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  1. IAC2 Trademark reaches the Principal Register.
  2. Inspection industry's first environmental tagline to make it to Principal Register.
  3. Mold Labs and Warrantees
  4. Chemical Smell In New Home
  5. Advanced Mold Inspection
  6. Mold in a closed up house
  7. Home inspector - Microbiologist
  8. Florida mold assessments
  9. Watch this new video on mold testing.
  10. This is the best deal on mold testing and lab analysis.
  11. Paper on Radon Tampering
  12. Here is a free Deaths from Radon chart that you can give to your clients to help....
  13. Onsite mold inspection course Ohio
  14. Lab Fees ?
  15. Mold Inspection Training
  16. InterNACHI releases all new, 360-page How to Perform Radon Inspections book.
  17. New Architectural Drawing of Active Radon System added to InterNACHI's Gallery.
  18. New Sealing Radon Pipe image added to InterNACHI's Inspection Gallery.
  19. New Radon System Rain Cap image added to InterNACHI's Inspection Gallery.
  20. New Crawlspace Radon System Installation image added to InterNACHI's Gallery.
  21. New Architectural Drawing of Crawlspace Radon System added to InterNACHI's Gallery.
  22. New Architectural Drawing of Sub-Slab Radon System added to InterNACHI's Gallery.
  23. New Active Radon System image added to InterNACHI's Inspection Gallery.
  24. New Deaths in U.S. Chart. Useful to inspectors who are asked if radon is dangerous.
  25. New Passive Radon System image added to InterNACHI's Inspection Gallery.
  26. New Radon Mat Alternative image added to InterNACHI's Inspection Graphic.
  27. New Radon Mitigation in New Construction image added to InterNACHI's Gallery.
  28. New Comparision of Death Risks Chart added to InterNACHI's Inspection Gallery.
  29. New Simultaneous Radon Testing Chart added to InterNACHI's Inspecton Gallery.
  30. New Radon Test Locations graphic added to InterNACHI's Inspection Gallery.
  31. New Radon Measurement Location image added to InterNACHI's Inspection Gallery.
  32. New Radon Decision Chart added to Inspection Gallery.
  33. New Where Does Radon Come From? image added to InterNACHI's Inspection Gallery.
  34. New Radon Movement throug soil image added to InterNACHI's Inspection Gallery.
  35. New Radon Movement image added to InterNACHI's Inspection Gallery.
  36. New Newly Formed Radon Nucleus image added to InterNACHI's Inspection Gallery.
  37. New Radon in Water image added to InterNACHI's Inspection Gallery.
  38. New Radon Escapes from Water image added to InterNACHI's Inspection Gallery.
  39. New Radon Entry into Buildings image added to InterNACHI's Inspection Gallery.
  40. New Evaluating Radon Potential image added to InterNACHI's Inspection Gallery.
  41. Organic Project IAC2 training
  42. New Natural Radiation Exposure graphic.
  43. New Relative Risk of Lung Cancer chart.
  44. New Radon Potential graphic.
  45. New Radon Entry into a Home graphic.
  46. New Damage Caused by Radon graphic.
  47. New Extracting Radon from the Ground graphic.
  48. New Air Pressure Inside a Home graphic.
  49. New Air Pressure and Radon Entry graphic.
  50. New Radon in Picocuries Per Liter graphic.
  51. New Nucleus and Electrons graphic.
  52. New Radon Decay Products graphic.
  53. New Radiation Exposure to the Public graph.
  54. New Incidence of Radon-Related Lung Cancer graph.
  55. New "Where Does Radon Come From?" graphic
  56. New Types of Radiation in the Electromagnetic Spectrum chart.
  57. New Characteristics of Radioactive Matter graphic.
  58. New Beta Particles graphic.
  59. New Alpha Particles graphic.
  60. New Alpha Decay graphic.
  61. New radon half-life chart.
  62. New radon levels vs. time graphic.
  63. New WL, ER, Rn Chart.
  64. New radon flowchart graphic.
  65. New radon, radium, uranium graphic.
  66. New radon cancer chart.
  67. Mold Work
  68. Atlanta homes built with radioactive concrete.
  69. Indianapolis Star: Don't Buy a Meth House.
  70. New, PRO-LAB versions of InterNACHI's mold and radon rack cards available.
  71. InterNACHI releases all new "How to Perform Mold Inspections" book. 4th edition.
  72. Do we really want...
  73. CMA training
  74. Consumer Product Safety Commission's Carbon Monoxide Poster Contest.
  75. Greetings
  76. Elevated Specks in Window Sill
  77. IAC2 decals
  78. Radon Testing Certification
  79. IAQ pump
  80. 1,000 business cards custom designed/printed for your inspection business.
