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  1. Get our entire 1/4 million dollar Inspection Graphics Library for $39.95. Insane.
  2. Inspector Library. Get the entire shelf for $189.95.
  3. In stock now. Home Inspector's Guide to Marketing and Sales. $24.95.
  4. In stock now. 25 Standards Every Inspector Should Know book. $14.95.
  5. In stock now. Safety Practices for the Home Inspector book. $14.95.
  6. InterNACHI members get an exclusive deal on insurance with FREA.
  7. Tyvek Coverall Protective Suits... just $3.99!
  8. In stock! Free book displays earn you $$ while you promote your inspection business.
  9. Inspection Arbitration Services, only $90/year for InterNACHI members.
  10. New, baby blue, big check mark, InterNACHI report binders are in.
  11. Storm Stoppers, wind mitigation product spectials for InterNACHI members only.
  12. InterNACHI releases free, First Time Home Buyer Friendly web seal for member use.
  13. FYI: We are mailing you out an offer from Liberty Mutual.
  14. How to Inspect a Deck Inspections. 52 pages. $9.95.
  15. Get paid to market yourself and your inspection company at real estate shows.
  16. We are only printing 500 WDO Inspection Field Guides. Makes WDO inspections easy.
  17. New "INSPECTOR" T-shirts went on sale today. $5.
  18. Stay Back Stop Signs. Every inspector should own one.
  19. InspectorOutlet.com now offers UPS shipping option.
  20. Closing.com promoting InterNACHI members on CNN, FOX, A&E, HGTV.
  21. Last 40 cases of Manual for a Happy Home on sale.
  22. InterNACHI members' clients now get $125 visa gift card.
  23. InterNACHI "INSPECTOR" jacket.... $29.95.
  24. Become a walking billboard. $5 inspector T-shirt sale.
  25. Mountain Warranty's hot new website!
  26. ServiceLive.com looking for InterNACHI members.
  27. Now, a free PREMIUM listing on Closing.com Sign up or call them NOW.
  28. New InterNACHI leather inspector binder.
  29. 0% interest marketing loans for InterNACHI member. Market now, inspect now, pay later
  30. Utah adopts InterNACHI's course in lieu of their own. InterNACHI members only.
  31. InspectorOutlet.com opened today.
  32. Credit card systems for free.
  33. Awesome deal on InterNACHI's Manual for a Happy Home!
  34. Breaker labels and valve tags. $1.49/set.
  35. Order next few days and get free shipping and 10 free books.
  36. You now get $150 cash from Guardian, and your clients get $100 Home Depot or Lowes.
  37. Finishing up a deal with FREA, they are going to pay members to renew at InterNACHI.
  38. Free Environmental Concerns book with every Homeowner's Handbook.
  39. Ad Ventures, Inc. offers marketing for InterNACHI members.
  40. Meth test kits for sale.
  41. An additional service you can offer your clients. PropertyFax.
  42. Earn an extra $150/inspection from Guardian for doing nearly nothing.
  43. Take 30 seconds and get more internet shelf space for your inspection business.
  44. Another free service for InterNACHI members.
  45. Brochure orders now come with 2,500 custom business cards for free.
  46. SepticSolutionsOnline.com offers InterNACHI members a new way to make money.
  47. Radon Corporation of America offers InterNACHI deal on calibration services.
  48. I permitted Liberty Mutual to mail members some junk mail next week.
  49. Something nice that you can offer to all your clients who are moving.
  50. Increase your Search Engine Optimization by contributing to the inspector blog.
  51. Custom website developer offers InterNACHI members 20% off.
  52. i-Course offers 15% off to InterNACHI members.
