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  1. Who's this guy?
  2. L I NACHI & Nat Grid GAS 101 class
  3. Meant to be the QOD
  4. Great meeting last night
  5. Managing Exterior Moisture course in Eau Claire, Wisconsin on February 12, 2009.
  6. Durham College offers InterNACHI/IAC2 approved radon course.
  7. Over 1,000 Students Attended
  8. InterNACHI releases new, free, online, Radon Measurement Service Provider course.
  9. Solar Installations Training
  10. I'll be presenting for ITA's Fast Track course in Denver on February 11, 2009.
  11. Radon Pictures
  12. CEU's from other vendors
  13. New Home Inspection Continuing Ed Classes- NYS Approved
  14. Attend InterNACHI's 1-day, hands-on, Commercial Fire Door Inspection Course.
  15. 2-day radon training at NACHIOhio Chapter in Groveport, OH on January 23-24, 2009.
  16. 2-day Infrared Certified class at NACHI.TV studios in Boulder, CO on Feb 28-March 1.
  17. Alaska approves InterNACHI's free, online, Commercial course for H.I. CE purposes.
  18. IR Class Coming To Houston TX
  19. Learn how to get business and stay busy. Colorado Chapter President reveals all.
  20. New format/venue for Monthly online classes?
  21. IR Class Coming To Houston
  22. Our free, online Commercial Inspection course gets another government approval.
  23. Dallas IR Class
  24. InterNACHI and BuyWise offering Energy Star training in Ontario.
  25. InterNACHI discount on classroom courses in Missouri.
  26. cool post from JLC
  27. Over 45 hours of New Jersey Approved Continuing Education for Home Inspectors
  28. Tennesse licensing
  29. Two great courses by AEC cont. education
  30. Internachi's stucco course, only a few spots left!
  31. December 6th, 2008 Approved NYS Education
  32. NYS Approved Thermal Imaging Class
  33. InterNACHI releases new, free, online, Moisture Intrusion Inspection course.
  34. Infrared Course Coming To Ontario CA & Dallas TX
  35. Just wondering about PDF
  36. FREE 2-day, hands-on Stucco/EIFs inspection training course.
  37. $9.47 per hour
  38. HVAC Training
  39. Missouri Real Estate Commission awards InterNACHI school accreditation.
  40. Books for reference
  41. Continuing Ed for New York Home Inspectors
  42. Arkansas approves InterNACHI's free, online Commercial Inspection Course for CE.
  43. 2-day Stucco/EIFS inspection course at NACHI.TV studios.
  44. New, Online RE Classes for Realtors in NYS
  45. Simpson Strong-Tie Seminar
  46. Portland Cement Association in Vegas
  47. Effective E-mail Marketing - November Online InterNACHI/CMI class
  48. NYS approved home inspection continuing education courses.
  49. Oklahoma approved more of our free, online courses today.
  50. Over 50 residential and commercial HVAC systems in this new course.
  51. 40 hour, hands-on, Inspection course at NACHI.TV studios in Colorado on December 1-6.
  52. Education Status
  53. AHIT Termites and Other Wood-Destroying
  54. Add Connecticut to our list of state CE approvals.
  55. Learn and Earn from AEC/Daily
  56. IR Training
  57. Coming soon: Free, online Residential and Commercial Energy Audit course.
  58. FREE 2-day HVAC for Inspectors course. $1,500 value. Free for members outside CO.
  59. 25 Standards Every Inspector Should Know course. Free!
  60. New Jersey H.I. Advisory Committee approves 3 more free, online InterNACHI courses.
  61. Hey Electricians... Can you help by proofing this new course?
  62. Simpson Strong Tie IRC Training is back on track...
  63. Law and Disorder - SYRACUSE, NY - November 11, 2008
  64. Law and Disorder - UNIONDALE, NY - November 6, 2008
  65. Educational Offerings & Certifications
  66. Phx area AZ Inspectors
  67. Educational Requirements
  68. How do I.....?
  69. NYS Home Inspection Licensing Class 100 Hours
  70. NYS Intro to Thermal Imaging Class- October, 2008
  71. NYS Approved Education-CE Credit NYS Approved
  72. NACHI.TV releases new educational show. FREE!
  73. ITA / Kaplan Annual Expo
  74. Electrical inspection and safety publications
  75. State of Il education 6hrs of C.E's
  76. How to get certified in Colorado
  77. TREC approves InterNACHI's free online plumbing inspection course for 8 hrs CE today.
  78. 1-Day Certified Commercial Inspector Class coming to DC Area!
  79. Nevada Real Estate Division approves InterNACHI's free online Inspector Safety course
  80. Plan on attending! I will see you there!
  81. Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) approved our free online Roofing course today.
  82. 2 Day IR Course - $100 Off InterNACHI Dues
  83. Nick Gromicko speaking at Inspection Expo in Vegas on Oct 21, 6:30-7:30 pm.
  84. Wisconsin InterNACHI Fall Coming Events
  85. study material for state test?
