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  1. Acceptable lateral support for ceiling joists?
  2. Pier Connections
  3. Can't Cantilever?
  4. Crack in poured wall,leak under beamer
  5. Moisture Management of Below-Grade Construction "Basement"
  6. Foundation waterproofing, blocks under Bilco doors, corner
  7. Foundation crack, house 4 sale eh
  8. More Wasteful Framing
  9. Vertical Hairline Cracks in foundation
  10. Floor joists ????
  11. Basement wall bowing
  12. Shot Concrete nail vs anchor bolts
  13. Blocks
  14. Code Violations ? post 2
  15. Code Violations ? post 1
  16. Short video, THIS is what OFTEN happens...
  17. Insufficient Structural Support in Attic?
  18. Seller lied, HI missed existing problems, mold-efflorescence block basement wall
  19. Sump Pump Drainage
  20. Manufactured Home Anchoring
  21. This guy 'gets' at least some of this subject
  22. Narrative / Disclaimer Help
  23. Joist Support
  24. Have a leaky basement? Why call Everdry n other inside system dorks?
  25. Yes Mr Homeowner, How could the CITY approve plans
  26. New, free Crawlspace Inspector logo for members performing crawlspace inspections.
  27. Spalling in new construction
  28. Homeowner looking for help with water seepage
  29. Holmes on Hooooomes and Holmes installing an interior system
  30. This guy (HI apparently) says sump is washing out the footing...LOLOL
  31. new construction - vertical crack
  32. "When it comes to basements,you can't stop water but only re-divert it"
  33. Are these horizontal cracks in the foundation dangerous?
  34. I guess screw jacks are acceptable now!!
  35. Help! wood beam crack - dangerous or checking?
  36. Defect or no defect that is the question?
  37. Twice in one day
  39. New, free Log Home Inspector logo for members is available.
  40. what happens on the exterior of fieldstone foundations and bricks below grade
