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  1. Replacing a large metal lintel and post support
  2. Inspecting antique barns in New Hampshire
  3. Basement waterproofing, perimeter system being installed
  4. Disturbing ground below footers
  5. French Drain?
  6. New article: Structural Design of Foundations for the Home Inspector.
  7. Fire stop question
  8. Need Advice - Cracked Post Tension Slab at Anchor
  9. Sinking at basement perimeter in large 1920s house
  10. Everdry water-dorkin tried bs'g another homeowner
  11. New build structural questions
  12. Attic framing - Ceiling Joists
  13. New I beam and floor joists
  14. Tie into existing structure
  15. A Wonderfull Mess
  16. Undersize Lintle
  17. Slab & Footer Question (Virginia)
  18. Weird Moisture Concern
  19. I lifted a ceiling tile
  20. foundation walls
  21. Correcting a caving, cracked basement wall DIY
  22. Interesting Development Wood Boxcar Home
  23. How long before forms are stripped?
  24. Mid Atlantic Waterproofing, BBB complaint
  25. Family swindled by home flipper
  26. Cut in I-Beam Girder
  27. Opinion on Cracks in Brick House
  28. House on a Hill - Garage wall cut..need advice
  29. New inspection article: "Structural Design Loads for the Home Inspector"
  30. Basement filled w gravel
  31. Required nailing for floor joists
  32. Wall Overhangs Foundation
  33. Need Inputs
  34. Water leak in basement.......
  35. Professional says to ignore water infiltration?
  36. Help with walkout cracks
  37. I Rafter Connection
  38. Concrete raised foundation questions
  39. Westlake inspectors save a woman $20,000 on basement repairs
  40. Hmm, according to Mahesh you don't need to spend $$ on basement waterproofing
  41. 4x4 Beam Checking Concern?
  42. blocks or bricks?
  43. Firewall in attic
  44. Foundation Crack... Any recommendations?
  45. Do YOU see any crack on inside block wall (side wall) near the corner? Huh??
  46. Brick basement walls, interior basement drainage system previously installed
  47. Roof Sheathing
  48. Past UBC Code Language
  49. Am I being a little extreme?
  50. Basement floor joists?
  51. goo in the drain tile
  52. New Article, "Structural Design Concepts for the Home Inspector"
  53. Another homeowner lied to, ripped off by 2 interior system companies
  54. Block foundation vertical cracks - middle of the wall
  55. Another homeowner ripped off, lied to etc by an interior basement system company
  56. If you have water in the basement, call/hire a LANDSCAPER?
  57. Ground falling under cinder block lintel
  58. A new one for me
  59. Old structure foundation question
  60. Foundation repair
  61. question about collar ties in place of a support beam
  62. Does Mark Anderson talk homeowners into interior basement systems?
  63. Horizontal foundation cracks and porch columns
  64. Structural issue stemming from foundation
  65. bowing walkout basement question
  66. DIY basement waterproofing
  67. Floor Joists
  68. Great Crawlspace!
  69. Glazed Block - What is it?
  70. Hot tub deck support
  71. Basement issue
  72. Horizontal cracks in foundation.
  73. Lindsay Lohan, eHarmony and Basement Waterproofing, got milk?
  74. Need advice: basement leak
  75. Ridge board discoloration
  76. Beam Pocket cracks in a bad spot
  77. Lolly Columns
  78. B Dry System previously installed in PA
  79. Crawlspaces-SImply Explained
  80. Framing question
  81. Something for John Bubber to chew on... and spit out.
  82. Basement renovation, rotted J's, mold, water intrustion etc
  83. Evaluation and Repair of Cracked Foundation Walls
  84. Basement Waterproofing paint, efflorescence
  85. Dry Otter, nothing like hiding those damp, wet foundation walls
  86. "We recommend repairs by a qualified and licensed contractor"
