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  1. Free 1-day Intro to Infrared course in Denver, CO on Friday, April 20, 2007.
  2. FREE online Structural for Home Inspectors course released.
  3. Free trial version of NACHIGauge.
  4. NACHI's MEGA Convention... only $99!
  5. NACHI member discount on new Thermal Imaging Inspection Fundamentals video.
  6. New Home Warranty of America's NACHI landing page.
  7. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.
  8. Free single family electrical service calculator for NACHI members.
  9. Video Web TV and E-Mail Videos- NACHI Discounted here
  10. Spytorch offers NACHI member discount... only $19.95!
  11. NACHI customized inspection jackets.
  12. $100 Dining Dough certificates to first 100 NACHI members who sign up for HWA.
  13. Interactive Occupational Training offers NACHI member discount.
  14. Coming soon... Konica Minolta lease discounts to members as if we were one company.
  15. Are You Ready To Be Sued? Most Are Not! is a Manual
  16. Health program for NACHI members.
  17. SEO Buddy System.
  18. AHIT offers NACHI member discounts on their NACHI-branded site.
  19. InspectorSites now gives NACHI members a free first month.
  20. NACHI News Volume 6 lists some great NACHI deals and freebies.
  21. Leak Guardian offers exclusive 25% discount to NACHI members only.
  22. FREE business promotions and opportunities from HI-PORT. NACHI Exclusive.
  23. HI-SPEC launches NACHI-exclusive discount portal.
  24. NACHI member discount on WDO recertification courses in MA, CT, PA and NY.
  25. Coming soon. No questions asked line of credit for NACHI members who shop the mall.
  26. FREE Pay Per Inspection E&O insurance info packet.
  27. MaxShield offers NACHI member discount on protective apparel for home inspectors.
  28. Coming soon, Pay Per Inspection E&O insurance!
  29. Free eduational displays for NACHI chapters from DeckLok.
  30. FREE report on deck collapse.
  31. FREE automated assistant calls members when a consumer/REALTOR needs an inspection.
  32. 90% off for NACHI Members this Month
  33. Super T Promotions offers NACHI member deals.
  34. NACHI News Volume 5.
  35. Insurance: NACHI members can't be turned down for any pre-existing health condition.
  36. National Home Inspector Training Institute (NHITI) offers NACHI members 35% off.
  37. We just got an auto insurance discount for NACHI members.
  38. Free 3-day Commercial Inspection course February 24-26, 2007.
  39. NACHIreports.com is here!
  40. More NACHI member perks.
  41. NACHI members have access to dental plan for as low as $5.95/month.
  42. NACHI discount on Enviro 2007.
  43. Today's Daily Door Prize donate by NACHI.
  44. Pocket CO detector for only $109 for NACHI members!
  45. Coming soon from Porter Valley Software:
  46. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by HomeGauge.
  47. CostOfBusiness.com offers NACHI member discount.
  48. NACHI teams up with airlines to get members more inspections.
  49. American Academy of Advanced Education offers NACHI member discount.
  50. Inspection Squad offers NACHI member discount.
  51. NACHI members get 35% discount on Complete Appliance Protection program.
  52. Bank of America will be offering you all a $25,000 unsecured line of credit by mail.
  53. MouseShoppers.com offers NACHI member discount.
  54. New features added to NACHI member's free websites and hosting.
  55. HomeInspectorBrochure.com offers NACHI specials and giveaways.
  56. NACHI member discount on the Ultimate Ladder.
  57. FREE ON-LINE Chapter Meeting-FREE
  58. HUB International E&O insurance.
  59. NACHI member discount on Mold, A Growing Concern DVD set.
  60. NACHI members get discount from American Home Warranty.
  61. NACHI members can now lease to own Inspect Voice.
  62. Free Business Manuals- Happy New Year
  63. Free Software Office type products
  64. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.