  81. First 3 to reply win a 50 pack of Mold marketing pieces.
  82. First 3 to reply win a 50 pack of Radon marketing pieces.
  83. Bathroom Exhuast Vent
  84. New IAC2 Radon rack cards.
  85. New IAC2 Mold rack cards.
  86. IAC2 chopper in Vegas.
  87. Contaminantes Biológicos en el Hogar
  88. AK Div. of Prof. Licensing approved our FREE online Indoor Air Quality course.
  89. micro5 or moldsnap
  90. Mold Test USA Needs Certified Mold Inspectors
  91. radon gas monitor
  92. radon gas monitor
  93. Discolouration Still Visible After Remediation
  94. Cal Zehring, owner of Environmental Solutions Association (ESA) passed away.
  95. The pleasure of mold
  96. Last Day for Early Bird Registration
  97. Mold lab
  98. heating systems in crawl spaces
  99. forced air furnace in uncovered crawlsapce
  100. NEHA NRPP and AARST approve InterNACHI's free, online radon course.
  101. Mold Issue
  102. Free Mold Solutions Kit from PRO-LAB shipped right to your door.
  103. InterNACHI releases all new, most comprehensive course on radon. 28 hours/CEUs.
  104. Pump Selection Input
  105. Very Good Article About Chronic Symptoms
  106. What do you think this is?
  107. IAC2 and Ohio
  108. High Radon Question
  109. IAC2 Update
  110. Reporting Methods
  111. Spike Tests
  112. Anyone else have an issue with ProLab?
  113. First 10 to reply win a 5-pack each of Environmental Concerns books.
  114. First 3 to reply win How to Perform Radon Inspections book (hard copies).
  115. First 5 to reply win How to Perform Mold Inspections book (hard copies).
  116. IAC2 all over the news.
  117. Report Writing
  118. IAC2
  119. Pump Question
  120. Grains Per Pound
  121. New Water test does it all and promotes IAC2/InterNACHI members in stores everywhere.
  122. Links to IAC2 members being promoted in 50,000 retail outlets with new Allergen test.
  123. NEHA approves InterNACHI's free, online radon course for 16 hours.
  124. Need Assistance with Multi-Unit Grow-Op
  125. ESA spamming uncontrollably again.
  126. sampling.
  127. remediation/testing companies in Montreal
  128. Get more mold inspections with InterNACHI's free Mold Inspector logo.
  129. Get more radon tests with InterNACHI's free Radon Tester logo.
  130. 16-hour mold course in Wilmington, OH on July 1-2, 2013.