  87. Aftermarket waterproofing SYSTEMS neglect to address the source of the problem
  88. The Crack Team, they 'do' injections
  89. Ridge board joint
  90. foundation re-enforcement
  91. Floor Framing
  92. Eh Foundation Systems of Michigan and all other interior drainage system companies
  93. Basement Floor
  94. Our little friends brown recluse spiders throughout home
  95. Foundation Issue
  96. Spray foam insulation on Rafters
  97. Second opinion requested
  98. Foundation bolts...what say you?
  99. ...Custom homes and renovations shows you how 2 waterproof a leaky basement
  100. What is Behind the panels!!
  101. Water pooling in foundaton
  102. Leak under building
  103. Garage converted to living space
  104. Basement window wells, window well drainage
  105. Hairline vertical crack, block basement wall
  106. Ok I joists
  107. Foundation wall anchor installation
  108. Home inspector, 'obviously this window is leaking'
  109. Support beam cracks and separation
  110. tearing out a previously installed interior basement system and ummmm
  111. how bout you brick layers
  112. Gable End Bracing Graphics Question.
  113. Interior basement waterproofing, basement has NOT been waterproofed
  114. Block basement walls, leak
  115. House foundation repair, hmmm
  116. Framing Issues
  117. Should a engineer look at this?
  118. Crawl Space Floor Cracks and Heater Vents/Flukes touching wall.
  119. Why Angie's List is getting a rash of bad reviews
  120. The Clay Bowl Effect, just another sales pitch
  121. How to keep a crawlspace or basement dry, NOT!
  122. From the law office of.......
  123. Basement waterproofing methods by Angie Hicks
  124. Home foundation repair disaster
  125. Ridge beam support
  126. Shell Busey, topic: Concrete block wall leaking
  127. Interior basement drainage system previously installed
  128. PWF
  129. Why me lol
  130. Rusted through-bolt
  131. B Dry, Everdry and The Crack Team all....
  132. Efflorescence on basement walls
  133. Main carrying beam support.
  134. TimberSil--Heads up
  135. Joists hacked to install Glass Block window
  136. Floor joist
  137. Horizontal cracks in foundation wall, got milk?
  138. What are these floorboards made of?
  139. Specks/Blotches on basement ceiling wood joists
  140. First 10 to reply win Structural Issues for Home Inspectors book (hard copies).
  141. Inspecting poured concrete roof structures
  142. Interior Drainage system
  143. In search of help with basement floor
  144. Court judgement against Water Shield Waterproofing aka Aqua Dri
  145. What do you see wrong with this picture?
  146. Flooring problems
  147. Concrete block foundation problem
  148. Arlington, soon after editor and wife buy house they get water in basement
  149. Foundation footings
  150. Valley rafter bearing properly?
  151. Pressed pile force
  152. Hey Hydro Armor/O'Conner, you don't GET-IT either!
  153. What would you say?
  154. Next Split faced block problem
  155. New Guy Need Help
  156. Eh ah Steve Rumble, Now Dry....
  157. Basement Systems....
  158. Trusses Fastening
  159. Rafter Span - Purlins
  160. PB?
  161. Crawlspace Supports
  162. Photo needed: roof framed with no ridge
  163. Not sure what to make of these trusses
  164. Basement Dewatering System
  165. Video, How to build a walk out basement, bowed wall
  166. lol, Vid, says Save money on costly basement flooding repair by doing this......
  167. Staggered rafters at ridge
  168. How to file complaints against home inspectors
  169. Basement waterproofing project in Kingston Ontario
  170. Umm, how about a hole in/through exterior hollow block basement wall
  171. Foundation Cracks/Movement
  172. Additional truss load
  173. Atlanta home inspector mistakenly thinks...
  174. Narrative please
  175. Basement wall failure
  176. Ken Olson, using carbon fiber straps to repair bowing basement wall
  177. Fieldstone Foundation - Rock Crumbling
  178. Cracked slab with displacement
  179. Foundation Advice
  180. Hole knocked out of block wall
  181. Roof vent placement over rafter
  182. non - staggered blocks?
  183. Brick Ledge required?
  184. just by curiosity, what type of framing is this?
  185. Rafter Construction Tolerances?
  186. Josh Sutton Dalton & Co Realtors How to keep water out of your basement
  187. Advice needed for Cold Joint in a 47 year old house.
  188. LVL not supported at ends & twisted
  189. Holmes inspection video, leaky, moldy basement,cold room etc
  190. 1x3 roof truss
  191. Need help assessing structural risks of new home construction
  192. Help with New Home Construction
  193. Sign up
  194. Water Infiltration/Foundation & Slap in Florida
  195. Beam supports
  196. Unusual construction
  197. Three water heaters vent to one pipe.
  198. Acceptable lateral support for ceiling joists?
  199. Pier Connections
  200. Can't Cantilever?
  201. Crack in poured wall,leak under beamer
  202. Moisture Management of Below-Grade Construction "Basement"
  203. Foundation waterproofing, blocks under Bilco doors, corner
  204. Foundation crack, house 4 sale eh
  205. More Wasteful Framing
  206. Vertical Hairline Cracks in foundation
  207. Floor joists ????
  208. Basement wall bowing
  209. Shot Concrete nail vs anchor bolts
  210. Blocks
  211. Code Violations ? post 2
  212. Code Violations ? post 1
  213. Short video, THIS is what OFTEN happens...
  214. Insufficient Structural Support in Attic?
  215. Seller lied, HI missed existing problems, mold-efflorescence block basement wall
  216. Sump Pump Drainage
  217. Manufactured Home Anchoring
  218. This guy 'gets' at least some of this subject
  219. Narrative / Disclaimer Help
  220. Joist Support
  221. Have a leaky basement? Why call Everdry n other inside system dorks?
  222. Yes Mr Homeowner, How could the CITY approve plans
  223. New, free Crawlspace Inspector logo for members performing crawlspace inspections.
  224. Spalling in new construction
  225. Homeowner looking for help with water seepage
  226. Holmes on Hooooomes and Holmes installing an interior system
  227. This guy (HI apparently) says sump is washing out the footing...LOLOL
  228. new construction - vertical crack
  229. "When it comes to basements,you can't stop water but only re-divert it"
  230. Are these horizontal cracks in the foundation dangerous?
  231. I guess screw jacks are acceptable now!!
  232. Help! wood beam crack - dangerous or checking?
  233. Defect or no defect that is the question?
  234. Twice in one day
  236. New, free Log Home Inspector logo for members is available.
  237. what happens on the exterior of fieldstone foundations and bricks below grade
  238. Could someone explain these trusses
  239. Block wall, leaks due to exterior cracks in basement wall
  240. OSB in garage
  241. basement
  242. Crack near steel I beam on side of house/middle of wall
  243. Exterior Wall Cracks
  244. Everdry, the dorks, wanted over $10,000 and their inside system would NOT have solved
  245. Home inspector explains water intrusion in basement
  246. Truss supports?
  247. Cracks
  248. Weep Now or Weep Later
  249. Failing basement wall, structural engineering group says
  250. Here's an engineer who 'thinks' he has the solutions to leaky basements