  53. InerNACHI members get a free listing on POPSpages.com. Get yours now.
  54. Free IASQ Training ($400 value) with Healthier Environment Living Program
  55. Queensboro Shirt Company offers InterNACHI discount.
  56. Home inspectors and credit cards.
  57. Veterans Day Poster Collection from BestInspectors.net
  58. Free, full-blown versions of HomeGauge 4.1 reporting software.
  59. Improve your credit score.
  60. Virtual Payment Solutions offers InterNACHI discount on mobile credit card processing
  61. New InterNACHI logo LED microwave oven testers are in. FREE!
  62. New InterNACHI logo tribbles are in. Free.
  63. Order your free inspection truck decals.
  64. Home Inspector Pro offers InterNACHI and ONLY InterNACHI member discount.
  65. Inspection Expo Early Registration Extended for InterNACHI Members! Save $100!
  66. Liberty Mutual offers InterNACHI member discount on Auto and Home Insurance.
  67. InterNACHI deal being offered on inspector listing site.
  68. Get your home inspector listing (free forever for InterNACHI members) on Closing.com
  69. Discounted rate for PA, NY, and NJ Inspectors
  70. Special Discount for Houston Inspectors attending these classes!
  71. InterNACHI releases new Inspector Library of documents, forms, clauses and agreements
  72. Free to all InterNACHI members and CMIs: Free E-Mail Newsletters - a Guide.
  73. Free credit card processing machines for all InterNACHI members.
  74. Free logos, images, taglines and links to improve your inspection website.
  75. Free brochures warning clients about child hazards regarding windows.
  76. Free, online, Inspecting Foundation Walls and Piers course.
  77. RealNetResponse to offer discounted services to InterNACHI members.
  78. Health insurance.
  79. Free bundles of Inspector's Quarterly available. New Commercial Inspection issue...
  80. New green InterNACHI tablecloths are in.
  81. Free, online, Commercial Inspection Prerequisite course.
  82. Something we're working on for clients of InterNACHI members.
  83. Do to sponsorship support from vendors, this previously pay-per-view episode now free
  84. FREE Infrared Certified certificate. Download and print yours now.
  85. Download your free IAC2 membership certificate.
  86. Print off your card here for free insurance.
  87. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by InspectorBOOST.com
  88. Home Depot and Lowes spending million$ to promote InterNACHI.
  89. Free website and hosting for 3 months from Home Inspector Pro.
  90. InspectionLocator offers InterNACHI member discount.
  91. Taking pre-orders for the inspection narrative library. Just $99.
  92. InterNACHIGauge releases COMMERCIAL inspection software, plus other add-ons.
  93. Try this free website and hosting. 3 months free. No contract. No start-up fee.
  94. Hey Tennessee members... give us your state license #s.
  95. Free, Gold, 5-Year InterNACHI pins.
  96. Free, downloadable, advanced course material.
  97. Get paid for submitting your PICs for our commercial inspection text book.
  98. usSnail.com offers InterNACHI members a free trial.
  99. Sign up for this free marketing secret!
  100. You should all be getting a letter from the US Chamber of Commerce this week.
  101. Free Consumer's Guide to infrared certified inspections link. Put it on your site.
  102. Free MoveInCertified.com signs for your next Trade Expo or Home Show. Yours to keep.
  103. InterNACHI members will have a canned online commercial to promote their businesses.
  104. InterNACHI members will have a canned online commercial to promote their businesses.
  105. InterNACHI ID Card system upgraded. Order your new, improved one now. Free.
  106. Health and dental program for InterNACHI members.
  107. InterNACHI Streamlight Ultrastinger flashlight.
  108. Credit card processing.
  109. Aetna health insurance offer for InterNACHI members only.
  110. Free download from eInspections.
  111. IAC2 members free to use Trademarked tagline.
  112. An exclusive invitation to all InterNACHI members from IonEnvironmental
  113. Free subscription to Restoration and Remediation magazine.
  114. FREE Accident/Death Insurance Policy and Travel Assistance for ALL members.
  115. Get listed on page ONE of Google and Yahoo!
  116. Something we're working on. Will earn members about $4,000.00 a year.
  117. 15% discount on E&O insurance for all InterNACHI members from NAPLIA.
