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  1. Vapor barrier
  2. Holes along foundation wall
  3. There are cracks in my walls.
  4. Foundation straps in a brick foundation wall
  5. Anyone write up the lack of gravel in a new construction crawl space?
  6. Structural Evaluation at Your Fingertips
  7. Would this be considered a Defect?
  8. Dale Duffy Love Shacks in Maine too!
  9. Manufactured Home Roof Connection
  10. Old Roof Structure
  11. acceptable beam hangers?
  12. Sink hole in the crawl space
  13. Structural Alteration Image
  14. Retaining Wall Falling
  15. Sheetrock interior walls visible from crawl space?
  16. How many problems can you spot?
  17. Need Foundation Feedback, House Built in 1960
  18. Deck joist connected directly to house band?
  19. How much moisture comes from crawlspace soil?
  20. Missing brick veneer foundation support
  21. No Foundation Footing, However...
  22. engineered trussed over interior wall
  23. Attic framing question
  24. This looks like it will need some work...
  25. 2x4 structural knee wall footings
  26. Best Defect Picture in Structural
  27. What Am I Dealing With??
  28. Manufactured home foundation inspector needed in Kentucky.
  29. Rim Joist Question.
  30. Purlin support or not?
  31. Another foundation crack (s)
  32. Foundation Repair
  33. Rot on a Wood Beam
  34. Attic framing...beam question
  35. security bolt
  36. concrete filled columns rusted?
  37. Renovation Realities
  38. Terra cotta foundation blocks
  39. Roof rafter question
  40. 2x4 purlins/braces
  41. Joist hanger size
  42. Original Foundation, etc
  43. Anyone have a Span Chart?
  44. Realtor insists nothing is wrong
  45. Foundation blocks
  46. I've seen this on here before...
  47. Concrete foundation deterioration
  48. No I-Beam
  49. Windows separated from sill
  50. Double Studs needs?
  51. Chimney
  52. Styrofoam wall board???
  53. Negative Pitch Toward Foundation
  54. What would cause this?
  55. ranch with garage, floor elevation
  56. Roof Structure on Top of Previous Roof
  57. Knee wall add on supporting joists
  58. Toe-nailed joist over garage
  59. Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors approved our FREE online Foundations course today.
  60. Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors approved our FREE online Structural course.
  61. Floor truss questions
  62. Permit needed to repair major structural defects missed by code inspector
  63. More Ozark Engineering
  64. High sulfate soil deteriorating concrete
  65. Cable coming from foundation...What is it?
  66. Structural Engineer Approved!
  67. Firewall
  68. Does this look right?
  69. slab foundation, house built in 1977, Question
  70. Missing Foundation Footing
  71. Treated wood foundations
  72. Adequate Support for Overhang?
  73. Attic Joist
  74. floor joist mechanical damage
  75. describe & identify this structure
  76. Crawl space entrance question
  77. brick homes continued
  78. Brick homes
  79. Cut Rim Joist
  80. thoughts?
  81. 1x4 let in bracing
  82. Bigger pics for my previous posts
  83. Need advice, raised foundation house built 1958
  84. floating ridge beam
  85. Moisture stains floor/walls
  86. Notched truss question...
  87. Read Nick's Post on Structural Framing, then read this
  88. Evaluating Structural Framing. A MUST READ for every home inspector!!
  89. Lanai Railing, Balister Designs
  90. code on piers and girders
  91. Tip 6 to contractors: PVC is not an approved joist ledger
  92. Tip 5 to contractors: a pier every once in a while works real good
  93. Tip 4 for contractors: put something besides plywood beneath a wall
  94. Tip 3 to contractors: there's this new thing called treated lumber...
  95. Tip 1 to contractors: don't show up to work drunk
  96. Tip 2 to contractors: if you rebuild the floor system, don't reuse old plywood shims
  97. How would you write this radient barrier?
  98. framing defect please help
  99. Worst Attic & Rafter Support Question
  100. Has anyone seen this??
  101. Looking For A Solution
  102. Offset Chimney
  103. How do I write this up?
  104. Whats this technique called again?
  105. Gotta love garage door openers.
  106. Joists and Beams
  107. Efflorrescence
  108. nails and pennies
  109. Burnt or charred wood trusses & roof sheathing
  110. Manufactured I Joist over Crawlspace
  111. Ledger strip nailing. OK or not.
  112. Black Widows everywhere
  113. Vertical crack through block foundation
  114. Why was the Inside System sold/installed without FIRST identifying the problem(s)
  115. Inspecting Foundation Walls and Piers downloadable book.
  116. Rusted Stucco weep screed
  117. Answer to Attic Spray Foam issue
  118. Spray Foam Attic Insulation
  119. Steel Pipe data
  120. Cathedral ceiling support beams
  121. wall cracked at top only?
