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  1. Planks under metal roofing
  2. Nail Specification Table; what's DF-L and S-P-F?
  3. How to tell if builder put rebar in foundation
  4. Type of Rafters?
  5. I hate Decks
  6. Basement column posts
  7. Crawlspace foundation "straps (?)"
  8. Combined Block and Poured Concrete Foundation
  9. Fire separation and combustion air
  10. Help to identify why this block wall is like this
  11. leaky basement, wing-wall and it's footing abut to basement wall
  12. basement waterproofing
  13. Opinions appreciated
  14. Buyers move in, get water in lower level. Seller did not disclose anything
  15. Non I Beam OSB for finished loft area?
  16. is this up to ANY code?
  17. basement waterproofing adam helfman hire it done
  18. Home inspector thinks he has the answer to, Why did my basement leak when it never...
  19. Addition, was built right next-to TWEE, wonderful
  20. Bowing walls do I need carbon fiber or is it a gimmick
  21. Crawlspaces.....
  22. Garage slab crack
  23. Pending home sale reveals wet basement
  24. Bendy Brick!
  25. video of another interior basement system, basement still leaks.....
  26. Do you think this is an empty house settling or something worse?
  27. Piers in Crawl Space
  28. Exposed support beams pulling away
  29. Exposed support beams pulling away
  30. Attic inspection
  31. basement kitchen, cabinets, water & mold in basement because...
  32. Roff Trusses have been cut! HELP!
  33. Homeowner says he called well known Detroit area waterproofing company
  34. Best basement ever
  35. Severity of foundation issue
  36. some of the never ending myths, misinformation etc in this business, from quite a few
  37. another good example of why one should NOT trust interior basement system morons
  38. Brand new build. Shim? Whats happening here?
  39. main beam
  40. Questionable Cement Block Piers?
  41. senior woman was given $11,000 est for one wall +
  42. leaky basement, some mold and a RAISED WOOD FLOOR, isn't that nice
  43. Today's Lesson: How to remove a bearing wall - Flipper Method
  44. Metal Piers approved supports?
  45. wherever your getting your info on this subject is wrong man
  46. Shims on columns
  47. How to write this up ... 🤔🤔
  48. Deck joist length ?
  49. just another piece of crap interior basement system, beams, wall bowed in etc
  50. Un-Permitted work?
  51. Vertical Cracked Mortar Wall
  52. Proper deck girder placement on piers.
  53. another pos interior basement system
  54. Foundation anchor bolts - New construction
  55. ESR-1336 hole through engineered joists
  56. just another home inspector screwing up on this-subject
  57. Any ideas on these blocks?
  58. Asking for opinions
  59. Flatness of a condo slab
  60. Plumbers
  61. Truss component
  62. foundation repair gone wrong, who pays etc...wiff Danny from Hydro
  63. Walls framed before brick placed on foundation brick ledge
  64. Hey Bubbler do I need Basement tiles or better gutters?
  65. Inner Foundation Wall?
  66. Are these second story floor joists overspanned?
  67. Something I have not seen yet...
  68. gap between rafters
  69. 2x4 pier and wood footings?
  70. Structural inspection
  71. Basement: wall anchors or carbon fiber straps?
  72. Willie with the basement kings..... lol
  73. Aggregate spots on interior basement wall
  74. Lintel over garage entrance
  75. leaky basement, buyer was lied to, home inspector missed obvious signs
  76. Wood strapping on exterior of the foundation wall
  77. Vertical foundation crack new home
  78. Check out this not so permitted deck
  79. Proper terminology
  80. Installing what B Dry did here............
  81. Foundation Inspection question
  82. replica of Mckinley house has real issues
  83. big daddy underground tree root and 1 reason why NOT to backfill with clay, eh
  84. What in the world were they thinking
  85. Large checks/ splits at front porch posts
  86. Fire restoration
  87. Buyer was told the basement was 'waterproofed'... REALLY?
  88. Rochester, block walls, basement leaks in this area
  89. Thoughts on Vertical Crack
  90. Egress window
  91. Over spanned deck joists?
  92. some home inspectors are real good and thorough and others simply suck
  93. this video goes out to a few homeowners and REALTORS
  94. if you are doing a home inspection and umm, see 1+ of these
  95. poured foundation wall crack, leaks
  96. Need Advice!
  97. 'So you want to waterproof your basement'
  98. Leaky basement block basement walls
  99. Royal Oak, poued wall crack leaks and so does basement window
  100. Basement mold
  101. Drain tile install day two
  102. basement water, hydrostatic pressure, wet basement solutions??
