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  1. InterNACHI inspectors get 10% off Duracell batteries.
  2. $500 cash back on Verizon FIOS + free installation+free DVR+free HD box+free router.
  3. I rewrote instructions to get our new Super Deals.
  4. $250 cash back when you sign up for Comcast.
  5. InterNACHI inspectors Receive up to $650 in credits on new T-Mobile line.
  6. InterNACHI members save 15% with Sprint.
  7. InterNACHI inspectors get $35 off at Parker Automotive.
  8. InterNACHI members get $10 off at Meineke.
  9. InterNACHI inspectors get 10% off at Maaco Auto Glass.
  10. InterNACHI inspectors save 15% at Jiffy Lube.
  11. InterNACHI inspectors get $50 off at Brakes Plus.
  12. InterNACHI inspectors get $100 off A Good Shop Auto Body.
  13. InterNACHI inspectors get $10 off Tires Plus.
  14. InterNACHI inspectors get $20 off Goodyear Auto Center.
  15. InterNACHI members get a free tire rotation at Big O Tires.
  16. InterNACHI inspectors get $100 trade-in at Big O Tires.
  17. InterNACHI inspectors get $75 from Big O Tires.
  18. InterNACHI inspectors now get the best grocery store coupons.
  19. InterNACHI members get 20% off National Car Rental.
  20. InterNACHI members get 15% off Columbia Sportswear.
  21. InterNACHI inspectors get 10% off Champs Sports.
  22. InterNACHI members get $20 off 1-800-Flowers.com
  23. InterNACHI inspectors get $60 off tickets to Walt Disney World.
  24. InterNACHI inspectors get 25% off Papa John's Pizza.
  25. InterNACHI inspectors get 15% off Firestone Complete Auto Care.
  26. InterNACHI inspectos save up to 30% from Dell.
  27. InterNACHI members get $25 Sam's Club Gift Card.
  28. InterNACHI members now get 15% off at Brook Brothers.
  29. Free Quebec (French) Real Estate Agent Marketing Cards available.
  30. Keith Swift offers InterNACHI discount on Swift Inspetion Software.
  31. Order a case of "Now..." books and get free Successful Inspection Business book free.
  32. Free North Dakota Real Estate Marketing Cards.
  33. Free Michigan Real Estate Agent Marketing Cards.
  34. Purchase "What Really Matters in a Home Inspection" Video on USB
  35. $15 flat rate shipping to U.S. and Canada for a case of now books.