  86. Free, comprehensive, online, Wood Destroying Organism Inspection Course.
  87. How to go back to last educational test section after log out
  88. South Dakota Real Estate Commission approves InterNACHI's online inspection courses.
  89. New Jersey and InterNACHI Approvd Classes-Continuing Education
  90. InterNachi and NYS Aproved Classes on 9-13-08 and 9-15-08
  91. 1-day InterNACHI approved Termite Inspection Workshops being held in NY, NJ, PA, CT.
  92. September 15th, 2008 Intro to Thermal Imaging Class in NYS
  93. AZ Inspectors
  94. CE Documentation
  95. Test Scoring
  96. New, comprehensive online video mold training course released today.
  97. Thermal Imaging 1 Day Seminar 8-15-08 on Long Island, NY
  98. New Classes 9/13/08 on Long Island
  99. Learn how to inspect tankless water heater systems. FREE.
  100. InterNACHI approved building code courses in SC.
  101. Trident Technical College offering InterNACHI courses in South Carolina.
  102. Illinois approved our Infrared Thermography online video course + 2 others today.
  103. Mississippi Home Inspector Board approved 9 InterNACHI online courses today!
  104. WOW! Arkansas Inspector Registration Board approved 7 more InterNACHI online courses!
  105. State of Alaska approves InterNACHI's online roofing course for CE purposes today.
  106. Alaska Home Inspector Program approved 5 more online/video courses today.
  107. Electrical Equipment - Free Online Class
  108. Commercial Inspection and Well Training coming to Scranton, PA in September!
  109. Trec Approved! 2-Days of Commercial and Well Classes coming to Houston in September
  110. 2 day Class
  111. Just an update....
  112. 2 Day IR Course - San Antonio, TX
  113. Tennessee Real Estate Commission approved InterNACHI course for real estate agent CE.
  114. Nevada Real Estate Division approves another InterNACHI online video course for CE.
  115. What is this hole?
  116. Continued education with AEC
  117. For a limited time only....
  118. Coming soon... InterNACHI's free, online, pool & spa inspection course.
  119. Kaplan's Inspection Training Associates (ITA) adds InterNACHI logo to a mailing...
  120. Texas Real Estate Commission approved 5 more InterNACHI online/online video courses.
  121. Become a Certified Home Energy Rating Field Inspector in South Carolina.
  122. Intro Thermal Imaging Class- Sept. 15th, 2008- NYS
  123. InterNACHI releases new, free, online Mold Inspection course.
  124. ACI conferences.
  125. InterNACHI opens new online Inspector University.
  126. South Dakota Real Estate Commission approves infrared course and John Mckenna.
  127. Illinois issued InterNACHI 4 more licenses today. 2 free online, 2 advanced video.
  128. IR Class - Ft Lauderdale (Miami) Florida
  129. Radon Courses
  130. New Jersey approves 2 more FREE, online InterNACHI courses for inspector CE purposes.
  131. Oklahoma approves 2 InterNACHI/NACHI.TV's online video courses for CE purposes.
  132. Continued education on Icynene Insulation
  133. Free, online Inspecting Foundation Walls and Piers course.
  134. Free Online Electrical Class 05 August. Free and open to Everyone.
  135. New IR Classes Across North America
  136. State of Tennessee approved 3 more, free, online InterNACHI courses today.
  137. InterNACHI Indiana receives CE approval from Home Inspection Licensing Board.
  138. NYS Approved Thermography Class for Home Inspection Continuing Ed Credit
  139. Houston & Atlanta IR Class
  140. Next NYS Licensing program starts August 4th
  141. Commercial training in California July 24th & 25th
  142. Free Online Class - Pricing Concepts and Strategies
  143. Tennessee just approved NACHI.TV's Infrared Thermography online VIDEO course for 5 CE
  144. Arkansas Home Inspector Registration Board approves 3 online/video courses.
  145. Free NACHI.TV show on new construction inspections.
  146. Free Internet Videos
  147. Law and Disorder Seminar
  148. State of Alaska approved 3 of InterNACHI's online courses today.
  149. State of New Jersey approves 4 InterNACHI/NACHI.TV online video courses.
  150. State of Illinois issued InterNACHI 7 more licenses today.
  151. ESA Mold Training Course In Missouri
  152. San Antonio, TX Infrared Class
  153. More Training in Ontario this July!
  154. New, online video course.
  155. More Infrared Certified training across N. America.
  156. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by InspectorBOOST.com
  157. Hot PICs of upcoming advanced drain and duct video camera inspection course.
  158. Recognizing WDO presence, infestation & damage course coming to NACHI.TV.
  159. New York State Approved Continuing Education
  160. General Info
  161. 2-day Infrared Certified training in Newburgh, New York on August 2-3, 2008.