  65. Free Yellowpages Listing And Free Manuals
  66. Buy a Web site for under $6 and get Free Web Hosting
  67. NACHI member discount on upcoming 1-day electrical training in Michigan.
  68. NACHI members get 35% off at National Home Inspector Training Institute.
  69. XL Pro Gold Edition at a great NACHI member discount.
  70. Fantastic NACHI deal!
  71. NACHI member discount in Wisconsin.
  72. Cert-A-Roof seeking NACHI members.
  73. MapMuse offers NACHI member discount.
  74. Canadian NACHI shirts.
  75. 3 Days of Secrets Revealed by Mike Crow.
  76. More deals from ChooseNACHI.com
  77. 1-Courses as low as $9.95 per credit for NACHI members.
  78. NACHI members pay only 1/2 for state approved radon course at SW IL College.
  79. Happy holiday's from Home Inspector Profiles.
  80. NACHI member discount on upcoming NJ State approved WDO course.
  81. Group health insurance.
  82. Porter Valley Software Holiday Special... a NACHI exclusive deal.
  83. A great Christmas gift for your favorite real estate agent.
  84. More free advertising for NACHI members. 11 million MetLife magazines go out.
  85. Grail Media partners with TowerData and offers NACHI members free month.
  86. Free inspection newsletter. Sign up now.
  87. Pocket CO detector.
  88. More free advertising for NACHI members. 4 million Consumer Report guides go out.
  89. Duct inspection camera for under $300 with NACHI discount.
  90. Boston Environmental launches great NACHI discount page.
  91. Health, Life, Disability and Dental group plans coming. NY & NJ ready now.
  92. Inspector Advantage offers NACHI member discount on booking service.
  93. Last sentence of first paragraph of this home page...
  94. Ainspect offers NACHI member discount.
  95. 50 more displays ready to ship out to you.
  96. Interactive Occupational Training offers NACHI member discount.
  97. Office DEPOT has hooked us up with our own account rep. Great deals for members.
  98. NACHI members now get U.S. Chamber of Commerce benefits.
  99. Auburn University offers NACHI member discount on training.
  100. Free book when you take this survey.
  101. FloLogic.
  102. More Free Business Stuff
  103. Free reporting software for NACHI members.
  104. NACHI members get a 15% discount on IAQUnit.
  105. Attention Chapter Heads. Take advantage of this, no charge.
  106. NACHImarket.com
  107. NACHI member discount on FEMA Certification Course, SE Florida, Nov 28-29.
  108. Mike Crow. Free for NACHI members.
  109. 50,000 retail outlets to recommend NACHI members exclusively.
  110. Interspect Voice offers NACHI member discount.
  111. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Mike Crow. EVERY MEMBER WINS!
  112. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.
  113. NACHI releases the Manual for a Happy Home. Order now!
  114. AnytimeCE School and NACHI partner to provide online continuing education.
  115. Free listing for all members who qualify. Apply now for instant approval.
  116. Free HomeGauge/NACHI version trial software.
  117. Home Inspector Profiles offers NACHI discount on new marketing tool.
  118. Spruce Radon Training offers NACHI member discount.
  119. Advantage Inspection purchases NACHI membership for every new franchisee.
  120. Coming in November. Free NACHI News e-newsletter.
  121. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.
  122. This book is free and can be used to generate seller inspections.
  123. Hi-Port offers free software license to NACHI members.
  124. Exclusive software packages for NACHI members.
  125. Discount on NACHI Beam flashlight coming soon.
  126. NACHI member offers fellow members a discount at HomeInspectorsSupply.com
  127. More free search engine optimization tools for NACHI members.
  128. Free Infrared training for NACHI members.
  129. HomeGauge releases 2 NACHI templates. Download your FREE trial version now.
  130. Merchant Circle- Free!
  131. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by i-Course.com.
