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  1. Heating system
  2. liability
  3. Dura-Pex (NIBCO)Problems
  4. Inspection Report to Agent?
  5. rheem rgdn12earjr
  6. Crawl Space Venting
  7. inspection photo converter
  8. Styrofoam exterior coating (posted by Klaus Proehl)
  9. Radon inspection (posted by Tom Irwin)
  10. hurd window (posted by john)
  11. to certify or not to certify (posted by Joseph Biddle)
  12. No Water, No Power! (posted by Samantha)
  13. Bonding issue (posted by Bill Sims)
  14. Electrical Inspector (posted by Marjorie A. Hoppas)
  15. Gable Vent (posted by Jim Vaughn)
  16. Damp corner in the basement (posted by Shayne Duquette)
  17. Green Certificate HERs forms (posted by Grossett Taylor Jr)
  18. Pull chain fixtures (posted by Tim L.)
  19. soil testing (posted by susan thomas)
  20. Inspection Companies (posted by Debra Canal)
  21. electrical (posted by Mike Smith)
  22. vent tapping (posted by Donna)
  23. plumber license information (posted by sylvia)
  24. RE: Questionaires (posted by Charles Cline)
  25. certification (posted by Roger Ball)
  26. What Are AFC Outlets (posted by Mary Bazelli)
  27. Printing Test Result Certificates (posted by Philip D. Fenn)
  28. Stairs for Side Door (posted by L)
  29. professional help for moldy basement (posted by Erin )
  30. where do i put my hvac dump? (posted by john)
  31. warranty fraud (posted by Robert Vallee)
  32. warranty fraud (posted by Robert Vallee)
  33. Need Arcoair Mdl No. (posted by Fred Svader)
  34. Structural Pest Inspections (posted by Michael D. Shuda)
  35. smoke detectors (posted by Michael Novack)
  36. Window/fan code (posted by John F Janssen)
  37. Yard inspection reports writing (posted by EZIKERE E.M)
  38. Yard inspection reports writing (posted by EZIKERE E.M)
  39. foundation possibly moved (posted by m goodwin)
  40. Credentials (posted by Kim Skilliter)
  41. replacing windows (posted by Carol Martinez)
  42. Proper Drain Venting??? Please HELP! (posted by Mary)
  43. Slow Drain (posted by LG)
  44. warped siding (posted by Mindy smith)
  45. wooden decks (posted by phil page)
  46. Rebuilt Log Home (posted by Michael Amick)
  47. conflicting roofers (posted by david gannon)
  48. post and beam inspection (posted by Dennis Robb)
  49. mold poisoning (posted by Ryan)
  50. mold poisoning (posted by Ryan)
  51. fire escapes (posted by Michael Hughes)
  52. Mold and Pest Certifications (posted by Cody Briggs)
  53. FHA inspections (posted by Melissa)
  54. connection (posted by cindy)
  55. connection (posted by cindy troutman)
  56. Continuing education (posted by Samantha)
  57. Provider (posted by Samantha)
  58. MoveInCertified (posted by Don Crook)
  59. use of concrete forms for subfloor (posted by J.E. Millican)
  60. jobs (posted by mark ritthaler)
  61. Insurance (posted by Tom Ruemenapp)
  62. Tankless hot water heater (posted by Joelle)
  63. testing central a/c in winter (posted by tanya marquette)
  64. Oil Furnace Damper Issue (posted by J. Lawson)
  65. Licensed inspectors for Pahrump, NV (posted by veronica)
  66. inspecting gas furnaces (posted by George V. Hibbs)
  67. Installing over VCT Containing Asbestos (posted by Norma Siefken)
  68. Pre-purchase Inspection - Quebec (posted by Drew)
  69. The Three Best Schools In New Jersey (posted by Leonard Nelson)
  70. testing well water. (posted by Mike Kinney)
  71. stair building (posted by danny)
  72. Entry to a Completed Report (posted by harold D. Jacobson)
  73. school (posted by Reese Housman)
  74. how wide should a parapet wall be (posted by clarence kluesner)
  75. how wide should a parapet wall be (posted by clarence kluesner)
  76. what a non weight bearing wall (posted by clarence kluesner)
  77. certification as a well water tester. (posted by Mike Kinney)
  78. Foundation inspection for Salmon Idaho (posted by Gordon Kilpatick)
  79. Detectors (posted by Wayne Lutton)
  80. Who inspect new homes for buyer? (posted by Samuel Moore)
  81. sewer smell only in the AM (posted by Buddy Moore)
  82. gauge (posted by Steve)
  83. Move In Certified (posted by curiousminds)
  84. energy efficient pot lights (posted by fred henderson)
  85. Inadequate Report (posted by Patricia Nash)
  86. Vapor Barrier in Crawel Space (posted by John Reiser)
  87. Pre-inspection agreement (posted by Jason Alsobrooks)
  88. proper shingle installation (posted by John Schaffhouser)
  89. How Do I Determine Electrical Svs Size (posted by Judy Thompson)
  90. Wrong Wiring Connections (posted by Joe Lim)
  91. Pot Lights & Energy Efficient Bulbs (posted by Fred Henderson)
  92. Roof Jacks (posted by Leonard Martin)
  93. habitail living enviroment (posted by Kennith)
  94. Identity theft or legit? (posted by Rachel Vass)
  95. Important Question for tenant in Georgia (posted by LaWanda Hugley)
  96. Home with Roof Rat Problems (posted by William Earl )
  97. A house with a severe roof rat problem. (posted by William Earl )
  98. Framing Inspection once the walls are up (posted by Lisa Leach)
  99. roof inspection (posted by Sue Tavares)
  100. Stand-alone Smoke detectors (posted by Pamela Bloom)
  101. old home inspection (posted by D. Zullick)
  102. Home Inspection Business Plan (posted by Frank M. Donald)
  103. Snake deterants (posted by Michelle Thoburn)
  104. Question for house inspector (posted by Kim Chan)
  105. Street gas pressure (posted by Craig Martin)
  106. well production (posted by Linda)
  107. Home Problems to Review Before Buying (posted by George Johnson)
  108. aprintence inspector turned down. (posted by myrna fredericksen)
  109. aprintence inspector (posted by myrna fredericksen)
  110. Home Inspection / Interested in Purchase (posted by Maryann McLendon)
  111. Soot from Barometric Draft Damper (posted by Ted Hull)
  112. ADA compliance expert home inspectors (posted by Elizabeth Mendez)
  113. can inspectors come and do the testing (posted by tammy stern)
  114. Pot lights (posted by Terry Lowe)
  115. Permanent Stairs/Steps (posted by Charles)
  116. plastic?? (posted by Terry)
  117. leaks (posted by brianne)
  118. Cost? (posted by Terry Lowe)
  119. How much should an inspection cost? (posted by John Smith)