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  1. This IS a test
  2. Corregated Plastic Ridge Vent??
  3. Anyone ever heard of a Mansurd Shingle, (not roof) as opposed to Ashphalt shingle.
  4. A First For Me
  5. Number of Powered Vents Needed?
  6. Water Damage and EIFS. Please proof this new inspection article.
  7. Fascia Brick wall - behind the scenes
  8. Weep holes drilled after the wall is complete?
  9. Any issues with this low-sloped roof?
  10. Think I'll write a book, "Downspouts for Dummies"
  11. 2009 IRC Deck Construction Guide
  12. Another deck rail/baluster question with photos....
  13. what type of roof is this
  14. How not to fix a hole in the roof
  15. Masonry buildings and efflorescence
  16. fibrous trim
  17. New modified bitumen install
  18. Roof sheathing issue
  19. Deteriorating flat roof, seller to do SOME repair
  20. Staples on Architectural Shingles
  21. Step right in (I dare you)
  22. The term evaluate
  23. Thoughts on Shingle Condition
  24. New home foundation wall cold joints
  25. Are these decks beyond the scope of a home inspection?
  26. What can happen if decks are not properly supported?
  27. Mineral-surfaced roll roofing deck is solid and sloped
  28. Ice dams and Underlayment
  29. Where's the moisture come from?
  30. Coming next week: 43-part series on roofing inspections.
  31. Lintel Sag Formula
  32. Chimney and clay tile liner question.
  33. Porch joists
  34. Window header trim flashing
  35. 21 stories up and safe?
  36. Roof certifications
  37. EIFS?'s
  38. Bumps on Ridge Cap
  39. Moronic door openner installation will take the roof off!
  40. Exterior Door
  41. Rust on Metal Valley
  42. Uknown structure
  43. Concrete tiles cracking only at bottom right corner
  44. Roof Inspection
  45. Too much roof/attic ventilation?
  46. Wood shake roof sheathing
  47. Vinyl Siding Stains
  48. Roof Age
  49. PIC: Using a clothes iron to melt ice damns?
  50. Gutter Install
  51. Concrete tile installation
  52. Joists on posts
  53. Deck posts
  54. Dormer ventilation
  55. Ignition source
  56. no kickout
  57. Missing weep screed...Question
  58. plastic and basement
  59. Exterior Defect Poll
  60. Siding Question
  61. Dryvit Systems Question
  62. Tennessee Rain?!
  63. Rubber roof question
  64. Best roof install ever
  65. Acid Rain and Inspectors: Buildings at Risk.
  66. Pond??
  67. EIFS Diagram?
  68. Question on Sky Light
  69. Kickout flashing for vinyl siding?
  70. What would you say?
  71. Treehouse Inspection. Please proof this new inspection article.
  72. I need a high resolution photo of tobacco juicing
  73. Best Defect Exterior (Pictures/Contestants Needed)
  74. Roof shingle blisters
  75. Re-caulking
  76. Identify debris?
  77. Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors approved our FREE online Roofing course today.
