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  1. Commercial inspection book
  2. Newbie Here Just Joined NACHI
  3. ComInspect logo design released.
  4. So. Cal. Commercial Training Course
  5. Self
  6. US Reports?
  7. Status update of ComInspect, our plan to corner the commercial inspection market.
  8. Commercial Course in Ontario in July!
  9. Laundry Equipment
  10. Today's Daily Door Prize. First 10 members to reply to this post win.
  11. Look to the left in the blue navigation bar... Commercial SOP link now.
  12. Distance Commercial course?
  13. Certified Commercial Inspector course in Spokane, Washington on July 26, 2008.
  14. InterNACHIGauge releases COMMERCIAL inspection software!
  15. GCI seeks InterNACHI members for residential and commercial inspections. Call now.
  16. Travesty
  17. Commercial Inspection
  18. Certified Commercial Inspector & Certified Well Sampler classes in Boulder this June!
  19. Get paid now for submitting your PICs!
  20. Request for Documents and Person(s) with Knowledge sample language added to comsop.
  21. Commercial Building HVAC Identification and Info
  22. Informal discussion on commercial inspections with Joe Farsetta, Boulder, CO, May 13.
  23. Performing a Commercial Inspection
  24. TPO Roof Systems Guide Lines by Firestone
  25. Certified Commercial Inspector & Certified Well Sampler - Houston, TX in June
  26. Mortar Quality
  27. Commercial Property Conditions
  28. InterNACHI files for "Certified Commercial Inspector" Trademark in Canada.
  29. Commercial Inspector Link Exchange
  30. Watch this show on infrared camera use in home and commercial inspections.
  31. New, "International"-style commercial property report binder with globe watermark.
  32. Wood Decks and Balconies section added to Commercial SOP.
  33. ComSOP 6.5.2 F
  34. InterNACHI comsop vs. ASTM E2018
  35. Send Your Comm'l Narratives to Dominic!
  36. Should I add Life-Safety section to my Commerical Report?
  37. Cooking Area section added to Commercial Standards of Practice.
  38. Coming soon: new "We Perform Commercial Inspections" brochure for members to...
  39. Joe Farsetta gives tips on how to do a commercial inspection.
  40. Experts directory?
  41. Want to get your foot in the door?
  42. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by InterNACHI.