  132. Another great marketing tool. The airProfile Monitor.
  133. Free E&O quote. No obligation. Get yours now.
  134. Paradise Computers offers NACHI member discounts on tablet PCs.
  135. Free NACHI license plate covers.
  136. More NACHI member benefits from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
  137. !!!!!!!!!! Thank's Joe Ferry !!!!!!!!!!
  138. Xtreme Notebooks offers NACHI member discount.
  139. OneStopWizard.com
  140. October 21st Seminar For Long Island Nachi Members
  141. Get it free here, today only.
  142. Coming soon.... NACHI member discount on FedEx.
  143. TankSure offers NACHI member discount on oil tank inspection program.
  144. Advanced Training Institute offers NACHI member discount.
  145. Talario offers NACHI discount on digital paper for home inspectors.
  146. Free Business Links
  147. NACHI / ASHI member discount on upcoming radon course in South Carolina.
  148. FREE REALTOR presentations. Many more coming in the next few days.
  149. Mold inspection reporting software. Dowload the free trial version now.
  150. Here what you have to do to get listed for free on www.CorrectInspect.com.
  151. NACHI members can join VAREI for only $75. NACHI member Kenny Hart, President Elect.
  152. These books (great additions to your report) are basically free in any quantity.
  153. If we can get 100 members to order 1 case (100 books) each we can get a great deal.
  154. NACHI discount on OSHA training in Atlanta, Georgia on Oct 14-15, 2006.
  155. www.nachifreeoffer.com
  156. Great deal on pay-as-you-go online report generation.
  157. NACHI's exclusive E&O insurance discounts now available in 50 states!
  158. Minnesota Indoor Air Association offers NACHI members MIAA pricing on upcoming event.
  159. PHII gives NACHI member discount on Manufactured/Mobile Home Online course.
  160. Here is what you have to do to get a free listing on www.InspectorNow.com...
  161. Free easy-to-copy flyers for chapter heads and event coordinators.
  162. I told them to give the NACHI members the $125.
  163. NACHI exclusive discounts built right into ESA's shopping cart.
  164. NACHI exclusive deals and free stuff from HI-PORT.
  165. The Hartford offers NACHI members an exclusive deal on insurance.
  166. FREE Search Engine Optimization Tracker for each member's own site.
  167. Inspection Report Creator offers NACHI member discount.
  168. PHII gives NACHI member discount.
  169. NACHI superior product/service seals awarded to this vendor.
  170. NACHI members get $100 off Vision Reporting Systems software.
  171. Inkgrabber now gives NACHI members 20% off on ink cartridges.
  172. Exclusive NACHI member deal from Unibind.
  173. Free Choose NACHI catalogue.
  174. Free e-newsletter sent to real estate agents, customized to include your contact info
  175. Free reporting forms for students and NACHI applicants.
  176. Peoples Energy offers exclusive NACHI member discount on Illinois approved CEs.
  177. High powered lights for inspectors.
  178. Another free book "Environmental Concerns" for all NACHI members.
  179. Discount for Inspector XSites
  180. Mold training opportunity for NJ, PA, DE Inspectors!
  181. Pest Management offers NACHI member discount on WDO training.
  182. Coming soon... free Home Head Start guides. Great addition to your report.
  183. Have your inspection business website make money for you while you sleep.
  184. Free offer to NACHI members from Mike Crow and Millionaire Inspector Community.
  185. Advanced Mold Seminar offer - don't miss it!
  186. Free Web, Free Hosting, Free Forwarding
  187. Discount on 1-day home inspection cram course in West Palm Beach, Florida.
  188. Damage Assessment Placards at a NACHI discount.
  189. Show Me How home inspection videos at NACHI member discounts.
  190. And even more FREE stuff for NACHI members only.
  191. Merrell Institute offers more NACHI member discounts on education in NY.
  192. H.I.T. offers NACHI member discount on Certified Well Sampler course.
  193. $50 NACHI member discount on new MII-3D-NACHI-Spanish software.
