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  1. High Wind Demonstrations
  2. steps covering dryer vent
  3. Adobe Inspection. Another inspection-related article from InterNACHI.
  4. Fasteners in treated lumber
  5. Deck Questions
  6. Houseboat inspection: anyone ever done them?
  7. I called this out and am being challenged about it....
  8. Brick veneer lintel
  9. Window Gas Fills: What Inspectors and Consumers Should Know.
  10. new vinyl siding installation
  11. Missed it by that much
  12. out of sight out of mind
  13. Chimney flashing
  14. skylight
  15. Ramp graphic. New addition to InterNACHI's Inspection Graphics Library.
  16. Todays find
  17. Hail/Wind Damage Inspections
  18. Stucco
  19. Poorly constructed balcony.
  20. Brick mortar cracks
  21. Missing Downspout Extensions
  22. Entry Deck and Stairway
  23. Someone was probably looking for this...
  24. Sheet metal sheating
  25. Gas fireplace exhaust
  26. Ladder safety on decks...
  27. Defective ridge caps?
  28. Fascia Board Installation
  29. Stone Veneer Installation
  30. Good For a Laugh
  31. Vinyl siding installation adverse weather condition
  32. Tree trunk grown around the overhang
  33. Bulge in stucco
  34. Decks and the danger signs
  35. Talk about drive by inspection
  36. Siding caulking question.
  37. Do you report the absence of house wrap?
  38. 2" x 8" deck joist
  39. Today's Patio from Inspection.
  40. Patio beams, metal straps...questions
  41. Metal chimney flashing
  42. Effects of Hurricane Force Winds
  43. Chimney Clearance
  44. Siding ID question
  45. PT Lumber
  46. Brick veneer pics
  47. Brick veneer pics
  48. Brick Veneer
  49. Illinois approved InterNACHI's FREE online Exterior Inspection course for 6 hours.
  50. Exterior siding
  51. Is this a Defect?
  52. We all call it but do you have stats?
  53. large gap between the slab and garage?
  54. Fha allows three layers - what?
  55. Does Hardiplank Require caulk at the joints?
  56. Deck question call out on reports
  57. Help with Dryvit Exterior
  58. Florida DBPR approved InterNACHI's FREE online Exterior Inspection course for 16 hrs.
  59. Deck Inspection Contradiction
  60. Nice looking Deck...Ledger board not bolted..is this a write up?
  61. Idea what this is?
  62. What is this
  63. J Channel
  64. Are these ever defect free?
  65. exterrio slab pipe to close
  66. Rain Caps
  67. Today's Chimney
  68. Don't believe all you read!!
  69. Building Decks With Steel Joists
  70. Flashing on wood deck
  71. Sealed OSB?
  72. Sidewalk question
  73. Siding warped
  74. Deck Support
  75. Do it yourself Chimney
  76. Black, flexible chimney "wrap"
  77. Water Stains on siding
  78. Sun room addition
  79. Hail damage?
  80. Times are so tuff right now
  81. What is this?
  82. What is this Called
  83. OK... what's the recommendation here?
  84. Another Deck of the Week Award
  85. solar panels
  86. Stucco and sheathing damage
  87. Concrete Porch / Deck
  88. More Hail Damage
  89. Mulch Delivery
  90. Denny Board
  91. Flashing
  92. Loose Vinyl Siding seam under Window
  93. would you call this out?
  94. High res tile photos needed!
  95. Who would call out this siding transition?
  96. Cheap Patio
  97. Does this look OK to you?
  98. What is this stuff in the attic??
  99. Skylight Flashing
  100. Window Well Inspection.
  101. Nice looking deck
  102. What is this?
  103. Lethal hail
  104. Gutter question
  105. Stucco flashing question
  106. Dry Rot??
  107. Frank Loyd Wright on crack
  108. Guard Rails
  109. stains on the stucco wall ?