  118. Free Log Home Inspection course. Huge. Open to all, not just members.
  119. Free credit card systems for all InterNACHI members.
  120. FREE online Plumbing Inspection course, 103 pages, pictures, MASSIVE!!!
  121. New, free, HUGE InterNACHI displays are in!!! Get yours now.
  122. Free Books for NACHI Members
  123. Free Marketing CD from Aztrom Inspection Reporting Software.
  124. You'll like this thing we're launching... $100 Gift Card to Home Depot or Lowes.
  125. $3.85 per book!!! Insane clearance sale to make way for new InterNACHI logo'd books.
  126. Free download from ProMark. Try it now.
  127. Moisture Free offering additional revenue opportunity to InterNACHI members.
  128. Free, live, online "Inspecting Residential Electrical Systems" course, January 30.
  129. New InterNACHI Home Savvy eMagazine.
  130. New InterNACHI logo'd tablecloths are in! Get yours for your next event. FREE.
  131. 35% InterNACHI discount from NHITI on training Feb 29 thru March 2, 2008.
  132. Sign up now for draw inspections.
  133. A concise mold inspection agreement for InterNACHI members.
  134. More free publicity for InterNACHI members... right in your local book store.
  135. FREE General Liability insurance. Exclusive InterNACHI deal!
  136. Are your inspection services priced for profit? InterNACHI member discount offered.
  137. Infrared Certified.
  138. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by certifiednachistore.com
  139. $1,000 infrared camera discount for InterNACHI members!
  140. Blaine got us American Home Warranty deal.
  141. Free 10 minute show on how to inspect stairways.
  142. iNACHIreporter Special... just 5 days left.
  143. Free gift to all InterNACHI members from BestInspectors.net.
  144. InterNACHI holiday special from Home Inspector Pro.
  145. Free, live, online "Inspecting Residential Electrical Systems" course, December 19.
  146. Great deal from Keith Swift. Watch the show.
  147. Free, big, InterNACHI decals. Get yours now.
  148. Schedueze offers InterNACHI member discount.
  149. Order this free book now. "An Opinon on Performance is Mandatory" by George Wells.
  150. Holiday special from Porter Valley Software and InterNACHIPVS.
  151. Free, online electrical inspection course. Register now.
  152. Coast to Coast offers InterNACHI deals on E&O including septic, radon, pest insurance
  153. Try www.InterNACHIGauge.com for free.
  154. Try this smokin' hot reporting software for free!
  155. Huge holiday software sale for InterNACHI members. Ony $349!
  156. AHIT offering InterNACHI members discount on online training.
  157. Coming soon. Just staple your business card to it and make money.
  158. Free 4 gig email accounts for all members.
  159. We got in the new InterNACHI logo'd 3 Mistakes brochures today.
  160. Call and get in on this Cert-A-Roof deal.
  161. NACHI member discount on continuing education from McKissock.
  162. More free commercials for members. Watch them now.
  163. New Allied Home Inspection School inspection article library.
  164. NACHI members can add themselves to another inspector directory for FREE.
  165. Free accessibility inspection reporting agreement/form for commercial buildings.
  166. Free trial of iNACHIreporter software or buy it at a great price!
  167. Personally penned greeting cards for NACHI member use.
  168. NACHI discount on good home study pack.
  169. Coming soon. InterNACHI discount card on EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD!
  170. 1,000 4-color, professional inspector business cards for only $55.
  171. Free infrared WORD template to customize your own InspectorBOOST.com brochures.
  172. We Teach House offers NACHI discount on Commercial Inspection course.
  173. Electronic 4 Point Insurance form available.
  174. Nemmar offers free stuff to members.
  175. Exclusive NACHI discount from www.EZOnlineScheduling.com
  176. First Choice Home Inspection Software discount.
  177. Southern Rose Travel Direct Portal
  178. Home Inspector Pro offers $100 discount to NACHI members.
  179. NACHI inspector offers travel deals to fellow members.
  180. MoveInCertified.com mentioned in my InspectorBoost sample template.
  181. Special NACHI site set up by iCourse.
  182. 1,000 business cards for $25!
