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  1. New Crawlspace Illustration Added to the Inspection Gallery for Members to Use
  2. Combination roof Rafters?
  3. LOST in space, truly is Noah in Canada-land
  4. Rafter Ties
  5. Shoddy construction, Houston article
  6. Angie's list $49 foundation inspection (value $500 lol) by an interior system company
  7. Marisa Tomei, call Uncle Bubb's if you need more help
  8. Truss Plans New Construction
  9. Engineering Certification of Foundation for Manufactured Homes
  10. Attic Rafter Crack
  11. You might want to watch this video,'Mike Holmes plz help'
  12. Mike Holmes, Holmes on Homes, flooded basement
  13. Interior basement system companies will often
  14. foundation wall anchors
  15. home inspection, vertical and horizontal foundation wall cracks
  16. Installation of french drain/interior weeping tile system
  17. just another previously installed interior basement system and sump
  18. Yeah sure, a SUPPOSED hidden camera sting,leaky basement
  19. another interior basement system azz wipe rips off a blind elderly woman
  20. Window wells, leaks etc
  21. Leaky basements
  22. Basement flooding, roots, clean-out, drain tiles etc
  23. Maryland waterproofing, the better dikkhead bureau and other bulshtt
  24. hate TA pick on Chuckie here, seems like a good ole dude huh
  25. Leak after spending thousands on an exterior french drain
  26. Website dedicated to understanding cement and concrete
  27. Video, see the EXTERIOR openings that allowed water IN, in, IN, in, IN
  28. BIGcrawler Updates
  29. interior or exterior waterproofing, which should you do
  30. New Build - Are These Concrete Floor Cracks Concerning?
  31. Umm, housing codes, regulations, compliance
  32. Injections to poured wall cracks
  33. "They urinated on my basement wall"
  34. Mono truss thoughts
  35. Southgate MI renter living with mold, sewage and a leaky basement
  36. Better business bureau, folla the yellowbrick road...
  37. When basement waterproofing goes wrong, and wrong AGAIN! lol
  38. Visible Foundation Waterproofing
  39. joist hangers
  40. Inside basement system was installed (NOT by us, never!)
  41. Got some efflorescence or mold on some of your foundation wall, huh?
  42. loool Fixing??? foundation cracks WIFF Hank
  43. J & L foundation in Winnipeg....
  44. Interior basement system idiot moron contractor 'on the run'
  45. Lintel??? Bond Beam???
  46. Floor Level Survey TBM
  47. Unvented, Conditioned Crawlspaces...
  48. Hit this again because it's umm, vaguely important
  49. 6 on your side, man buys house......
  50. Log home - cracks in beams and logs
  51. Metal Shims beam/column
  52. Floor joist drilled through
  53. How to Inspect and Correct a Vented Crawlspace Article
  54. Heres a nice way to heat your floor
  55. home inspector says add longer downspout ext's, drain tile
  56. John McEwen basement waterproofing videos
  57. Helllllllllllo ... loooooooooool
  58. Some don't want to learn, change. Seller raised and sloped the grade big time
  59. Leaky basement and some tell homeowners to raise and slope the grade???
  60. Crawlspace how to deal with poisonous critters
  61. Basement wall repair
  62. See why/where WATER can get under garage, porch etc
  63. Basement waterproofing exterior corner because umm, exterior cracks
  64. Structural or roofing?
  65. Video, senior couple got BS'd, had an interior system installed
  66. second opinion
  67. V's heave and pyramids fall
  68. Ummmmm, 'This Old House'.......
  69. Angie's list huh
  70. Basement waterproofing, leak under back door
  71. Chimney, homeowner was getting water out chimney chute door
  72. Post and Beam Cracks
  73. Concrete block supports in crawl space
  74. Basement Waterproofing, Detroit MI
  75. Basement waterproofing, homeowner talks about estimates he got from an INTERIOR co.
  76. Trex Decking
  77. No Ledger
  78. Adequate hanger for jack truss?
  79. Is this your rafter Image?
  80. Brick foundation 1930
  81. Crawlspace vents..open or closed
  82. Crystalline material/Sap on rafters
  83. Firewall in garage?
  84. Rafter tied to every 3rd joist
  85. Control Joints - Engineer Said He Made a Mistake!
  86. House rotating?
  87. Main beam in Basement
  88. Peg holes in rafters
  89. Nailed gangnail
  90. No ledger?
  91. Footings above frost line
  92. Are cinder, not CMU, blocks bad for a foundation?
  93. New Sump Pump image added to InterNACHI's Inspection Gallery.
  94. Structural Inspection - Wall Deterioration
  95. Structural/Foundation questions….
  96. "geo-lock" wall anchors and your thoughts
  97. Duh umm, basement waterproofing err, basement water--diverting
  98. Support Concern Garage Attic Framing
  99. Home inspection sample report......
  100. New construction foundation crack
  101. Eflorescencia para Inspectores.
  102. Confined spaces
  103. Basement waterproofing poured wall crack
  104. Slab Heaving?
  105. Flipper covering some foundation issues.
  106. Interior Clay Weep Tiles? What am I looking at?
  107. duh basement guys in Ohio
  108. Eavesdropping
  109. when NOT to use/install the cheap black plastic drain tiles
  110. basement waterproofing and the biggest nyth about exterior drain tiles
  111. Water seeping into basement garage
  112. Better biz bureau (is it really lol) complaint....
  113. Garage slab floor heaving
  114. Column to beam junctions
  115. Sill Plate Overhang
  116. Where quite a few home inspectors MISS duh boat,,,
  117. Vertical crack in poured foundation wall
  118. Foundation crack after winter
  119. R.R./homeowner vs Mickey Mouse aka Aquaguard Waterproofing
  120. basement waterproofing video and a LIL message for our inside system turd friends