  103. how would installing any interior basement drainage system
  104. Leaky basement, some TRY pouring mud along the house and driveway
  105. former home inspector turned waterproofing consultant
  106. hmm, another homeowner was told to mudjack slabs and doing that would supposedly.....
  107. Macomb MI, homeowner was told he needed to spend $20,000+
  108. Homeowner has plexiglass, wood etc all along his back basement wall, leaky basement
  109. same shtt different day
  110. Torch down found in attic
  111. Cracks in 2yo Slab
  112. Suspected damage to slab foundation in Naples FL
  113. Foundation cracks
  114. duh umm is this scamming dork home inspector a Nachi member?
  115. leaky basement, block foundation walls, corner leaks
  116. School, boiler room leaks, electrical lines that go through the foundation wall
  117. Vertical Crack in Crawl Space Foundation
  118. Vertical crack leaks, rod holes leak, egress window leaks
  119. Vertical crack(s) foundation wall, leaky rod holes, mold etc
  120. Shalom Acres, installing drain tile and waterproofing
  121. No Ledger Board
  122. Same old incompetent crap, thought process is all wrong!!!!
  123. Stucco & Simpson Strong-Tie Deck Inspection class in CO
  124. Crack Above Door in the hallway ..need advise
  125. Just Rip it out
  126. Home inspector who says he/they repair basement cracks and leaks hmmm
  127. Sinking skyscraper in SF
  128. idiots, ignorant, scam, misrepresentations etc
  129. Location of Serial number on a Manufactured Home ?
  130. Crumbling concrete
  131. Unusual Dry Rot Fungus
  132. Dent in Support Column
  133. the lunatic is on the grass......
  134. Pin holes at structural rim joists
  135. "Weeping tile cleanout retrofit"
  136. 'You're right to question $18,000 for mold job', got MOLD?
  137. Black iron pipe corrosion
  138. Cracked support beam across ceiling
  139. Deck Inspections
  140. Sagging Beam
  141. Collection of Foundation Cracks
  142. Cut Roof Trusses
  143. Old framing comments
  144. Then we have situations like this (flooding)
  145. 9:20 "No more water in duh basement, this is the way to keep your basement dry"
  146. John Bubbler Thread
  147. Homeowner was getting water in basement out the chimney chute door
  148. duh umm, basement flooding question
  149. if i ever had an instruction course on
  150. another incompetent inside basement system bimbo
  151. Home inspector "if any water etc in basement it's probaby due to GRADING, wrong!
  152. just another idiot who slapped some BLUE GOO on interior basement walls
  153. just more friggin proof on why NOT to install a moron interior basement system
  154. How to figure out how/where water gets into chimney and out the chimney chute door
  155. Massive Foundation Failures Conn.
  156. Eastpointe Mich, please look at the inside of block wall
  157. St Clair Shores, interior basement system recently installed, duh umm still leaks
  158. GP Woods MI, basement waterproofing
  159. Gable end wall warning
  160. Researching adjustable columns
  161. duh umm, another basement drainage system installed here lool
  162. Suspicious Trusses
  163. basement drainage system
  164. basement waterproofing side wall
  165. is concrete crack in the corners of new contracture
  166. Grade falling out underneath lintel
  167. i wish it would rain down, interior basement systems chump-heads
  168. Sump, no pit...again
  169. Settlement - Manufactured Home
  170. Mobile/Manufactured Homes
  171. vertical crack in poured wall, ummm leaks
  172. 3D Graphic Footing Loads on Soil
  173. Footings in the mud plane
  174. B Dry water-diverting in Erie PA, 3 workers charged
  175. engineered wood floor joists missing crush blocks, etc.