  122. Slab efflorescence at garage and outdoors
  123. Purlin braces
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  125. exterior partition wall
  126. 4.0 Earthquake hits Illinois near Sycamore - 50 miles west of CHICAGO
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  128. Compromised Wall?
  129. Unconnected Ceiling Rafters
  130. Nevada approved InterNACHI's FREE online Structural Issues for Inspectors course.
  131. They made it into the attic.
  132. 2x4 engineered floor joists holding deck header
  133. Bulges in Wall Structure
  134. Steel post and beam configuration
  135. Additional studs?
  136. Hanger for prefab Joist
  137. Moisture reading on a slab
  138. Unusual Support
  139. Todays Gem
  140. Finger joint 2X4
  141. Room over garage
  142. screw lolly column
  143. Framing in attic
  144. Support for Headers
  145. Foundation Evaluation/Certification
  146. Daily Door Prize! First 10 members to reply win!
  147. Lumber Grade Stamps. Please proof this new construction inspection article.
  148. Bulge at the top of a exterior wall
  149. Cut engineered floor trusses
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  151. InterNACHI's free online Inspecting Foundation Walls and Piers course approved by IL.
  152. InterNACHI's free online Structural Issues for the Home Inspector course IL approved
  153. Tie down form
  154. Fire
  155. Foundation Nailers Help
  156. My first Crack House
  157. How Is It Still Standing?
  158. LVL Beam No End Support
  159. Well what would you recommend
  160. Strong-DriveŽ SD Screw for Structural Connectors
  161. First 20 members to post win Structural Issues for Home Inpectors book.
  162. Thickness of a masonry bearing wall
  163. Blocking for lateral support
  164. Best Wording Fireplace Foundation Damage
  165. Supporting wall and live load minimum
  166. SMall balcony - messed up?
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  168. Structural Issues for Home Inspectors book. $11.95
  169. White floor joists: what would you say?
  170. Modular home
  171. Attic Fire
  172. Fire Protection above garage
  173. Why is the bedroom floor sagging?
  174. Foundation crack
  175. No Sill Plate
  176. Truss vs. Chimney
  177. Truss-Me System "New Invention"
  178. Attic Images for Previous Post
  179. How Many Additions?
  180. Sunken living room
  181. Is this an acceptable support??
  182. Rafter attachment at gable wall
  183. Beam Pocket
  184. Super Joist repair
  185. Coming soon... Structural Issues for Home Inspectors book.
  186. Post Tension slab cracks
  187. Bearing
  188. Shot-In Sill plate anchors
  189. Green Stuff? on the underside of this crawl...
  190. Soft sheathing
  191. Hail damage - Roof shingles
  192. Porch, deck flashing with Tyvek
  193. Highest floor structure moisture content EVER
  194. Roof structure. No bracing. Any issue?
  195. Holes in Wood truss floor joist???
  196. Under pinning a foundation
  197. Floor system
  198. Gas Fireplace
  199. So what do you think?
  200. structuaral problems
  201. Refresh my memory
  202. Rafter spread?
  203. Compression Blocks Required?
  204. Sub-floor structure and insulation covered
  205. Wood foundation questions
  206. You Should Have Seen The Size.....
  207. Would you report this
  208. Rafter connection for catherdral ceiling?
  209. Supports
  210. What could cause this...
  211. Crack in Garage foundation...see pic
  212. Interior stains
  213. Cracked
  214. New Jersey approved InterNACHI's FREE, online Foundation Inspection course.
  215. Help Please
  216. How to Inspect Notches, Cuts and Holes in Solid Lumber
  217. sap on roof rafters
  218. What's a Footer?
  219. Technical name
  220. Sagging Roof
  221. Girder Question
  222. Structural Gem
  223. Ready to Collapse!
  224. Did they intend to do this?
  225. Basement Waterproofing,new driveway etc
  226. Brick exspanion jiont
  227. Cantilevered girder
  228. 35 years ago
  229. What happen here ?
  230. Exposed footings
  231. Hmmm!
  232. Excesssive CMU spalling
  233. Foundation
  234. Hump-backed ceiling joists?
  235. Structural engineer anyone?
  236. Can tree roots penetrate foundations?
  237. shadow/staining of wall studs showing thru drywall
  238. Crack under dishwasher
  239. Unusual roof framing
  240. White substance on attic rafters
  241. Beam
  242. basement with no ventilation
  243. Cut-out in foundation wall?
  244. Wood Decay. Please proof this new inspection article.
  245. Okieville foundation
  246. Interesting truss member
  247. Interior and Exterior water proofing.
  248. Framing
  249. Has anyone ever seen this...
  250. Is this acceptacle????