  121. look at this garbage job
  122. Aquaguard waterproofing useless misleading contract
  123. Cut truss in attic...
  124. Sometimes you have to crawl.
  125. Foundation top row
  126. Defect Category
  127. R La Duca.......................
  128. Contractor or engineer?
  129. Another lost soul with a wet basement - please advise (long story)
  130. "Sistering"
  131. Garage - Yes or No
  132. Exterior Water Management
  133. Finger jointed rafters mid span??
  134. Homeowner added soil/raised the grade. Did that stop water from entering basement?
  135. Basement Waterproofing
  136. How do you like these piers?
  137. Termite or mold
  138. Are these cracks concerning?
  139. Foundation Questions
  140. Does installing ANY interior basement system stop/prevent...
  141. Footing/Paper Material
  142. Structural Issues for Home Inspectors
  143. Three Season Porch
  144. Wind mitigation Inspection Ckecklist
  145. Wind mitigation Inspection Ckecklist
  146. Q and A time, duh hey Mark.........
  147. Painted Attic structure
  148. Stucco control joint question
  149. Joist repairs with steel plates
  150. Modular on steel frame (2006) question
  151. Crack in Brick
  152. Inspector or Engineer near Golden, CO with a strong background in structural issues?
  153. Foundation Over Pour
  154. Large truss in attic not supporting roof
  155. Question on openings in foundation wall to addition.
  156. Basement beam and columns
  157. BlazeGuard Fire Rated Sheathing
  158. Post tension cable end exposed
  159. Superior Walls-Exposed Insulation
  160. Another Floor Joist Question
  161. Deterioration of fully exposed steel beam
  162. Basement Beam - Incorrect Addition
  163. Here's a homeowner diy basement waterproofing
  164. Perma-Seal Basement Systems.........
  165. "The drainage system originally installed at the build is dysfunctional
  166. Help with narrative
  167. Rafters or Trusses
  168. "You relieve the hydrostatic pressure by drilling weep holes"
  169. B Dry claims there are five ways water enters YER basement
  170. Metal Jack (temp or not)
  171. Fireplace support
  172. lally columns
  173. New Construction in Washington?
  174. What type of foundation is this?
  175. Footing (Rat wall)
  176. Ground Supported Slab image updated in InterNACHI Inspction Gallery.
  177. Garage w/plywood ?
  178. Rafter Modification
  179. treated post on deck contacting ground
  180. Post Tensioned Cable failure
  181. InterNACHI releases all new Structural Issues for Home Inspectors book. $11.95.
  182. Looking for a reference
  183. New, Free, Online "Residential Structural Design for Home Inspectors" Course
  184. Leaky basements, foundation cracks, what some home inspectors do NOT understand....
  185. "The water has rusted the reinforcing steel"
  186. Post blocks and beam pocket
  187. Maybe this can help someone in Rhode Island
  188. "This is a very beautiful house"? To WHO?
  189. Structural Design Basics of Residential Construction for the Home Inspector.
  190. Efflorescence Drips??
  191. Urgent: cracks, are these a structural issue?
  192. Bad deck
  193. Basement wall collapses while workers were installing a french drain system inside
  194. Closed foundation and waterproofing company refuses to honor lifetime warranty
  195. Leaky basement, installing a closed pressure relief system....
  196. Cracks / Splits in Roof Support Studs
  197. Brown water fills tub
  198. What is this framing member called?
  199. Commercial building, ask again, would installing any interior basement system....
  200. Structural Connection Design for the Home Inspector. New advanced article.
  201. Flat Rate Plumbing in Wiskkkkky
  202. eBooks for Inspectors
  203. 11 K for this garbage
  204. Trusses, ok, but horizonatal beams????
  205. Glue lam beam
  206. Vapor barriers in crawlspace
  207. Parkwood master builder house, leaky basement
  208. Structural Design of Lateral Resistance to Wind and Earthquake for the Home Inspector
  209. insulation in crawl spaces
  210. insulation in crawl spaces
  211. SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels) inspection tips?
  212. B Dry installed their interior system here...
  213. Floor support??
  214. Rebuilding Chimney from Roof-Line up plus extras
  215. New Certification Logo for "Certified Structure & Foundation Inspector"
  216. I Joist mods and nails too long
  217. New InterNACHI article: Structural Design of Wood Framing for the Home Inspector.
  218. Footers?
  219. Random Floor Joist Damage?
  220. Home inspector recommending......
  221. Inspecting basements, basement walls, efflorescence, mold on some blocks
  222. Post Footing Narrative
  223. New foundation
  224. Leaking Basement : Advice Needed
  225. Replacing a large metal lintel and post support
  226. Inspecting antique barns in New Hampshire
  227. Basement waterproofing, perimeter system being installed
  228. Disturbing ground below footers
  229. French Drain?
  230. New article: Structural Design of Foundations for the Home Inspector.
  231. Fire stop question
  232. Need Advice - Cracked Post Tension Slab at Anchor
  233. Sinking at basement perimeter in large 1920s house
  234. Everdry water-dorkin tried bs'g another homeowner
  235. New build structural questions
  236. Attic framing - Ceiling Joists
  237. New I beam and floor joists
  238. Tie into existing structure
  239. A Wonderfull Mess
  240. Undersize Lintle
  241. Slab & Footer Question (Virginia)
  242. Weird Moisture Concern
  243. I lifted a ceiling tile
  244. foundation walls
  245. Correcting a caving, cracked basement wall DIY
  246. Interesting Development Wood Boxcar Home
  247. How long before forms are stripped?
  248. Mid Atlantic Waterproofing, BBB complaint
  249. Family swindled by home flipper
  250. Cut in I-Beam Girder