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  1. CMI posts home maintenance tips for August.
  2. Free Online Electrical Class 05 August. Free and open to Everyone.
  3. Free Online Class Tuesday July 8, 2008. Pricing Strategies
  4. Free Class Tuesday May 20, 2008. 2 CEUs. Online
  5. Free CMI Class Wednesday May 07, 9:00 pm EDT
  6. Canadian government awards Registration of CMI today.
  7. More CMI logos: gifs, jpgs, pngs.
  8. MICB attorney's going after those who use "CMI" and "C.M.I." without permission.
  9. Free platinum CMI decals.
  10. New MICB department to audit CMI designees and new applications
  11. Hot PIC of CMI vehicle in Canada.
  12. May 10th HUD FHA Class- New York
  13. Canadian government awards Certified Master Inspector Trademark. Thank you Roy Cooke!
  14. FREE CMI Class on 4-2-08
  15. April 4th class with Joe Farsetta
  16. Pretty nice CMI / ASHI member website.
  17. Coming soon: New, free, CMI decals.
  18. CMIs will be getting a phone call in April. We're doing a survey.
  19. Free CMI emblems.
  20. Next Free CMI Educational Meeting
  21. Certified Master Inspector Kenton Shepard makes big news!
  22. CMI sew on emblems
  23. Feb 6, CMI Meeting topics
  24. George Wells, CMI Meeting set for Wend.
  25. CMI Meeting rescheduled for Feb 6
  26. First member to reply to this post wins a subscription to totalrecallinfo.com
  27. Feb 23rd Plumbing Class w/George Wells, LI, NY
  28. CMIs can try Scheduleze for free.
  29. Criminal background report for Nick Gromicko. I used me as an example for CMI apps.
  30. Commercial Education class
  31. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by certifiednachistore.com
  32. Joe Farsetta Teaching Next CMI Class
  33. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by InterNACHI.
  34. Certified Master Inspector quoted in this article on mold.
  35. CMI MB update
  36. New CMI Qualification - Jan. 1, 2008
  37. CMI Free Electrical Course News
  38. Last CMI Meeting Spawns Free Electrical Course
  39. Electrical class available for download
  40. CMI Meeting... Free Stuff at Electrical Course
  41. Christmas
  42. CMI Class this Tuesday (Dec. 4th 9pm est)
  43. CMI Message Board
  44. New CMI Brochures
  45. CMI Class??
  46. CMI Education Classes
  47. Next CMI Meeting Tues - Oct 13th
  48. Good things coming.
  49. CMI Meeting Tonight at 8pm CST
  50. CMI Meeting Postponed to October 9th, 2007
  51. Meeting Postponed due to the passing of a close friend
  52. Next CMI Educational Meeting - Oct 2nd
  53. 1000 Free CMI Brochures
  54. Cmi Meeting News
  55. New Cmi Brochures
  56. Taped Ceiling
  57. CMI imposter?
  58. New Cmi Brochure
  59. September CMI Online Meeting
  60. 70,000 To Visit CMI Booth
  61. CMI Brochure Beta
  62. New CMI Banner For Upcoming Events
  63. More work for CMIs
  64. CMI Forum update
  65. CMI Banner Needed
  66. CMI Forum Link and Expo Promotion
  67. CMI Educational Meeting
  68. CertainTeed offers Free online courses
  69. Free Online BCAM Course
  70. CMI site moving
  71. ITA Inspection Expo
  72. Continuing Education
  73. CMI Forum update
  74. Good Meeting... Prizes Sent Out
  75. CMI Meeting - How To Raise Your Prices.
  76. CMI Message Board
  77. CMI Approved Education
  78. 6 Inspectors Win CMI Prizes
  79. Group Meeting rooms
  80. CMI/NACHI/IAC2 approved distance learning course on Central Air Conditioning.
  81. Need Help
  82. Special CMI Meeting
  83. CMI Stickers
  84. New CMI Message Board
  85. CMI Exposure and Growth
  86. Welcome CMI