDI Inspections
  202. Town by Town licensing? please add your $.02
  203. Florida Dept. of Health proctoring State exam at NACHI Convention.
  204. HUD Officials at NACHI Convention.
  205. CONNECTICUT and NY reciprocity
  206. Tennessee - Volunteer Country
  207. Proposed WA Legislation
  208. Mass. Standards of Practice being revised
  209. Illinois issues NACHI education licenses.
  210. moving to florida
  211. Amazed at the Low number of inspectors in NYS.
  212. Massachusetts update
  213. Home Inspection audit
  214. Ohio licensing
  215. NYS Licensing #
  216. Crybaby ASHI whining that NACHI controls licensing board.
  217. CONNECTICUT and NY reciprocity
  218. NY Times article on New NY home inspection license.
  219. Joe Farsetta gets New York State Instructor License.
  220. Missouri Inspector Licensing
  221. NY State Smoke Alarm law
  222. Washington E & O
  223. Tennessee E & O
  224. Rhode Island E & O
  225. Oregon E & O
  226. Mississippi E & O
  227. New Jersey E & O
  228. Arizona E & O
  229. Maryland E & O
  230. Indiana E & O
  231. Arizona
  232. Reminder: Add your NYS license # to 4,500 websites...
  233. home inspection companies
  234. N.Y.Home Inspection Companies
  235. Ohio Licensing Questions
  236. ATTN: NY Licensed Inspectors
  237. What's new in Florida???
  238. NYS License Database
  239. Nh
  240. California Legislation
  241. What About January 1st 2006?
  242. Carefull on Education..
  243. New York licensing law causing confusion
  244. Massachusetts HI Referral law
  245. Just Had To Break The Ice