  36. Canadians only "Now That You've Had a Home Inspection" case of 24. Only $15 shipping!
  37. ISN makes InterNACHI members a promise and offers them an awesome deal.
  38. A Buyer's Choice Home Inspection offers special InterNACHI financing.
  39. Get $150 off Inspection Conference in Orlando.
  40. New: How to Run a Successful Home Inspection Business book.
  41. Free Leads - Dump Angie's List and Home Advisor TODAY!
  42. Free Quebec Real Estate Agent Marketing Cards.
  43. InterNACHI member discount on EZ Home Inspection Software.
  44. Tip for the day
  45. OneSource allows InterNACHI members to offer all this to their clients for free.
  46. Elite MGA offers InterNACHI members an InterNACHI discount on E&O insurance.
  47. InterNACHI members get a 3-month free trial to Breeze.
  48. Mike Crow will pay your InterNACHI membership dues next year.
  49. Get your InterNACHI discount at upcoming Orlando Convention.
  50. You can now order "Now That You've Had a Home Inspection" books in Spanish.
  51. InspectChek offers special InterNACHI member deal.
  52. Maintain me, I'm Yours.
  53. Inspecting roofing from asphalt to zinc.
  54. Home maintenance tips.
  55. Inspecting asphalt shingle roofing DVD.
  56. Inspecting flat roofs DVD.
  57. Hard to find leaks DVD.
  58. Legal Shield offer to InterNACHI members.
  59. HomeBinder has special InterNACHI offer.
  60. RingAlly has special InterNACHI member offer.
  61. New product: Home Inspection Report-Writing Guide.
  62. Sign up for TAXBOT and do it right in 2014.
  63. Cyber Monday sale at Home Gauge.
  64. Home Inspector Pro's Black Friday to Cyber Monday Sale.
  65. Mike Crow's 3 Days of Secrets Revealed event.
  66. Get a free case of "Now That You've Had a Home Inspection" books with your brochures.
  67. HomeGauge now offers awesome InterNACHI websites.
  68. I made a huge package for inspectors who want everything. Saves you $1,000.
  69. All new 3 Costly Mistakes Every Home Buyer Should Avoid brochures.
  70. HomeGauge inspection Newsletter.
  71. DryerVent Wizard: If these were nearly free, would you give them to your client?
  72. Special InterNACHI offers from Home Gauge.
  73. Email photos, get a Quick-Look Report, $80 off for InterNACHI members.
  74. Inspector Outlet launches a high-end flashlight section.
  75. New hard copy of Conquer: Marketing for Inspectors book released today.
  76. As we get Real Estate Commission approvals, we'll create these free cards and...
  77. Free Oklahoma Real Estate Agent Marketing Cards. Free CE for agents.
  78. Free North Carolina Real Estate Agent Marketing Cards. Free CE for agents.
  79. Free New Jersey Real Estate Agent Marketing Cards. Free CE for agents.
  80. Free New Hampshire Real Estate Agent Marketing Cards. Free CE for agents.
  81. Free Mississippi Real Estate Agent Marketing Cards. Free CE for agents.
  82. Free Delaware Real Estate Agent Marketing Cards. Free CE for agents.
  83. Free Alaska Real Estate Agent Marketing Cards. Free CE for agents.
  84. Free 30-day trial on voice command inspection reporting software.
  85. Coming soon... InterNACHI Inspector Flashlights. Wait till you see these babies!
  86. FREE Certified Master Inspector truck decal set.
  87. I have another free admission ticket to the Vegas Convention. Who wants it?
  88. FREE Certified Professional Inspector decals.
  89. I have a free admission ticket to the Vegas Convention. Who wants it?
  90. USI Affinity's health insurance for InterNACHI members.
  91. New marketing product: Home Maintenance Inspection rack cards.
  92. Free roof pitch gauge smartphone app.
  93. Going to the Vegas Convention this year? Free offer from Kevin O'Malley.
  94. Conquer: Marketing and Business Success for Inspectors book.
  95. Joe Ferry's Law and Disorder seminar.
  96. Nathan launches InterNACHIDeals.com
  97. I purchased 100 of these to give out for free to members. First 100 win.
  98. FREE Energy Saver Booklets in SPANISH
  99. Free meth test kits for InterNACHI members. Give it a try.
  100. CSPC Announces Improved Free Services for Consumers
  101. A message to members and a great offer from Secure 24.
  102. New Alarm Systems offer from Secure 24. Exclusive InterNACHI member offer.
  103. Neighborhood Environmental Reports - Special Offer
  104. Microsoft Office for $10?
  105. Member saves $1,000/year by switching to InterNACHI's credit card processing deal.
  106. Ask for "Friends of InterNACHI" preferred pricing from Black & Associates.
  107. Special InterNACHI-exclusive offer from Home Inspector Pro!
  108. New Why Hire a Certified Professional Inspector brochure.
  109. New Move-In-Certified marketing piece is now available.
  110. InterNACHI members get $100 off registration for the Vegas Inspection Conference.
  111. EquityLock offers InterNACHI members a deal.
  112. Free Pet Safety Inspection checklist.
  113. Florida Real Estate Agent Marketing Cards.
