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  1. You Call This A Home?
  2. Ex NACHI member now ex OAHI Director.
  3. need a North Bay inspector
  4. Certified Master Inspector
  5. Mould Seminar
  6. Mold Remediation
  7. Electrical Safety
  8. Gas changes for plastic vents in Canada
  9. realtors push for mandatory energy audits prior to listing
  10. Cahpi National Spokesman Bill Mullen Mouths Off
  11. Radon Gas
  12. Home Gauge
  13. How much to charge for a 2 room house?
  14. Today's daily door prize donated by Nick.
  15. Today's daily door prize donated by Keith Swift and NACHIbookstore.com
  16. Today's daily door prize donated by iCourse.
  17. Today's daily door prize donated by NACHI.
  18. Lyreco offers Canadian NACHI members free next day delivery and other savings.
  19. NACHI booth at Calgary Real Estate Board Trade Show on January 16, 2008.
  20. Sewage Holding Tanks
  21. Tonight I pickup my 14 yr old son from his 3 week canoeing trip in Canada.
  22. More on UFFI
  23. Home energy audits flawed
  24. Hi Canadians
  25. New Insulation made from Blue Jeans
  26. How to get started in Canada
  27. Clarification of NACHI Conference in Toronto
  28. ASHI is at it again
  29. Judge calls for regulation of home inspectors
  30. Today's Canadian Daily Door Prize. You must be a Canadian to win. Pass if you are not
  31. Home depot experts
  32. Inventions and Innovations Program
  33. Canadian Inspector Serious
  34. Today's Canadian Daily Door Prize. You must be a Canadian to win. Pass if you are not
  35. Today's daily door prize donated by NACHI.
  36. Ooops
  37. NCA fee announcement
  38. Ottawa & Chattam Inspectors
  39. Mike Crow Question
  40. Listing Agent, Buying Agent & Home Owner
  41. Question For Claude Lawrenson - The National
  42. My sons 1st car
  43. Today's Canadian Daily Door Prize. You must be a Canadian to win. Pass if you are not
  44. Home owner repairs
  45. National Occupational Standards Review
  46. USA case law on Home Inspection
  47. Good article in Real Estate Marketing online.
  48. What would you do
  49. Service drop
  50. Why you should not burn Candles
  51. TARION Warranty is a joke
  52. Congratulations Claude!
  53. Asbestos
  54. NACHI Table Cloths
  55. Today's Canadian Daily Door Prize. You must be a Canadian to win. Pass if you are not
  56. Today's Canadian Daily Door Prize. You must be a Canadian to win. Pass if you are not
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  58. Went to see Paris Hilton