  194. Search engine optimization firm offers NACHI member discount.
  195. 1/2 offer for National and State Lists for NACHI
  196. Third-party service providers permission-to-contact clause.
  197. Coming soon...NACHI version of HomeGauge.
  198. NACHI members... give your clients a free 90 day home warranty.
  199. Valencia Community College offering NACHI member discount on inspection training.
  200. Sales coaching and consulting for NACHI members.
  201. NACHI member discount on combustible gas leak detectors.
  202. IFREC graduates receive first year's membership in NACHI for free.
  203. Freee proofreeding servise for NACHI membors. Recentley revamped.
  204. InspectionAgreement.com offers NACHI member deals (free agreements).
  205. Is there anything you want a deal or discount on? I'll try to get us one.
  206. Is there anything you want a deal or discount on? I'll try to get us one.
  207. NACHI deal offered by Builder's Academy.
  208. PRO-LAB giving a free Micro5 air sampling cassette including lab fee to every member.
  209. Free Radon Pro-Packs for NACHI members.
  210. 5 Free mold snap sampling cassettes for every NACHI member.
  211. Sneak peek at a hospital/dental/life offering we're working on...
  212. HomeInspectoreFinder.com offering NACHI member discount.
  213. WorldPoints Platinum Plus MasterCards for NACHI members. Apps being mailed.
  214. SRRTC and New Mexico Radon Program offering NACHI members FREE course.
  215. Free sample sales letters for offering seller (pre-listing) inspections to agents.
  216. NACHI building its own digital microwave oven leak detectors for members only.
  217. Free credit card processing packages for NACHI members.
  218. NACHI member discount on NEHA radon courses.
  219. Health insurance for Illionois NACHI members.
  220. Home inspector risk management speaker available to NACHI Chapters.
  221. Get your free NACHI tablecloth for real estate events. It works!
  222. Free radon test kits for members.
  223. Defect recognition CD available to NACHI members first, at a NACHI member price.
  224. Free trade show displays for NACHI members.
  225. Hospital, Dental, and Life insurance now available to most NACHI members.
  226. Certified NACHI Store publishing Homeowner's Handbook online here. Enjoy.
  227. Merrell Institute offers NACHI member discount on NYS modules.
  228. AIPTD offers $200 NACHI member discount on construction management & law courses.
  229. AnswerConnect offers NACHI member discount on answering service.
  230. Pre-Paid Legal plans for NACHI members.
  231. General Liability and Error & Omissions exclusive NACHI offer from Burns & Wilcox.
  232. Un dia educacion continua, NACHI de Puerto Rico, 24 de Junio, 2006.
  233. Home inspection school in Il offering NACHI discounts.
  234. American Academy of Home Inspection offers NACHI discount on TN licensing courses.
  235. All NACHI members listed free on new consumer/real estate-friendly website.
  236. Eye Candy Reporter now included free 1st year's membership in NACHI.
  237. NACHI's Standards of Practice now ships free with InspectVue, and for good reason.
  238. SERVARE offers online-offsite backup system for NACHI members.
  239. Exclusive NACHI member discount on IAQ Survey Unit. A great add-on service.
  240. Auto-generated Certificate of Completions for Electrical, Roofing, and SOP courses.
  241. FREE e-newsletter promotional system gets new features added.
  242. Free Electrical Course certificates for members. Get yours online today.
  243. CAREINGTON offers NACHI members an inexpensive dental plan.
  244. Pre-Paid Legal offers plans to NACHI members.
  245. We Teach House offers NACHI member discount on commercial inspection course.
  246. FREE online Electrical Course for NACHI members only.
  247. FREE course for NACHI members and chapters to offer to their local REALTORs.
  248. NACHI member discount on Phase 1 Environmental Inspection Certification course.
  249. FREE chapter websites for every NACHI member.
  250. Click the NACHI Approved Education Seal at...