  131. EZ Breathe
  132. Free Mold Webinar
  133. New product: Free IAC2 patches.
  134. Mouse Droppings
  135. Asbestos in popcorn spray
  136. New Gas Furnace
  137. Solvent fumes/VOCs and actual danger?
  138. Giant Plush Microbes for sale
  139. QA/QC Plan for Radon Measurement
  140. Clothes Washers and Dryers and Mold
  141. "Spike" lab
  142. Mold inspection needed in Corvaliis, Oregon.
  143. Apartment Mould Testing
  144. MOLD Post-Clearance Testing???
  145. Help With Zefon Air Sampling Pump?
  146. Shocking Statistics on Asthma in US
  147. Canadian IAC2 Question
  148. Winter time air sampling?
  149. Live Support for ESA
  150. Video: Intelligent mold finds shortest paths to food.
  151. Air Sampler Suggestion
  152. IAQ Meter
  153. Real estate agent looking for lead inspection in Nevada.
  154. PRO-LAB opening another lab in San Diego.
  155. A dirt smell when the windows are opened?
  156. Radon Test Placement Question
  157. Best mold testing pump ???
  158. Virginia Mold laws eliminated
  159. off gassing
  160. ESA Mold Inspector course
  161. Mold Lab Results
  162. Purchasing Spore Traps
  163. First 3 to reply win Mold & Moistrure Investigation DVD and a Now.... book.
  164. Order your FREE IAC2 decals for your inspection vehicle.
  165. My Radon Interview with YNN news
  166. Mold clearance letter??
  167. First 4 to reply win How to Perform Radon Inspections book. Merry Christmas.
  168. First 2 to reply win How to Perform Mold Inspections book. Merry Christmas.
  169. First 25 to reply win a 5-pack of Environmental Concerns books. Merry Christmas.
  170. Indoor air consultant needed in Madrid, Spain.
  171. Mold Labs
  172. California laws
  173. Air Chek Question
  174. Mold News
  175. InterNACHI releases new, free Indoor Air Quality for Inspectors course.
  176. Viable vs Non-Viable
  177. What Do Yoy Tell Your Client
  178. Mold testing....Customer calls back for advice. Question..
  179. CLearance testing
  180. Anyone want a home inspection & indoor air quality inspection in W. Washington State?
  181. Chain Of Custody ?? Dirty Minds?
  182. Anyone want a mold inspection in Boston? Email me for client's info.
  183. Outside Control Sample
  184. Is IAC2 the same as Certified Environmental Home Inspector
  185. new Virginia Mold laws
  186. High humidty in House 72% Rh, creating mold to leather shoes in closet.
  187. American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC) approved IAC2 mold courses today
  188. InterNACHI in the news: Greening our Schools: Indoor Air Quality.
  189. Pricing Your Mold Inspection Services.
  190. E/O insurance for Mold testing only...No Remediation..need feedback
  191. Cost of radon measuring equipment?
  192. Meth Lab Detection Kits
  193. M.A.RC.
  194. Another state approved our FREE online video mold training course.
  195. Lowdown on IAC2
  196. Watch IAC2 member inspect on HGTV Show, "My First Place" !
  197. Philiadelphia, most toxic city.
  198. Info on mold inspections needed
  199. E&O Mold Assessor Insurance
  200. Air Sample
  201. Radon Agreement Question
  202. Methamphetamine Laboratory Education at Colorado Springs InterNACHI inspector meeting
  203. Mold Remediation at Colorado Springs inspectors meeting on April 11, 2011.
  204. Mold abatement job
  205. Mold Inspection Reports
  206. Tape Sampling for Mold Inspections. Another inspection article.
  207. Illinois Dept of Prof Regulation approved our FREE online Radon course.
  208. IAC2 featured on Fox News' Money Rocks TV show today.
  209. Chinese Drywall inspector needed in Rhode Island. If interested...
  210. Spill Switch Inspection. Another inspection article from InterNACHI.
  211. Air Sampling for Mold Inspections. New inspection article.
  212. A Caution on Using XRF Alone for Identification of Problem Drywall.
  213. State of Illinois approved InterNACHI's FREE online Mold Inspection course today.
  214. Asbestos
  215. UFFI Insulation Inspection article.
  216. InspectorOutlet now carries Tramex WWD moisture meters.
  217. InspectorOutlet now carries Tramex RWS Moisture Meters.
  218. Condensation Inspection. Please proof this new inspection article.
  219. ozone info
  220. I don't do mold but...
  221. Basic Waterproofing for Basements. New inspection article.
  222. Carpet Mold: Identification, Prevention and Removal.
  223. Abrasive Blasting for Mold Remediation.
  224. InterNACHI's Vern Mitchinson on TV debate regarding mold.
  225. Dust Mite Inspection. Please proof this new inspection article.
  226. Free IAC2 sew-on emblems.
  227. IAC2 booth at International Air Improvement Fair in Guangzhou, China on August 26-28.
  228. Radon Test in Progress notice.
  229. InterNACHI releases new How to Perform Moisture Inspections book.
  230. Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors approved our FREE online Moisture course for 6 hrs.
  231. Visual Screening for Chinese Drywall??
  232. Mold equipment
  233. Mold survey (bsp) astm e 2418
  234. Hot PIC. Check out this IAC2 inspector's office within his van.
  235. Plants and Indoor Air Quality. Please proof this new inspection article.
  236. InterNACHI's free, online Mold Inspection course awarded NEHA approval.
  237. Nora in Maryland looking for and Indoor Air specialist
  238. InterNACHI acquires NEHA approval.
  239. Questions About Pricing and Fees
  240. Radon Test in Duplex
  241. Vermiculite. Please proof this new inspection article.
  242. To test or not to test?
  243. strange e-mail
  244. Pre-Test Pricing
  245. Washington approved InterNACHI's FREE online Radon Measurement course.
  246. Radon regulated states
  247. Mold Inspector need in Glen Burnie, MD now!
  248. InterNACHI is now a NEHA Educational Member.
  249. Radon training at Denver Chapter of InterNACHI on March 9, 2010.
  250. Pre and Post Testing