  59. Angry Home Owner
  60. New guidelines proposed for radon in homes
  61. Comercial Inspection training & Infra red
  62. Today's daily door prize donated by KeithSwift.com
  63. How crazy has the Toronto Real Estate Market become?
  64. Hub International E & O
  65. Hot PIC: BC member's inspection truck with IAC2 Mold logos.
  66. Bill M 220 2007 Home Inspection Act, 2007
  67. Canadian Building Digest - Reference Index
  68. Owens Corning blown insulation
  69. NACHI displays help members succeed.
  70. Inspection Request for Timmins Ontario
  71. unapproved hotwater heaters and boilers
  72. My New Office
  73. Propane Forced Air Furnaces
  74. Canadian government' military approves NACHI for their paid moving packages.
  75. Today's daily door prize donated by NACHI.
  76. Today's daily door prize donated by NACHI.
  77. A big thank you to Bill Mullen.
  78. Go Sens Go!
  79. Today's Home
  80. Keith Swift's new book ships to Canada too! Best $12.95 you could spend.
  81. New Health & Dental benefits for Canadian Inspectors
  82. Vern Mitchinson sends in some new HOT PICS of Toronto Convention.
  83. City of Toronto fined $175,000 for inspector death.
  84. Reminder: Tomorrow all past-due members will be removed from all NACHI websites.
  85. Telesteps $179
  86. Toronto Star runs home inspection article.
  87. 2007 NACHI Convention
  88. OBC exams are not required Engineers & Architects
  89. 3 Fun Filled Convention Days
  90. Bill Mullen quoted in Sarnia Business Trends
  91. Convention Start
  92. Certified Adult Training Services now requires passing of ALL NACHI's exams.
  93. More convention specials from Certified NACHI Store.
  94. Gas Prices !!!!
  95. GFI Requirements
  96. Hiring a Home Inspector CMHC Style
  97. Our new OverSeeIt referral network Canadian-friendly. Join today. FREE.
  98. Free New Agent PowerPoint presentation from Inspection Depot to Convention attendees.
  99. Today's daily door prize donated by Nick.
  100. Today's daily door prize donated by NACHI.
  101. Postal codes too...
  102. CaNACHI mousepads in the shape of the NACHI house logo.
  103. Hi-Port show discount.
  104. Many more convention freebies!
  105. FREE fold up chairs with beer holder.
  106. Inspection industry unified with new announcement from NAHI.
  107. 2nd floor laundry closet
  108. More Convention door prizes.
  109. New Commercial Inspection Agreement suitable for use in Canada.
  110. New Professional Services Contract suitable for use in Canada.
  111. MR, Mullen, Is National Certification Ready yet?
  112. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Nick Gromicko.
  113. Awards Dinner at Convention
  114. FLIR has set up a toll free Canadian number. Call them now. Might not last.
  115. The Truth
  116. TARION and PDI's
  117. Canadian-friendly size chart for the Planet NACHI Inspector Jacket. The Ultimate!
  118. NACHI provides consumers & REALTORs direct access to 10,000 inspection professionals.
  119. Home Inspection Business Regulation Project Advisor speaking at Convention.
  120. Meet Joe Farsetta at the convention or watch him now on NACHI TV.
  121. More NACHI discounts from SPRINT, PC Connection, GreatFX Bus Cards, car-kit.com, etc.
  122. PRO-LAB just made the Convention way better than free!
  123. Consumer Product Safety Dept of Health Canada presenting at NACHI Convention.
  124. Roy Cooke mentioned in NACHI News, Volume 9.
  125. NACHI booth at the Home and Cottage Show in Bancroft, Ontario on June 1-3, 2007.
  126. Ontario company launches benefits program for Canadian NACHI members.
  127. Sad news
  128. Major Organizational Announcement at NACHI
  129. News articles
  130. Hot PICs of NACHI booth which was the entrance to REALTOR Quest Trade Show in Ontario
  131. Real estate agents coming to NACHI's Convention from...
  132. More speakers, trainers and exhibitors added to NACHI Convention.
  133. Attention NON-members: Opt-in to NACHI free newsletter including industry updates.
  134. Just when you thought it was safe......
  135. WHERE Are you staying?
  136. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.
  137. Today's Daily Door Prize donate by NACHI.
  138. Today's Daily Door Prize donate by NACHI.
  139. Hot Pic of NACHI booth at Orillia Home Show in Ontario.
  140. Septic Inspection
  141. DIY website.
  142. CPA of Health Canada reminding us of corded window coverings.
  143. 2006 Home Inspector of the Year by NACHI
  144. TSSA Issues Directors Order Adopting B149 Code Supplement
  145. Access to Electrical Panel in Ontario by HVAC Contractors
  146. Ontario Adopts a New Fuel Oil Code effective March 1, 2007
  147. TSSA Ends Quality Assessed Contractors Program
  148. NACHI booth at Brantford Home Show in Canada on May 3-6, 2007.
  149. A great new educational/marketing course added to the Convention.
  150. Bill Merrell puts out new Convention promo video.
  151. HUB International Ontario offers E&O and other insurance for Canadian NACHI members.
  152. Visa and foreign exchange
  153. Real Estate Introduction....
  154. Is it pronounced Toronto or Terono?
  155. Canadian real estate industry big wigs at the NACHI Convention.
  156. Russel Ray, in the house at the NACHI Convention!
  157. Elec. stove/wall spacing
  158. What are some of the marketing ideas that worked
  159. NACHI TV releases new video that promotes upcoming Toronto event.
  160. reporting systems
  161. Canadian-friendly location verification. If we don't have your area... add it now.
  162. Car Pooling to Convention??
  163. Looks like NACHI's Convention is going to be better than free!
  164. Roy Cooke got a plug in for the NACHI Convention on his radio show this morning.
  165. 2007 NACHI Convention Updates
  166. Attention CAHPI and OAHI... you have free booths at NACHI's upcoming convention.
  167. Holiday Inn Lodging for Toronto Convention Attendees
  168. CAHPI mentioned at the bottom of this inspector vision test.
  169. NACHI increases entrance and membership requirements again.
  170. WETT Inspection
  171. 2006 NACHI members of the year.