  176. Fairly often you will NOT see cracks on the inside of block basement walls
  177. exterior basement waterproofing, poured wall crack
  178. Steel Deck
  179. Basement waterproofing, interior companies, ship of fools
  180. Let's put a hot tub on the deck!!!
  181. White residue on attic planking
  182. Rafter bracing
  183. Continuous purlin
  184. Everdry water-dorking, southeast Michigan, lied to homeowner
  185. Basement waterproofing, poured wall crack, leaks
  186. this guy is a flipper (fine), FHA appraisal claims issue with basement....
  187. Basement waterproofing, 2 leaky areas
  188. Appraisal issue-brick foundation
  189. Foundation repair, scams, myths, frauds and omissions
  190. pushed out foundation wall
  191. Flooding causes fish to go in homeowners basement, need worms
  192. ummmmm, Gutter HELMET for you?
  193. Exterior walls on slab on grade foundations
  194. Oh Canada.... lack of home inspector regulations
  195. Mortar cracking in newly laid brick
  196. Noah's waterproofing and Mr Sterling, a POOL guy
  197. Floor Joist Overhang/Support
  198. Wood Beam construction, adequate or not?
  199. here's a crew 4 you, doing ext waterproofing & backfilling ALL of the same clay
  200. Spiderweb cracks in Block Chimney
  201. I beam support
  202. Main support post for deck
  203. Drilling holes in block walls, new drain tile...
  204. this supposed need, or problem about exterior drain tiles
  205. Ryan Carr, Mike's 1000sf basement waterproofing
  206. this is what many home inspectors, city inspectors, realtors etc
  207. Major Structural Question (Beam, Sill Plates, Garage Floor, Foundation, etc...) ASAP
  208. Swayback? roof spreading?
  209. nice stringer
  210. Marky, we only get water in basement 2-3 times a year...
  211. another piece of junk interior basement system installed w/block pilasters etc
  212. Lady needs info
  213. exterior waterproofing which was 'kind of' done, ok, sorta, not really
  214. B Dry system installed here, no permit pulled either
  215. Maryland waterproofing and many others
  216. "Constant wetness can dissolve the particles that hold masonry units together..."
  217. Hmmm, would you rather take Fairfax county VA's word or any interior knothead system
  218. hip roof. cut rafters. Is it a problem
  219. another piece of junk interior basement system installed
  220. Why some home inspectors need to cough up their inspection fee
  221. Fire break between Garage and Dwelling.?
  222. LVL Splice not over column and more
  223. water coming in basement between pvc sleeve and sewer pipe
  224. one tries to reach as many homeowners as possible to save 'em time and money
  225. Drylok and a moldy basement, plsu another incompetent company
  226. "notched" floor joist
  227. rafter joist cut
  228. Horizontal Crack in Raised Foundation
  229. no foundation wall under garage slab
  230. "Basement WATERPROOFING from inside"
  231. ASHI/Feiza 'Solving a basement leak.......'
  232. Ram Jack
  233. Long verticle crack on exterior bricks.
  234. they claim they're the number 1 waterproofing co in Canada-land
  235. Modular home sections 1" apart
  236. "Gotta do it right" loooollll
  237. Modular Home Trusses
  238. Woman discovers mold in basement/crawl after buying home
  239. Choo Choo!
  240. Moron companies with bogus claims on their stupid 'waterproofing paint'
  241. red brick wall support
  242. Sir, "You have violated the Cone of Compression"
  243. Concrete Slab Foundation Erosion?
  244. leaky basement, homeowner already had several inside misfits over
  245. Pricing for structural audit
  246. just another idiot on this subject
  247. Foundation Measuring
  248. CMU Foundation,Input please
  249. Aquaguard in Maryland, another example
  250. Joist notched for anchbolt.