  162. IR Class - NY, CA, TX, GA, Canada
  163. West Virginia approved all of InterNACHI's online & video courses for CE purposes.
  164. 2 more InterNACHI/NACHI.TV's advanced, online, video courses awarded state approval.
  165. 2 Day IR Class Coming To Toronto
  166. Next 5 replies get a FREE...
  167. 3hrs. CEU Course LAW AND DISORDER
  168. Radon distance learning
  169. OREGON approved CE courses
  170. FREE InterNACHI on-line education in your state
  171. FREE Online MoistureFree Presentation
  172. Home Inspector Certification Training Course in Missouri on June 20-22, 2008.
  173. State of Tennessee approves another InterNACHI course for CE purposes.
  174. Free breakfast seminars on oil heat in York and Adams counties in Pennsylvania.
  175. Credits
  176. Nice video on home inspection problems
  177. Nice video on home inspection problems
  178. Nice video on home inspection problems
  179. 2 Day Infrared Certification in Atlanta GA
  180. NYS Approved CE for June and July
  181. Always look for the colorful Infrared Certified logo when seeking IR Camera training.
  182. 4 hours of continuing education approved by state of Massachusetts.
  183. 2-day radon course at Illinois State University in Normal, IL on June 5-6, 2008.
  184. JUne 2nd, 2008 100 Hour Evening Home Inspection Program
  185. Certified Commercial Inspector & Certified Well Sampler classes in Boulder this June!
  186. Oldest inspection association in Florida asked to train REALTORs.
  187. State of Illinois issues InterNACHI 3 more licenses for inspector CE.
  188. Memorial Day weekend only! Free access to ppv advanced course. $20 value. 4 hours CE
  189. Ride Along
  190. ESA Certified Mold Training Course
  191. NY State Home Inspection Licensing Course
  192. Don
  193. InterNACHI and NACHI.TV launch advanced video education.
  194. Houston TX - Infrared Class on July 19-20
  195. "a no-brainer"
  196. Law and Disorder Seattle - NEW DATE May 30, 2008
  197. Free online class May 20, 2008. 2CEUs.
  198. Swimming Pool Instructor Class
  199. Law and Disorder Seminar - Nashville - May 19, 2008
  200. Learn about inspection marketing with Mike Crow. Watch the show now.
  201. 1-day Inspector Conference in Hinckley, Minnesota on June 19, 2008.
  202. Law and Disorder - Seattle, May 15, 2008
  203. Certified Commercial Inspector & Certified Well Sampler Classes - Houston, TX in June
  204. This school has an awfully nice association logo on all their pages.
  205. NACHI convention? Did I somehow miss it?
  206. licensing requirements
  207. IR Classes and News
  208. Quality Disaster Clean-Up offers CE to Utah InterNACHI members.
  209. Online education?
  210. Hot PIC of new online video "Means of Egress Inspection" course in production.
  211. Propane Education
  212. Upcoming IR Classes
  213. What's this video worth?
  214. CE's for state of Washington
  215. Email me if you want to be added to our Certified Instructors list.
  216. HI Schools and other associations might as well shut down in Oregon.
  217. May 10th Home Inspection Continuing Ed in NYS-6 Hours Credit!
  218. My Safe Florida Home Orlando training
  219. $4 course on recognizing structural defects in solid lumber framing.
  220. Where are you strong
  221. Where are you weak ?
  222. What is your weakest knowledge
  223. commercial inspection training
  224. Proctoring system established
  225. Sharondale Academy home inspection courses in Toronto, Ontario starting May 19, 2008.
  226. Degree
  227. InterNACHI now a Florida Depart.of Business & Professional Regulation course provider
  228. InterNACHI credits for state approved Radon courses.
  229. May 10th NYS Approved Home Inspection CE Classes
  230. Commercial Inspection Class coming to NY Metro Area
  231. TREC approves InterNACHI's Law & Disorder course for core or renewal CE hours.
  232. Hot PIC: Inspection industry trainer Mike Nelson to do 12 part advanced training.
  233. FREE AIA/CES education
  234. PA Inspectors - Well and Water Class on April 12th !
  235. Looking for Nachi Certified Training Course
  236. More Tennessee State approved continuing education, get it here.
  237. Error on Certificate of completion
  238. InterNACHI attorney doing Law and Disorder class across the U.S.
  239. Commercial inspection couse ORLANDO FL May
  240. April 2nd Greater Philadelphia Chapter Meeting
  241. Chicago Commercial training 3/28-29/08 **update**
  242. Another advanced training episode coming soon. This one especially good for new const
  243. InterNACHI members get 35% discount from NHITI. New class April 18-20, 2008.
  244. Grounding and Bonding Seminar by Joe Tedesco
  245. Earn 30 minutes of CE with this Garage Door Inspection DVD. $15.
  246. Free Huber Engineered Woods Course
  247. More IAC2 courses.
  248. Dallas, Ft Worth TX, Infrared Course, May 3-4
  249. Thermal Imaging for Home Inspectors
  250. Log Home course ties into conventional home inspection