  114. Missouri Real Estate Marketing Cards are in!
  115. Free Inspector Freebies, Deals, and Discounts Pack.
  116. All InterNACHI members now get free merchant accounts and free credit card machines
  117. Attention vendors: Put your InterNACHI-exclusive offer in front of every member.
  118. Termtrac offers InterNACHI members a 20% discount for the month of June, 2013.
  119. Michael Napadow offers new exclusive InterNACHI deal on pay-per-inspection insurance.
  120. CommercialNet offers exclusive PocketINSPECT deal to InterNACHI members.
  121. Free Stucco Identification Decision Tree Card.
  122. Outside Colorado? Come to this free commercial property inspection course for free.
  123. InterNACHI Inspection Narratives now available as a download.
  124. Home Inspector Plus offering InterNACHI member discounts.
  125. 203K Event in Denver, Colorado, June 7th, 2013
  126. InterNACHI releases new Stucco Identification Field Guide.
  127. Check out this WDI meter. Wow.
  128. Environmental Concerns books. $1.25 each.
  129. Sign up for Taxbot.
  130. Spectoscope flyer.
  131. Detailed Inspection Report Critiques: $79.
  132. Two versions of Now That You've Had a Home Inspection book.
  133. Free custom inspection brochure designs.
  134. Free inspector logo design.
  135. Inspection Narrative Library for sale.
  136. Free stuff for inspectors.
  137. Offer the Home Energy Report and book.
  138. Get your InterNACHI VISA card.
  139. Kenton now offers detailed inspection report critiques.
  140. New Vendor application. Industry vendors can now join InterNACHI.
  141. Residential Warranty Services and RecallChek offering $20 each toward your brochure.
  142. InterNACHI paying $10 toward your custom inspection brochures.
  143. Residential Warranty Services paying $10 toward your custom inspection brochures.
  144. RecallChek paying $10 toward your custom inspection brochures.
  145. Free packs of 50 printed real estate marketing cards for Colorado inspectors.
  146. Another InterNACHI book option to give to your clients.
  147. Saturn Resource Management offering CE for InterNACHI members.
  148. These will likely sell out fast. Get your pre-order in.
  149. Try Canvas free for 30 days.
  150. New discount for InterNACHI members (50% off Taxbot)
  151. Free Colorado Real Estate Marketing Card.
  152. Join the Contractors Association for free.
  153. Free marketing flyer for Colorado-only members
  154. InterNACHI discount on radon courses in Illinois.
  155. HomeInspectorBrochure.com offers InterNACHI deal.
  156. Inspector polo shirts.
  157. Custom inspector banners and retractable stands for home shows.
  158. Free How to Inspect Dishwashers Guide + Sample Narratives.
  159. New product: Report Presentation Kit Inserts (for members who have their own binders)
  160. InspectorPromotions.com
  161. Another home energy inspection brochure released today.
  162. New home inspection brochure: "While I'm here..."
  163. General Roof Defects Audiobook: $29.95.
  164. Still using ladders? You can't fall off this...
  165. New product: Free IAC2 patches.
  166. Free Infrared Certified patches.
  167. New product for Home Inspector Pro users...
  168. All 4 InterNACHI Roof Inspection Field Guides.
  169. Thermal Imager, 2-year NO QUESTIONS ASKED warranty, FREE calibrations forever.
  170. FREE Pools and Spas Inspection Checklist.
  171. Custom business card magnets for inspectors.
  172. Giving Away 2,000 Full-Color Brochures at Colorado Springs Event, CO, Nov 29th, 2012
  173. Home Inspector Pro sale for InterNACHI members.
  174. Free electrical inspection checklist.
  175. 2013 "Now That You've Had a Home Inspection" book released today. $2.70
  176. Rugged Tablet
  177. Nathan's book now sold on Inspector Outlet.
  178. InterNACHI discount on new version of AHIT's InspectIt HomeReport.
  179. Discount at Energy Efficiency Training in Texas
  180. Liberty Mutual created an InterNACHI landing page that calculates or discount.
  181. New marketing product... customized with your inspection business logo.
  182. InterNACHI Exclusive Offer: Mold Analysis Only $22.50!
  183. InterNACHI Member Discount Subscription to Home Energy Magazine
  184. Why eBooks are perfect for inspectors.
  185. Get $100 off the Las Vegas Inspection Conference on October 8-12, 2012.
  186. Free health and prescription discount cards for members.
  187. Hertz offers InterNACHI members free rentals and discounts.
  188. 15 free iPad / Android inspection reports from ReportHost
  189. Sign up for this free trial. It looks like it has potential.
  190. We launched Design and Print Services for inspectors today.
  191. Custom trade show banners for inspectors.
  192. Protection Plus Solutions offers InterNACHI members background check services.
  193. AHIT offers exclusive pricing for InterNACHI members.
  194. 2,500 & 5,000 quantity options now available on brochure/business card combos.