  110. H clips
  111. Direct Vent Fireplace
  112. Bug Zappers. Another article you can use in your enewsletters.
  113. Anybody know about Earth Shelters?
  114. Inspectors view on mudjacking
  115. Don't you love the inner-city areas?
  116. Hail
  117. Moisture Management of Parapet Walls
  118. Exposed felt in attic
  119. Water behind vinyl siding
  120. Every time I find this defect I hear "I had the home inspected, no one said a word"
  121. Unsafe stairs
  122. Bedford Stone home moisture problems.
  123. Exhaust Openings
  124. Is this a sheathing?
  125. Half hosue Half Trailer
  126. Dam ice!! I mean Ice Dams
  127. Balcony settling??
  128. Before I blame our hydro company ....
  129. What is this for?
  130. Looking for advice on porch system
  131. Tight brick mortar joints
  132. Garage Door Track
  133. Deck support for spa tub
  134. Can anyone identify what this is?
  135. Gutter screen guards
  136. Deck Issue
  137. Exterior wall question
  138. Gutters
  139. thank you
  140. Cracks in the Driveway
  141. What is this?
  142. Further Evaluation warranted, plane ticket needed
  143. Ridge line
  144. Deck cover support
  145. InterNACHI released a new book today: How to Inspect the Exterior. 257 pages.
  146. Deck Support
  147. Someone HELP!!
  148. Somone please help!!!
  149. Why!!!!
  150. Trees
  151. French Drain Inspection. Another InterNACHI inspection article.
  152. Hail Damage??
  153. Honkin' big hailstone
  154. Just released by InterNACHI: How to Inspect the Exterior pdf download. $9.99
  155. Balcony issue
  156. See a safety hazard in these pictures?
  157. 100 Year Old Brick
  158. Flashing
  159. Unusual tar material at sheathing seams
  160. windows
  161. gutter covers/screens
  162. Cracks in stone veneer
  163. Wood Siding Inspection. Another InterNACHI inspection article.
  164. Deck Ledger Flashing
  165. Kickout flashing needed?
  166. Asbestos Cement Siding Inspection. Another inspection article from InterNACHI.
  167. Aluminum Siding Inspection. Another inspection-related article from InterNACHI.
  168. Inspecting Manufactured Stone for Water Damage. New inspection article.
  169. Square D breaker in a General Electric panel
  170. Housewrap Inspection. Another inspection-related article for your websites.
  171. Window seals
  172. Vinyl siding repair
  173. Vinyl Siding Inspection. Another new inspection article from InterNACHI.
  174. Soil Contamination Inspection. Another inspection article from InterNACHI.
  175. Kickout flashing
  176. Concrete Sealing
  177. Ridge vent end caps
  178. Asbestos siding
  179. Balcony off the Master Bedroom...Question
  180. Exposed Ridge Cap Nails
  181. Wildfire Mitigation Strategies and Inspection. Another InterNACHI article.
  182. Remember... Safety First!
  183. hail damage or manuf defect?
  184. Deck Boards
  185. Wall braced deck
  186. stone veneer and weep holes
  187. Deck Code
  188. Chimney flashing
  189. Eyebrow Dormers. Please proof this new InterNACHI article.
  190. Missing Gutter extensions
  191. Nachi Chicago News
  192. Vinyl Siding over Ship lapped Pine
  193. flashing Q
  194. old windows
  195. Another Chicago area deck collapse...
  196. Electric Fence Inspection. Please proof this new inspection article.
  197. metal covered fascia
  198. Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac. Please proof this new InterNACHI article.
  199. Do You Always Tie Off Your Ladder?
  200. Greenhouse Inspection. Please proof this new InterNACHI article.
  201. Any one ever seen this on a Stem Wall?
  202. Vapor Barriers. Please proof this new inspection article.
  203. Old Brick multi family conversion
  204. Dead tree removal.
  205. Siding type
  206. Look out belowww!
  207. Diagrams
  208. No flashing
  209. Vinyl over white Polystyrene foam
  210. Really?? How hot is it??
  211. Homewoner repair
  212. This IS a test
  213. Corregated Plastic Ridge Vent??
  214. Anyone ever heard of a Mansurd Shingle, (not roof) as opposed to Ashphalt shingle.
  215. A First For Me
  216. Number of Powered Vents Needed?
  217. Water Damage and EIFS. Please proof this new inspection article.
  218. Fascia Brick wall - behind the scenes
  219. Weep holes drilled after the wall is complete?
  220. Any issues with this low-sloped roof?
  221. Think I'll write a book, "Downspouts for Dummies"
  222. 2009 IRC Deck Construction Guide
  223. Another deck rail/baluster question with photos....
  224. what type of roof is this
  225. How not to fix a hole in the roof
  226. Masonry buildings and efflorescence
  227. fibrous trim
  228. New modified bitumen install
  229. Roof sheathing issue
  230. Deteriorating flat roof, seller to do SOME repair
  231. Staples on Architectural Shingles
  232. Step right in (I dare you)
  233. The term evaluate
  234. Thoughts on Shingle Condition
  235. New home foundation wall cold joints
  236. Are these decks beyond the scope of a home inspection?
  237. What can happen if decks are not properly supported?
  238. Mineral-surfaced roll roofing deck is solid and sloped
  239. Ice dams and Underlayment
  240. Where's the moisture come from?
  241. Coming next week: 43-part series on roofing inspections.
  242. Lintel Sag Formula
  243. Chimney and clay tile liner question.
  244. Porch joists
  245. Window header trim flashing
  246. 21 stories up and safe?
  247. Roof certifications
  248. EIFS?'s
  249. Bumps on Ridge Cap
  250. Moronic door openner installation will take the roof off!