  41. Could someone explain these trusses
  42. Block wall, leaks due to exterior cracks in basement wall
  43. OSB in garage
  44. basement
  45. Crack near steel I beam on side of house/middle of wall
  46. Exterior Wall Cracks
  47. Everdry, the dorks, wanted over $10,000 and their inside system would NOT have solved
  48. Home inspector explains water intrusion in basement
  49. Truss supports?
  50. Cracks
  51. Weep Now or Weep Later
  52. Failing basement wall, structural engineering group says
  53. Here's an engineer who 'thinks' he has the solutions to leaky basements
  54. More lies,misinformation,bulshtt---Exterior excavation not the best choice
  55. Balcony Structure Falling Down
  56. What would you say about this?
  57. Form Ties
  58. hydraulic jack
  59. Poured basement wall,concrete-pitch was hardly the problem
  60. Just off Lakeshore Dr, $$ area, got ripped-incompetence
  61. Where is Bubber when you need him?
  62. U S Army Corps of Engineers, water and pests can EASILY enter duh basement
  63. TJI support
  64. stair step crack
  65. stair step crack
  66. Wet Basements, an inspectors advice
  67. Bowed basement walls, EXTERIOR cracks you dummy's!!!
  68. Help please...
  69. Walmart construction put cracks in our homes
  70. Fieldstone Foundation
  71. Basement sump pump video
  72. Cracks in Poured Foundation
  73. Vid, Home inspection,cracked walls
  74. Leaning Chimney
  75. Foundation Cut and removed Why?
  76. All County Basement water diverting, giigling lilttle...
  77. How do you propose to stop these kinds of problems, got milk?
  78. Omni Basement Systems $20,000 interior system
  79. Foundation Issue, Need advice on how the builder should repair.
  80. Iowa Foundation Repair?!@#@!??
  81. Here is one for John Bubber
  82. Aquaguard waterproofing Beltsville Maryland
  83. A new one for me - any ideas?
  84. Cracks
  85. 6x6 Posts on 4x4 Anchors
  86. Rafters on smaller Ridge board
  87. Bird mouth splices
  88. Truss webs never attached to roof
  89. Unlicensed contractor FUBAR
  90. Encapsulation system
  91. Exposed Wood Beams Embedded in Foundation?
  92. If the pier doesn't line up with the joist.....
  93. Never seen this before
  94. Basement Systems of Michigan,Dave Simon
  95. Termite damage repair?
  96. Can't Imagine WHY?
  97. Basement wall crack
  98. Foundation repairs?
  99. Washing Machine in Basement
  100. Can roof trusses support a 40 hot water heater?
  101. Steeple jacks.
  102. Now why in the world?!
  103. Horizontal Foundation Crack
  104. Allowable distance from but joint to column support?
  105. Block foundation
  106. Foam Pellets at Base of Foundation
  107. Water around foundation
  108. Foundation cracks
  109. Cutting engineered floor trusses
  110. I would have missed this
  111. Never mind
  112. Cracks
  113. Quonset Hut
  114. Block Foundation Dry Stack
  115. Floor framing help
  116. Anyone seen this before?
  117. Water in the garage
  118. leaning sill
  119. Who is the best inspector?
  120. Inspectors corner
  121. OBG
  122. New roof for old house
  123. Straps?
  124. 2x4 main beam or stud wall supporting floor joist
  125. Cinder Blocks inside a 'poured concrete wall?
  126. firewall in condo attic
  127. Unusal Attic Structure
  128. Sill Plates and Anchors
  129. This still surprises me.
  130. Diagonal Crack
  131. Sill plate overhang
  132. Holes in crawl space
  133. Wafer thin cantilever balcony
  134. I-Beam Too Short
  135. Hole in steel I beam
  136. Need a NACHI engineer
  137. Need To Sell House With Foundation Issues
  138. Foundation straps in brick - building inspector says it's OK
  139. Concern
  140. Interesting
  141. Foundation Anchorage for Dummies, Book Needed
  142. Truss webs cut
  143. A quick challenge. With a prize.
  144. Has anyone ever seen this?
  145. Recommend an engineer?
  146. Damaged Column
  147. Post-Tensioned Slab Cracks
  148. Notched microlam??
  149. Cracked Foundation Walls - New Construction Walk-out Basement
  150. Cold Pour Joints, Should I be concerned?
  151. Why does water lower soil bearing capacity?
  152. Single wall top plate
  153. Basement main beam notched - question
  154. Attic or crawl space access
  155. Computer model basement cracks
  156. Vapor Barrier on the wrong side?
  157. Anyone know what this is?
  158. Custom Fit Floor Joists
  159. horizontal crack concerns for walkout basement/addition
  160. Vertical Cracks in Masonry Veneer Wall. Help
  161. Is this crack a problem?
  162. Hip Rafters Spliced
  163. Structural Failure In Port St. Lucie, FL
  164. Odd Girder
  165. Rafters do not make full contact.
  166. Chimney flues
  167. Structural issue??
  168. Joist hanger question
  169. Floor joists set into concrete
  170. Vertical crack in foundation
  172. Help needed - Post Tension cable
  173. I beam in attic
  174. Engineer not needed
  175. egress/escape?
  176. What's a ledger board?
  177. The importance of fire seperation walls in multiunits
  178. Passed inspecton
  179. Sealed Crawlspace
  180. Need some help...
  181. Footers in stem wall
  182. Pallet used for garage door jack stud
  183. Truss alterations
  184. Garage door header issue?
  185. Older poured foundation issue?
  186. Realtor tells client this is not a big issue
  187. I Joist strapping
  188. Manufactured Home???
  189. Need a little help here,foundation
  190. Nice to feel like the agent thinks you got it right.
  191. Foundation settling
  192. Love DIY's
  193. Poured concrete foundation exterior wear -- causes?
  194. Deck Construction????
  195. Orange mortar
  196. Slab Footing.
  197. Mortar cracks - foundation issues?
  198. Truss storage/design loads
  199. What is this??
  200. Wall cracks - Do I need to call A SE?
  201. Structual Engineer Report
  202. Strange McHammer
  203. Floor jacks in crawl
  204. Slab crack
  205. $5000 chimney tuck-pointing job???
  206. Support for TJI joists & microllam?
  207. Vertical crack in block wall
  208. Need to pick your brains...
  209. More silly structural roof questions.
  210. Confirm SE call
  211. See anything wrong???
  212. The Best way to describe a 2nd story Condiminium foundation...question
  213. Structural Bolt Challenge
  214. Rafter splicing
  215. Sagging front porch
  216. 16D nails in hangers
  217. Water In crawlspace
  218. Collar ties needed?
  219. TAPCO Adjustable Lally Column Question
  220. What would you report??
  221. Deck inspection limitations
  222. Attic Inspection
  223. Structural Inspections
  224. Cracks in brick veneer
  225. New Construction Foundation
  226. Post and Girder
  227. The Beauty Of The Bay
  228. Guess whats wrong???
  229. Main beams in basement - is this ok?
  230. Undermining
  231. Settlement cracks and Sinkholes
  232. Need lots of help here!
  233. Past moisture intrusion on pier...question
  234. Broken truss
  235. Porch slab same level as house slab???
  236. Honeycombing Question
  237. Get Thee Into The Crawlspace!
  238. Stick built attic framing
  239. Define "Truss Alteration"
  240. Framing Question
  241. What are these patched holes?
  242. Expansive soil conditions and wood basement flooring advise needed
  243. What is name of this decorative stone section.
  244. I sware foundation holes are getting smaller
  245. Framing Passed but shouldn't have
  246. valley rafter question
  247. Why we should get into crawlspaces.
  248. Floor structure span too great
  249. Good or not??
  250. Foundation anchorage