  78. Designed gap between wall and window frame?
  79. Name that roof style
  80. Valley shingle installation practices
  81. EPDM?
  82. Windbreaks. Please proof this new inspection article.
  83. Landscape Shading. Please proof this new inspection article.
  84. vent penetrations
  85. ice barrier
  86. Best Roof Defects Group 1
  87. EIFS question
  88. How would you write this up?
  89. Garage fire door question.
  90. Aluminum siding-Just dirty?
  91. Vinyl siding paint
  92. Post Your Best Roof Defect Photos
  93. Tree vs. Gas Line
  94. Soffit bath fan ventilation
  95. Roof terminology
  96. Deck Attached To Overhang
  97. Another Weep Hole question
  98. Roof type? Saltbox?
  99. Plywood Gussets
  100. Weep Holes
  101. DIY Decks & Fireplace
  102. Worn shingles question
  103. Inspecting EPDM. Please proof this new inspection article.
  104. Garage metal roof
  105. What is this on Roof?
  106. Newer roof installed by??
  107. Lag bolts used as through bolts on a deck
  108. Shingle practices at roofing abutment
  109. Delaminated?
  110. This is Nice
  111. how to write this up
  112. Carl Brown
  113. Debris under house
  114. Signs of Spring
  115. Underside of exterior "bump out"
  116. Bond-Bord?
  117. Flashing Issues?
  118. tempered glass
  119. Inspecting Underlayment on Roofs. Please proof this new inspection article.
  120. Roofing Underlayment Types. Please proof this new inspection article.
  121. Shingle pitting
  122. EIFS weep screen covered
  123. Ondura
  124. EZ-build concrete wall with weep holes
  125. Spots on Shakes
  126. Valley Flashing
  127. Stucco Flashing
  128. Nails in HARDI BOARD
  129. Backyard ponds... do we add the pool safety verbiage?
  130. A Beam that has twisted supporting a deck...need advice
  131. Brick Veneer Gap?
  132. JLC - ice dam article
  133. Retaining wall question
  134. Garage Ceiling Drywall
  135. Solid Brick vs. Brick Veneer. Please proof this new inspection article.
  136. Gas Meter Connection
  137. Cantilever deck
  138. Window Trim
  139. Brick wall effloresence
  140. What do you say when there is no tar paper?
  141. Fall Arrest Systems. Please proof this new inspection article.
  142. Deck of the Month Award
  143. Inspection Checklist for Pools and Spas
  144. Polaris Tap
  145. Chimney
  146. Unusual roofing fastener
  147. Melted Plumbing Vent Stacks & Boots?
  148. Ridge vent cap installation
  149. lets try something different?
  150. Worth thinking about.
  151. If this was your Inspection (part 1)
  152. Stucco Questions
  153. Rusted stucco weep screed
  154. Shingle tears
  155. Gutter size calculation article
  156. Another Deck
  157. sidewall flashing
  158. Block wall issues?
  159. Ridge Vent
  160. What's your narrative on this one?
  161. Exterior stair rail....does the 4 inch rule apply ?
  162. Brick veneer flashing
  163. Flashing on Shed type roof
  164. All opinions welcome
  165. Ice Dams. Please proof this new inspection article.
  166. Stucco over I.C.F. construction
  167. Wavy roof
  168. Multiple layers of roof
  169. Brick weep holes
  170. roof inspection/surf report
  171. Garage door opener WHATSIT?
  172. Make it fit
  173. Nice Hanger !
  174. Is there a rule for consecutive steps w/o a landing?
  175. Asphalt shingle damage
  176. EIFS?
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  178. OSB at windows
  179. Nice Valley !!!
  180. Flashing at stone & siding ????
  181. J-channel around windows
  182. Roofing Tips, on spotting Tile over Shingles
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  184. Roof type
  185. Roof ventilation (or lack there of)
  186. Another Deck Issue
  187. Dead End Valley Details
  188. Certainteed Shingle Settlement
  189. Weep screed covered by patio bricks...Need advice
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  191. Free Standing Deck
  192. manufactured stone verbiage
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  194. Unvented roofs --- and shingle warranties
  195. Stucco moisture issue article
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  197. insulation question
  198. Metal roof penetrations
  199. Architect & GC on crack
  200. Kickouts & Flashing
  201. Sinkholes. Please proof this new inspection article.
  202. Kickout flashing needed???
  203. Pool Inspection
  204. Daily Door Prize! First 10 members to reply win!
  205. Exterior Drainage
  206. another arguement for always walking the roof
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  208. Windows Worth Looking Into course approved by Illinois for 3 hours.
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  210. Grade away from the foundation
  211. Snow filled window well
  212. Attic Venting, Attic Moisture and Ice Dams
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  214. Snow in attic
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  216. Stringer install
  217. Is there any way to retrofit weep screed
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  222. One of the Most Impressive Trainers
  223. There are over 12 types of stucco and EIFS
  224. EIFS or Stucco
  225. Tile roofs
  226. InterNACHI acquiring Exterior Design Institute (EDI).
  227. AR Home Inspector Registration Board approves InterNACHIs FREE online Exterior course
  228. valley or ski run!!
  229. Poppong Sounds
  230. Name that roof?
  231. Do you walk the roof?
  232. Nice chimney cap
  233. Kentucky approved InterNACHI's FREE, online Exterior Inspection course today.
  234. Slash Piles. Please proof this new inspection article.
  235. Simple Chimney Question
  236. Very nice Tab Uplift graphic.
  237. Tile wall...needs a drainage system?
  238. Help with stucco issues--calling all experts!
  239. What's the proper way to remove moss from a roof?
  240. Ledger Strip
  241. Damp proofing?
  242. Nice SPF~~;)
  243. Cut off vent stacks?
  244. Good Brick Veneer Graphics
  245. Great stucco work
  246. Roofing behind the redwood curtain
  247. Your comments would be great
  248. slotted gutters (dispersion type): any good?
  249. Underlayment
  250. Old wood shingles still bleeding sap?