  195. Liberty Mutual offers discounts on car insurance for InterNACHI members.
  196. New product: Order 2,000 custom-designed inspection flyers.
  197. Free InterNACHI's Wind and Hail Property Damage Inspection document (PDF)
  198. 1,000 custom-designed inspection report folders.
  199. Home Inspector Pro releases Mobile HIP for Android, and Home Inspector Pro 3.2.
  200. Custom-embroidered Polo shirts for your inspection business.
  201. Custom-printed shirts for your inspection business.
  202. Last chance to book your Atlantic City Inspection Conference hotel room for $65.
  203. Customer Service and Communication for Inspectors pdf. $9.99
  204. Special deal on E&O insurance for InterNACHI members.
  205. Free credit card processing systems for all InterNACHI members.
  206. We sent out a Liberty Mutual Insurance offer to members.
  207. Members can now order 2,500 premium business cards, custom desgined.
  208. Get a whopping, additional $300!!! on each inspection with FrontPoint Security.
  209. Free Certified Professional Inspector (CPI) patches.
  210. Members can now order custom-designed rack cards in lots of 5,000.
  211. Members can now order custom-designed Vehicle Magnets. $90
  212. The Wildlife Damage Inspection Handbook released today.
  213. Members can now order custom rack cards in lots of 2,000.
  214. Best air purifiers for quality air
  215. Tri-fold brochure samples.
  216. Rack card samples.
  217. InterNACHI Print Services. Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise.
  218. Tactical Inspection Shirts.
  219. Get $100 off Inspection Conference in Atlantic City, NJ on April 22-24, 2012.
  220. Free Home Inspection Marketing Materials for trying EZ Home Inspection Software
  221. First 2 to reply win Ken Compton's Turn Prior Clients into a Referral Machine.
  222. First 2 to reply win Ken Compton's Sales Meeting Secrets. Merry Christmas.
  223. First 2 to reply win Ken Compton's Preo-Listing Inspection Mastery. Merry Christmas.
  224. First 2 to reply win Ken Compton's Profit from Facebook. Merry Christmas.
  225. Visa Mc processing major major news
  226. InterNACHI discount on security products...
  227. InterNACHI discount on property adjustment training.
  228. InterNACHI discount on ThinkAndGrowSuccess.com
  229. UPS now gives InterNACHI members up to 32% off shipping. Sign up now!
  230. HomeClue Home History Reports. Act now and become an authorized reseller.
  231. Home inspection training video on USB flash drive. $39... and keep the flash drive.
  232. 10% InterNACHI discount on FLIR & Hioki IR cameras from Tequipment.
  233. Free gift for all InterNACHI members from Empowered Point of Sale. Just fill out form
  234. Free 90-day WDO Service Warranty for all InterNACHI members and their clients.
  235. Free gift from PRO-LAB. Get yours.
  236. Free PDH, LU, and CE Credits
  237. Get $150 off Inspection Conference in Vegas.
  238. Get 31% to 88% off on office supplies!
  239. Commercial Code Exam Prep Flash Cards: $14.95.
  240. Full blown, totally editable, search engine optimized inspector websites: $15/month
  241. Retrotec Equipment Blowout!
  242. Website SEO Keyword Booster for Condo Inspectors.
  243. E&O insurance discount for InterNACHI members who have been in biz for 3 years.
  244. RequestMaster.com offers InterNACHI deal.
  245. InterNACHI Dry-Erase Magnets.
  246. FREE coloring book to give to children who attend the inspection.
  247. 203K Seminar in Colorado Springs on April 15, 2011.
  248. Reminder: Today is the final day for the $1.53 sale.
  249. Another great marketing product from Inspector Outlet. $3.00.
  250. This month's eNewsletter from Inspector Outlet.