  172. CanNACHI mousepads in the shape of the NACHI logo.
  173. 2006 NACHI Canadian Member of the Year
  174. Calling all Canadian Electricians
  175. NACHI booth at the Mission Home Show in British Columbia on April 14-15, 2007.
  176. Panfan The no stink toilet
  177. Introduction
  178. CAHPI members can come to Toronto Convention for just $99.
  179. NACHI's 2007 Convention Schedule
  180. Toronto Convention now just $99!
  181. Today's Daily Door Prized donated by NACHI.
  182. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by HI-Port.
  183. decorative foam beams
  184. CAHPI.. Restricting Trade ?
  185. Hot PIC of NACHI booth at Real Estate Trade Show in Edmonton.
  186. A BC home Inspector
  187. Proper Marr Connectors for Aluminum Pigtails
  188. We need an Ontario member with an indoor oil tank for NACHI TV show.
  189. National Certification
  190. Building Science Presentation By John Straube
  191. TSSA News Letter - Winter 2007
  192. TSSA News Letter - Winter 2007
  193. Looking For A Few Good Men . . Er Persons
  194. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by PRO-LAB.
  195. OBC with links
  196. Recommend good seminars to take.
  197. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by HomeGauge.
  198. Canadian Inspectors Show in Toronto
  199. Only High Efficincy Furnaces
  200. Cool Savings Rebate Program 2007 - Ontario
  201. Health Canada Takes Action on Radon
  202. HVAC- Venmar Recalls 1991-2001
  203. Average square footage???
  204. NACHI Booth at the Orillia, ON 14th Annual Spring Home & Cottage Show on April 20-22.
  205. Canadian Member of the Year Award Progam
  206. Porter Valley and Allen Insurance financially $upport NACHI educational events.
  207. Cmhc Build And Renovate To Avoid Mold
  208. Change Your Clocks
  209. John Armstrong Fundraiser in Orillia
  210. NACHI has the corner booth at the Toronto Real Estate Trade Show on April 24-25, 2007
  211. 5 page story in the Vancouver Sun:"New Threshold for Deadly Radon Gas."
  212. For Sale Nokia N95....$300
  213. CMHC recommending CAHPI National
  214. Sound familiar
  215. roofing
  216. NACHI booth at Kingston Spring Home and Trade Show in Ontario on April 13-14.
  217. Suing the Home Insector
  218. Bob Brown and the NACHI Caravan manning NACHI booths at Royal Bank seminar in Ontario
  219. Computer Information
  220. Crazy weather...
  221. CHI use outside of British Columbia
  222. Weather Warning
  223. Uffi
  224. Amazing Denver Course
  225. Computer speed check
  226. CMHC and NACHI
  227. Double taps and ESA inspection
  228. Wood Foundations
  229. Top 10 Inspection and Construction Standards Organizations in the world.
  230. Ontario City or Town Licences
  231. 3 Canadian provinces represented at NACHI's recent 3-day Commercial Inspection course
  232. Electrical Issues with Paul Abernathy
  233. Major Canadian magazine recommends Canadian NACHI members exclusively.
  234. Automated phone notification of consumers/REALTORs seeking members works in Canada.
  235. Rechargeable Batteries You Can Rely On
  236. Friday, June 24th, 2005
  237. Edmonton housing costs and Inspection fees
  238. Cahpi wants you!!!!!! (but they don't want Roy Cooke)
  239. NACHI Toronto Convention Due to Flop
  240. Apprenticeship help.
  241. Do think the National Certification Good or Bad for us?
  242. Important Notice - Oahi Agm -
  243. Cahpi-oahi
  244. NACHI proposes to adopt CAHPI NCP
  245. Canadians for Properly Built Homes (CPBH). New Home Warranty.
  246. Electric Radiant Ceiling Panels
  247. 2 month wait for Canadian passport
  248. Speak at a school
  249. OAHI Information
  250. daylight saving is changed this year