  183. Fortune 500 companies spending millions to promote NACHI members.
  184. More success tips and free stuff added...
  185. NACHI members get deal when they purchase a FLIR infrared camera at PRO-LAB.
  186. CleanZone Systems offering to speak at NACHI Chapter meetings.
  187. FNMS offers NACHI deal on credit card processing.
  188. Nearly a million Home Head Start Guides going out to promote members.
  189. Another free, online course.
  190. LA Times (nation's 4th largest newspaper) mentions only NACHI in big article.
  191. Frree online access to Field Training Manual from PHII.
  192. Credit Card Processing - Great Deal
  193. We have admission discount coupons to International Home Show in Canada.
  194. NACHI member discount from Advanced Inspection Training.
  195. Need to rent a car for an upcoming NACHI meeting? Hertz deal.
  196. 2 hour free seminar for NACHI members on Infrared Technology in Princeton, NJ, Sept 5
  197. ITA offers NACHI member discount on Inspection Expo, Vegas, Oct 1-3, 2007.
  198. UnpaidInspections.com
  199. Most of these are free. Things you can do now to build a succesful inspection biz.
  200. Free membership in ESA for NACHI members who participate in call center.
  201. Preventive Maintenance Manual on CD for $6.
  202. Palm-Tech offers a free NACHI version demo to any member who wants one.
  203. Today's daily door prize donated by Nick.
  204. Today's daily door prize donated by iCourse.
  205. Lyreco offers Canadian NACHI members free next day delivery and other savings.
  206. We arranged to send you some junk mail. Your contact info was not given out.
  207. Need a banner for a trade show or a sign for your insepction truck?
  208. Pocket CO detector at a great NACHI price of only $109.
  209. Another free website for NACHI members.
  210. Free contract to use when your client wants to pay at closing.
  211. Free financing on brochures that you can customize.
  212. Free access to more push-button marketing.
  213. FREE Inspect and Protect: Avoiding Litigation PowerPoint presentation.
  214. TWI offers NACHI member discount.
  215. Free Happy Homeowner Manual w/purchase of Inspect & Protect. July 4 SPECIAL!
  216. Another great NACHI member discount from Queensboro.
  217. NACHI Inspection Planner Book.
  218. 20% discount on EVERYTHING from Unyk.
  219. Asbestos analysis for as low as $5.50!
  220. Free, online, signable inspection agreement system.
  221. Business Link Network makes offer to NACHI members.
  222. FloodStop offers deal for NACHI members.
  223. Order professional quality home inspection brochures that you can customize.
  224. NACHI New Volume 11 released.
  225. Today's daily door prize donated by NACHI.
  226. More, NACHI-only, EXCLUSIVE deals from Allen.
  227. Building Bridges PPT by Russel Ray.
  228. NACHI member discount from EDR.
  229. Free expandable attache. This really is an awesome offer.
  230. Free stuff for NACHI members from BestInspectors.net
  231. Sneak peek at NACHIbookstore.com
  232. We permitted Bank of America to mail you this one piece of junk mail this coming July
  233. Transworld sets up NACHI rep to help with member's debt collection.
  234. Free, online Emergency Egress mini-course released today.
  235. NHICTI has 4 seets left and a great deal for NACHI members!
  236. Order your Report Writing Made Easier booklet from Keith Swift for just $12.95!
  237. Order your NACHI Voltage Ticker now!
  238. Environmental Data Resources offers NACHI member discount.
  239. NACHI members get deal on books.
  240. Be state listed as an approved mortgage inspector in Delaware.
  241. 1/2 off setup from The Schdule Center.
  242. More convention specials from Certified NACHI Store.
  243. It's NACHI week at BestInspectors.net.
  244. EXCLUSIVE NACHI member pricing on insurance from Allen Insurance Group!
  245. Limitless copies of your certification.
  246. Another free NACHI mini-course.
  247. Join our OverSeeIt.com referral network. Free.
  248. Free New Agent PowerPoint presentation from Inspection Depot to Convention attendees.
  249. Today's daily door prize donated by NACHI (ladies only).
  250. Knight Software offers $100 NACHI member discount.