  43. ComSop revised yesterday.
  44. InterNACHI files for "Certified Commercial Inspector" Federal Certification Mark.
  45. Commercial Inspection $650?
  46. On the set shooting an episode on inspecting access ramps on commercial properties.
  47. We're working on a new, add-on, observed green features section of COMSOP.
  48. Final Walkthrough-Brand New
  49. Tucson Arizona
  50. Commercial Inspection Class coming to NY metro area
  51. Canadian government indexes CMI in part as "commercial inspection services"
  52. Commercial inspection couse ORLANDO FL May
  53. Moisture in riding arena
  54. Inspection Agreement (which one)
  55. new york commercial inspection
  56. Get commercial inspection work now.... see how...
  57. HELP Nick & HIP with COMSOP Comments
  58. PICs of packed house at InterNACHI's Commercial Inspection course, Atlanta, yesteday.
  59. Commercial Inspection Course with Joe Farsetta April 19th
  60. InterNACHI ComSop document pack now includes commercial thermal imaging addendum.
  61. Saved some lives in a 6 flat
  62. Another big commercial insurance inspection deal for InterNACHI members. $$$
  63. Written Proposal
  64. Another first com inspection
  65. Commerical Insp wavier
  66. 1st commercial inspection, questions
  67. WARNING! Avoid CREIA rip-off! California Real Estate Inspection Association thieves!
  68. Commercial Inspection Course By: Joe Farsetta April 19th in Columbia Mo
  69. Hot PIC of Commercial Inspection Course, graduating class, Ohio, Feb 2008.
  70. Commercial inspection course at Central Missouri Chapter in Columbia, MO on April 19.
  71. First member to post wins 101-Piece Ratcheting Screwdriver Set & case thanks PRO-LAB.
  72. First member to reply to this post wins Show Me How Video.
  73. First member to reply to this post wins Show Me How Video.
  74. First member to reply to this post wins Show Me How Video.
  75. First member to reply to this post wins Show Me How Video.
  76. I have a couple Fire Marshalls looking over InterNACHIcomsop....
  77. Pitiful
  78. Is this type of penetration ok (not x rated)
  79. Who do you market to for Commercial Inspections?
  80. InterNACHI comsop revised and expanded on January 24, 2008.
  81. commercial education question
  82. Joe Farsetta SRO Dallas, TX
  83. 2 Day Educatinal Event Coming to the Atlanta Georgia Area
  84. InterNACHI's Commercial SOP reviewed by engineering firm & professional proof reader.
  85. 2-day comprehensive commercial inspection course in St Charles, Illinois, March 28-29
  86. Commercial inspection course in Ontario... Hey New York... c'mon up!
  87. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by certifiednachistore.com
  88. Commercial Course in March
  89. Today's Daily Door Prize: A set of 3 tape measures.
  90. Commercial cooling water towers
  91. Today's Piece of cake--)))
  92. Gotta Love it..!!
  93. Commercial Electrical Inspections
  94. 2-Day Educational Event in Ohio - Feb 2nd and 3rd
  95. Commercial training in Ontario, Canada
  96. Is my fee too high?
  97. Test your ID skills
  98. Bank Inspection
  99. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by InterNACHI.
  100. Commercial Class at training center in Colorado
  101. "Certified Commercial Inspector" course approved by TREC.
  102. Urgent Need of Astm E2018-01
  103. Commerical Reporting Software
  104. Astm E2018-01
  105. Commercial Inspection Course in Manchester, NH on Dec 8th
  106. InterNACHI releases new Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Property.
  107. Okay Atlanta! Commercial Course in Feb!
  108. Commercial Inspection Class coming to Columbus, Ohio!
  109. Episode 12.
  110. EPA assists NACHI.TV in development of commercial inspection episode.
  111. Today's Daily Door Prize by NACHI.TV: 9 LED Aluminum Flashlight plus LED Key Chain.
  112. Commercial Inspection Course Dates & Locations Website
  113. 1-Day Comercial Inspection Course December 1st Milwaukee, WI
  114. Free accessibility inspection reporting agreement/form for commercial buildings.
  115. Would you eat here?
  116. Tax discount question
  117. 1-Day Comercial Inspection Course coming to New Hampshire
  118. Pricing
  119. Commercial Building Inspection
  120. 1-Day Commercial Inspection Course in Philly
  121. Taped Ceiling
  122. Commercial Class dates and locations
  123. ADA and ABA useful links
  124. 1-day commercial building inspection course in St. Peters, MO on Oct 20, 2007.
  125. What is this (commercial)
  126. Pre-Inspection Contract Class on Sept. 29th
  127. NACHI and H.I.T. Interactive announce a Commercial Inspections COurse
  128. Article on Commercial and Residential Inspections and Assessment
  129. Commercial inspections qualificatioins
  130. Anyone have a commercial Brochure???
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  132. Today's daily door prize donated by Palm-Tech.
  133. Commercial Building & Thermal Imaging Course Coming to New Hampshire
  134. Commercial marketing
  135. Level One inspections
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  137. What's your bid?
  138. Intro to Commercial Inspecting Planned this Fall in NY- LI
  139. Revisions to Ontario Refrigerant Regulation
  140. NACHI attorneys release Professional Services Contract.
  141. NACHI attorneys release Commercial Inspection Agreement.
  142. Coming soon (probably by Friday): Commercial and Sub Contractor agreements.
  143. Today's Daily Door Prize donate by i-Course.
  144. This was FUN inspection Yesterday
  145. Disabled Exhaust System
  146. Fire Penetrations in Hi Rise Condominium
  147. NACHI developing their own commercial course!
  148. Getting into commercial inspections
  149. NACHI will have its own Commercial Inspection course material by the Convention.
  150. Restaurant Inspection
  151. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Mike Holt.
  152. NACHItv releases Commercial Inspection course promotional video.
  153. Pricing of a Motel
  154. Access To RoofNav
  155. finding responsible professionals/contractors
  156. Commercial class in your state?
  157. Quoting commercial inspections
  158. 3-Day in Denver
  159. Sop